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Nicholas Quentin Ford VI
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Hold each moment fast
Live and love as hard as you know how.
Make each moment last
Because the best of times is now.
Basic Information♥
Full Name: Nicholas Quentin Ford VI

Nickname(s): Quentin

Hometown: New York City, New York

Age and birthday: 16 / January 16th

House and Year: Beauregard / Year 10

Wand: Sturdy Ash, 11 inches, Basilisk Skin core (family heirloom)

Boggart: His father

Patronus: Panda Bear. Incredibly strong but with an aura of gentility.

Animagus Form: None!

Religious Affiliation: None!

PB: Mitch Hewer

Detailed Description: Measuring in at five feet eight inches, Quentin stands on the short side of average. His figure is on the scrawny side, something which he owes to the rather bird-like way he eats. His hair is a light brunette that is often bleached into a bright platinum blonde, and his eyes a cheerful blue. Quentin dresses in the unmistakable New York style. Dress shirts, sweaters, vests, argyle, and pinstripes are common pieces of his attire, and the boy doesn't seem to own anything ripped or hasn't been tailored to his figure. The bookbag he carries around school is fanpiece merchandise from La Cage aux Folles, and, occasionally, when lounging in his room or when exercising, he can be found in a plain tshirt, one which always bears the logo of some Broadway show or another.
School Schedule♥
7:45-8:30 Music

8:35-9:20 Charms/Wandwork

9:25-10:10 Potions

10:15-11:00 Transfiguration

11:02-11:50 Lunch

11:55-12:40 Defense Against the Dark Arts

12:45-1:30 History of Magic

1:35-2:20 Latin

2:25-3:10 Herbology

Extracurricular activities: School Choir, Drama Club (student assistant), Dance Team
Personality and Quirks♥
Likes: Musical Theatre, friends, flying, Herbology, friends, Potions, Transfiguration, friends, shopping, getting good grades, friends going to movies, friends, Broadway!

Dislikes: Defense Against the Dark Arts, hexes, curses, his family's expectations, being a pureblood, catty and shallow individuals

Quirks: Quentin has the tendency to tap dance if he's forced to stand still.

Secrets: Quentin wishes he could divorce himself from his family and be his own person. But, he knows it would destroy his father's reputation.

What’s in your characters pockets? A pitch pipe!

Strengths: Very friendly and loyal! Enjoys laughing and inspiring laughter. Tries to raise morale.

Weaknesses: Can be a bit gullible and easily taken advantage of.

Strongest subject in school: Defense Against the Dark Arts (much to his chagrin)

Weakest subject in school: A tie between Herbology and History of Magic

One thing he/she can't live without: His collection of Original Broadway Cast (OBC) albums!

Detailed personality: There really isn't a mean bone in Quentin's body. That is probably one of the biggest reasons for his father's disappointment in him. Quentin seems to exude a perpetually cheerful energy and it often has a penchant for lifting the gloom in other people. Laughter seems to be the boy's lifeblood, and while he adores humor and joking, it never seems to be at anyone's expense. On the contrary, Quentin tries very hard to be everyone's golden boy, and will go so far as to try and say the right things so that other people will like him.

Despite being outgoing, Quentin is anything but brave. While he may stand up for himself or others for a time, he naturally shies away from conflict, even if it means biting his tongue and walking away. Indeed, Quentin actively tries to avoid conflict and will go so far as to walk out of a room to avoid being a part of it. This sort of meekness applies itself in other aspects of his life, as well. He takes criticism silently, with a lot of nods and "I understand, I'll do better." He also has a penchant for telling little white lies because of it, and Quentin is the type of person who will say "no, you look great!" no matter what the reality is.

While Quentin is doubtlessly artistically talented, bearing years of formal dance and voice training, he isn't exactly the smartest book on the shelf. Distractions come all too easy to the young boy, and he will spend more time day dreaming in class than he will learning. His father accuses of him of being too lazy to apply himself, but the truth is that Quentin merely has his head up in the clouds most of the time. Part of that has to do with which class he is in. Quentin hates Defense Against the Dark Arts. The thought of actually practicing hexes, curses, defensive and offensive spells is incredibly loathsome to him. Unfortunately, it is also the subject he most excels at. Indeed, Quentin has proven very talented at defensive and offensive magic, but he is incredibly reluctant to practice it at all. He tries to balance it out with Transfiguration, which is another subject that his wand excels at. Personally, Quentin loves Potions. It is more scientific than other forms of magic and yet still retains wiggle room. The fact that it has a solid structure as well as a component for personal flair is what Quentin finds most attractive about the subject.
Relationships and History♥
Parents: Nicholas Quentin Ford V, Emelia Marie Ford

Siblings: None

Extended Family: Nicholas Quentin Ford IV (Grandfather), Elizabeth Lansmith (Aunt on his father's side), Henry Lansmith (Uncle by marriage), Jeremy Duncan Lansmith (Cousin)

Familiar: Horned owl, Tevye

Sexuality: Homosexual

Significant Others: Charlie Anderson, though that ended when Quentin was forced to transfer.

History: If there was one family in America that still cared about blood purity and status, it would be the Fords. Nicholas Quentin Ford V was arranged in a marriage with another pure blooded family at a young age. The two married as soon as they graduated from school (in New York) and split their time between Manhattan and the Hamptons. The Ford dynasty, a New England family through and through, was heavily involved in the Magical community. Both Quentin's father and grandfather were a part of the Department of International Magical Cooperation in the office of Magical Law. The family, having a penchant for business smarts, was also invested in Wall Street, helping to solidify the future of the family's immense wealth and status. And then came the newest addition.

Nicholas Quentin VI is nothing like his father, his grandfather, or any of the wizards that have held the same name. He has little to no business savvy, is absolutely inept at the art of cutthroat tactics, and cannot seem to even fake ambition. He is, as his father would go on to plainly state, the Ford family embarrassment. Young Nicholas took a liking to musical theatre (Broadway being the epicenter of live theatre world-wide), and his mother encouraged the interest by enrolling him in dance classes and vocal training at an early age. She told his father that training in the arts was paramount in the making of a true gentleman. For a time, he relented.

However, as Nicholas entered his teenage years, it began to become clearer and clearer that he was not at all interested in continuing in his father's footsteps. Indeed, it seemed that his cousin, Jeremy, was far more like Nicholas' father than he was. He was constantly being compared to Jeremy, and it was even said that Jeremy deserved the name Ford more than Nicholas did. His father hoped that beginning school at the Salem Institute of Magic (the family's traditional school) would incite change in the young man. Unfortunately, however, time spent away from Manhattan and from his family only seemed to solidify the young Master Ford. He asked everyone to address him by his middle name, saying that the small gesture would separate him a little bit from his father. He also decided that his ambition in life was to be on Broadway in the musicals that he so loved.

Coming out as gay his freshman year of school, however, was the last straw. About halfway through the year, Quentin began seeing a boy named Charlie Anderson. Their relationship started to make Quentin bloom. He became more confident and started to even grow a backbone! Unfortunately, however, Quentin's mother discovered a letter from Charlie during Christmas break and showed it to his father. Nicholas was furious. An openly homosexual relationship in a wealthy and esteemed family was not just embarrassing. It was a mockery. Nicholas cut off all communication between Quentin and Charlie and had Quentin supervised by people in his school. Quentin finished the year in misery, but knew that making a fuss would only make matters worse. He spent the entire spring semester and summer trying to make it up to his father with marginal success. Summer ended on shaky ground, but at least Nicholas was not longer furious with him. He still wasn't happy with Quentin's sexuality, and he hoped that it was just a teenage phase he was going through. But, at the end of the day, as long as Quentin was discreet about it, Nicholas supposed it wasn't the end of the world. Emelia had managed, over the summer, to soften up the man a bit and convince him that forbidding the young boy from doing anything he enjoyed or be allowed to grow up was only going to push him away from the family more. Nicholas managed to see the logic in this, and he reasoned that as Quentin grew up and matured that the ideals of family, duty, and responsibility would outweigh childish dreams and fancies. Thus, the two made a deal. Quentin would no longer be supervised at school and could continue to be involved in the arts, but he could not go back to the Salem Institute, where Nicholas said all his "bad influences" were. So, instead, they sent him south to New Orleans, and Quentin began his sophomore year at the Crescent City Institute, both nervously and excitedly anticipating the year to come.
Other Stuff♥
RP Sample: Going to a new school was a nervous experience. Most kids tended to dread it. It meant being ripped away from places and faces familiar and being forced to do the whole song and dance of making friends and fitting in again. And, as a teenager, that was never really easy. Quentin stepped outside his dormitory with no small measure of trepidation, hesitantly casting a look behind him to check if he had forgotten anything. Any small thing, anything to give him reason to go back into his room and avoid going to breakfast for a few more minutes. Being housed into Beauregard had been a relief for him. He was friendly and energetic, and the idea of being grouped with people a lot like him had Quentin a bit excited. His father hadn't seemed to mind too much, either.

Being well-liked, Nicholas had told his son upon hearing the news, is a very sensible way to conduct one's affairs, both in business and in private. The only thing that surpasses it is being well-liked and feared.

Okay, so Quentin needed to work a little more on the FEAR ME aspect of his socialization.

Hoping to buy a few more seconds, Quentin took out the compact that was hiding inside his robes. His hair looked fine. His teeth looked fine. The small touch of light pink blush on his cheeks to give a little color looked fine. Quentin stared at himself, biting one lip.

"You can do this," he finally said quietly to his reflection, "it isn't anything to be scared of. They are just a new group of people, and you're good with people! You're a total people-person!" With a gulp and a flick of the wrist, snapping his compact shut, Quentin took a step into his first day at Crescent City Institute.

"Well, that wasn't so bad, was it?" It wasn't. Bringing a cheery smile onto his face, Quentin continued to walk forward, moving toward the breakfast hall. A few steps later, however, saw him spilling forward, his book bag flying one way while the contents of his pockets went another. Apparently, in his anxiety, Quentin had forgotten to lace his left shoe. Ouch. Embarrassment.

Quentin began to pick himself up, looking around him to see what sort of witnesses their were to his inaugural tripping and flailing into the House Commons. As he slipped his wand back into his pocket, Quentin dared to breathe a sigh of relief and say, "Right. So let's try this again."

Plot stuff: Lots of things! Friends, enemies, frienemies! Definitely the person or people that can help encourage Quentin to stand up for himself, as well as the person or people that find him an easy target to pick on. A rich boy in a new school who can't seem to defend himself without daddy's protection? Bull's eye.
OOC Information♥
Name: Micah
AIM: the drowsy chap
Timezone: AKST (Alaska Standard)
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