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User:arioso (41530)
There is music in the air
and a song in your heart
Name:Kenya Richard

| at a glance |

[NAME] Kenya Louise Richard
[AGE] Eighteen
[HOME TOWN] Crowle Louisiana
[FAMILY] here

| appearance |

[Height] 5’3”, though her shoes always have at least a two inch heel, so unless she is barefoot Kenya stands at a solid 5’5”-5’6”
[Hair] A-la natural. She tries to keep it back at the very least, but only her neighbor is allowed to relax or perm her hair, and she only sees her during the summer.
[Eyes] Brown and wide-set. When she was thirteen Kenya was given her first stick of eye-liner, they’ve never parted since.
[Piercings] Ears, nothing else but on days when you don’t see hoops in her ears? Are days you better stay at home. Last time she forgot to put them in, Michal Jackson died. never again.
[Polyvore] here

[The Rest]
Kenya dresses like those of her community when not in uniform- style, comfort and the best brands you can buy from down-town Crowley. Which is to say, they might not be 5th avenue, but Washington Heights could take a few pointers. Orange is her favorite color and collars are made for poppin’. She walks with the confidence that yes, she knows you want to ‘tap that’ but it’s not going to happen in this or your next life-time bucko. She speaks with the slightest reserve after years of being told again and again that “No granddaughter of mine will sound like a crack house whore.” Her grammar is appropriate and the colloquialisms are kept at bay. Needless to say, don’t expect any ‘z’ snaps from this girl.

| personality |

[likes] Dance, Rogers & Hammerstien, toys in the bottom of cereal boxes, her brother JJ when he’s not an idiot, tea, Broadway, Maria Callas, bright mornings after a rainy night, chai-tea, England, fluffy towels, Queen Latifah
[dislikes] Country-Western movies, bubble-gum smacking, the smell of burning rubber, being sweaty, Andrew Lloyd Webber, acne, one-way streets, pancakes, graphic novels, Oprah, strawberry milk, her father, very small children, Manswers,

• Kenya is a bit superstitious, and will perform the odd ritual before something important- refuse to talk an hour before a performance, wear a certain ring to exams, etc.
• When she was 13, she was the first actress to take up the part of Gavroche in Acadia Parish’s rendition of Les Miserables. Every summer since, she has participated in her hometown’s summer theater shows.
• Due to the way Justin is pronounced colloquially (Justine), Kenya is still pretty sure that Justin Beiber is in fact, a young lesbian girl.
• Kenya doesn't actively participate in drinking or smoking- not that she is ignorant as to what her peers do at parties, and heck- she is often at them as well, but rarely does her glass contain anything more than a rum & coke without the rum.
• The background of her cellphone is a young, bearded Mandy Patinkin during his performance in Yentle
• Her left foot is a size and a half larger than her right. She buys two pairs, and then gives one of the extras to an alto in her grandmother’s church’s choir- who lost her right foot in an accident several years back. She has yet to find someone to give the extra left shoes to.

[detailed personality]
The first word that comes to mind when one describes Kenya's personality is that she is... nice. Pleasant. Kenya is not the girl in the front row taking notes and answering every question the teacher has to offer, but nor is she the one who sits in the back throwing paper airplanes. She is the girl in the middle, the quiet one who you have to watch out for.

As one of those people who try to see the best in everyone, it's rather difficult to screw this opinion in her eyes, though once you have? Her good opinion of you is lost forever. She knows how to hold a grudge and how to hold it in with rather impressive efficiency. But that is the negative, and Kenya always tries to see the positive in a situation. When it is raining, she is one to be thankful that at least she can cover her head, and when she gets a C on a paper, thanks someone up there that at least it wasn't a D. She was raised to be thankful for the small favors in every day life, and to count her blessings every night before bed. And count them she does. Be thankful she has friends, be thankful she has education, be thankful... etc etc.

They say the lights are bright on Broadway
They say there's always music in the air...


|| Profile Code:
Leaves of Yanara
Schools:None listed
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Communities2:crescentcity, crescentcityooc
Friend of:12: chuck_munroe, jake_frost, littleredd, mad_hatter, molly_mormon, nineofwands, redwritinghood, thatryderboy, traceur, turnonthebright, voodoo_maman, wantsthesky
Account type:Early Free User

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