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Thorfinn Rowle : Hit Wizard ([info]bigbrother) wrote,
@ 2008-11-12 01:17:00

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Current mood:annoyed

The amount of odious tripe in this ledger has become intolerably high as of late. Why must words twinkle and be absurdly large? Why use four punctuations when one will do? Have the youth gone blind? Mad? Perhaps they've been made idiots by the decline in the educational fortitude of this country and are incapable of words beyond the obnoxious drivel they sling. Proper wards etiquette has certainly gone by the wayside; otherwise I would not be subjected to entire pages of exclamatory marks meant for assaulting one person who is not I. It has crossed my mind to burn this now piece of trash. The heat it would yield would be worlds more useful than the children squabbling through letters on its parchment.

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2008-11-12 01:43 pm UTC (link)
!!!!! There


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2008-11-13 05:47 am UTC (link)
That is an abnormal amount of ink for one word.

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2008-11-13 05:53 am UTC (link)
Oh! I'm sorry, I'm just so clumsy these days!

I haven't seen you in ages, how are you? We must have lunch.

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2008-11-14 07:13 am UTC (link)
You are with child, Matilda. You are not to leave your home.

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2008-11-14 03:56 pm UTC (link)
WHAT- Thorfinn, dear, I'm months away from my due date, there's nothing to fear with that! I can't possibly be expected to sit at home all day for three months THREE MONTHS?

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2008-11-15 01:45 am UTC (link)
Expecting mothers are both delicate and homely requiring careful nursing and modesty. The home is the natural haven for a witch with child.

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2008-11-15 02:08 am UTC (link)
Well. Being that you are not my husband, I'm going to have to disagree with your demands suggestions.

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2008-11-12 05:32 pm UTC (link)
It seems as if they have taken much too much liberty with the phrase "freedom of expression," does it not?

I myself have never been able to find much utile about them, other than fueling the fire for juvenile affairs. How comforting to know I am not alone in this opinion.

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2008-11-14 07:18 am UTC (link)
I would not be adverse to lumping those moronic juveniles with their frivolous diaries for stoking the fire. Then, perhaps, I will no longer be subjected to their aggravating ignorance and flimsy morals.

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