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the sigh of wild electricity ([info]atelier) wrote,
@ 2008-03-08 17:14:00

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Why does nobody understand me when I ask for "CAMEL WIDES?"

Motherfuckers always get me camel LIGHTS. what the fuck.

I'm also really irritated at Scribbld as a whole. I think I'm gonna get rid of everyone who's been really negative lately, towards people in their lives or to people on this site. I can't take this shit anymore.

Oh, and Appia and I are fighting, I'm pretty sure this is the end to another relationship. I don't think she likes the way I am now that I've got new responsibilities and new perspectives on things. Sometimes, I don't either.

EDIT : I'm adding photos of my little outfit and accessories from last nights events so this entry isn't that pointless. And I'm adding a video of my favorite Pigeon John song, So Gangster. Because drinking coffee and talking to squirrels and smashing fools on Nintendo just sounds so good right now. The photos of first friday will come monday, when I get them off the ParaPress camera.

sorry for the dirty mirror and the hunched posture, the mirror is really short.

here's a closeup of the shoes from christmas, when I got them.

Deery Lou clip from Hot Topic, beads from 12th birthday.

Gargoyle, Podolly and the newest addition, a Farscape DRD.

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