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Subject:Biography: Ichirou Sato
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Player Info:
Name: Becky

Character Information
Full name: Ichirou Sato
Nick names: Ichi
Hometown and current residence: Bluebell Town, GA, lives on BR grounds on Black Bear Road
Age and birthday: 31, 12/17/1980
Year graduated: BRS- 1998, BRU- 2002
Alma Mater: Blue Ridge- former Appalachia, studied divination and politics at BRU
Boggart: Any of the students in danger (the student changes depending on who has been trouble recently)
Riddikulus: Aiko Aomori comes out jibbering in broken English and smacks him in the back of the head saying "You stupid man! They play trick on you again!"
Patronus and why: Black bear; Primal power, cunning, healer, gentle strength, dreaming, sovereignty, intuition married with instinct, nurturing, protective.

Occupation Information:

Wand: 9½" flexible olive with unicorn hairs
Occupation: Headmaster of BR
Extra responsibilities: Holds faculty meetings and writes all the newspaper articles
Animagus form, if applicable NA

Family and Relationships
Parents: Ami and Hideki Sato
Siblings: Little sister Aya Sato
Extended Family: Cousins
Familiar: A saint bernard named Tiny, she follows him around a lot and glomps him whenever he comes home
Sexuality: Heterosexual

PB: Masi Oka
Physical Description: Ichirou is very short man, standing only at 5'7. He's not particularly athletic nor is he very plump. Just an average build for an average guy. He has a sweet face and he wears wire framed glasses. He has dark hair and dark brown eyes and the biggest smile you'll ever see on anyone.

Likes: Blue Ridge, being prepared, Sawyer's chocolate chip cookies, Sawyer, Adamo, nachos, wizards chess, reading, libraries, herbology, growing his own vegetables, cheddar, jalapenos, type writers, flying kites, sweets, autumn, canoeing, spring, candles, community, pumpkin juice, when things go off without a hitch, discussion boards, cooking with Teo, picnics, puzzles, comics, video games

Dislikes: Disorganized papers, violence, thinking that his students are in danger, not being able to grow a beard, bats, popcorn, chaos, bureaucracy, standardization, raisins in cookies, fresh ginger (it looks so weird!), when water sits out for a day

*Ichi is a total foodie
*He has the gift of foresight and always makes sure he's prepared for any guests when he knows their coming. For example, he knew a student would be coming back to school on Thanksgiving and she would be joining them for dessert, he knew her favorite kind of pie was pecan so he had a slice ready for her when she arrived. Another example, he knew a different student would be coming back to school right before Christmas and she was kind fond of nachos so he had Teo prepare some of the cafeteria nacho cheese for him to bring home that night.
*When he's frustrated he slips into Japanese and starts going off, talking so quickly not even someone who speaks Japanese would know what he's saying.
*He frequents the local comic book shop Super Nerds almost every Saturday

*He's in love with one of his oldest childhood friends, Sawyer Gray
*He was terrified when he realized that he got the job of headmaster, he didn't think in a hundred years that he would get it when he interviewed but the former headmaster saw something in him that he knew would work. Though he was entirely unsure of himself when he first started, Ichi has grown more comfortable over the past few months.

Amortentia smells like: Chocolate chip cookies, fall leaves, and old books

Strengths: Extremely positive attitude, gifted with foresight, extremely intelligent, and very kind. He has a good sense of morality and duty. He's fiercely loyal and surprisingly protective when it comes to defending the people he loves. He knows how to talk to people. Ichirou is the epitome of patience, there is no one who can take more bullshit than this man. Ichirou never gives up, he's absolutely relentless especially when it comes to doing his best and doing the right thing.

Weaknesses: Easily taken advantage of, he has no sense of direction, he's generous to a fault. He'll give you the clothes off his back if he thought it would help someone else. He tries to see the best in people but often times this gets him in trouble and people take advantage of him.

Detailed personality:
Ichirou Sato is one of the sweetest men you will ever meet. He's get a big heart and is exceptionally kind. He goes out of his way to help people and has a tendency to put others before himself. He's absolutely selfless. He loves to be a part of the community at Blue Ridge, it's basically become his family. He's friendly, outgoing, and just a really good man. He will chat with anyone and makes as many unlikely friends as he does likely ones.

He's constantly questioned and underestimated but it doesn't bother him in the least. He goes about his business, cheerful as ever. He's exceptionally positive regardless of any situation. Ichi might just be the goofiest adult on campus. He's a funny little man with an incredible sense of humor and an ability to laugh at himself. He doesn't take everything so seriously but he does know when to turn on the serious.

Ichirou is an avid reader and has been since the day he could read. He has always been interested in education and has tried to learn as much as possible. He's the kind of person who genuinely turns every experience into a learning experience. He is always willing to learn something new and looks forward to it. He finds adventure in learning. Ichirou is the quintessential nerd and always has been. He loves comic books and video games and is always up to date with the latest issues of his favorite comics. He really likes muggle technology and keeps up with muggle updates.

He's quietly powerful and a gentle leader. Where other headmasters in the past have used fear tactics and intimidation to keep out of control students in line, he has chosen the tactic of listening to students and trying to understand why they do the things they do. He gives everyone more chances than anyone else would give. He's forgiving, willing to look past all deep wounds if he believes the apology is sincere.

Personal History
Ichirou was not always the outgoing, spunky leader that he is today. As a child, Ichirou was extremely shy and it took a lot of time to pull it out of him. He had still been in diapers when he met the woman that would change that eventually. Ichi's mother and father were close family friends with another couple, the Lai-Gray's, who had a daughter, just two years younger than Ichirou. Sawyer Lai Gray and Ichirou grew up together and were very rarely separated. Ichirou was a timid nerd and Sawyer was his brave defender.

When Ichirou went to school, it wasn't so much of a big deal because Sawyer's mother worked on campus and Sawyer lived with her mother and father on Black Bear Road. Ichi and Sawyer could still hang out and visit, and yes... she still fought his fights for him when she could even though he insisted that she not. Sawyer joined Ichirou in the dorms two years later but it was not destined to be in the same house. She was sorted into Shenandoah for her ambition and unwillingness to compromise. They were a little disappointed that she wasn't to be in the same house but they survived, still hanging out and enjoying their time together. They had a lot of good times and Sawyer dragged Ichirou into a ton of trouble.

After graduating from Blue Ridge School, Ichirou stayed on at the University after looking at several other options around the country. He had always loved Blue Ridge, it was his home and he was content to stay there. He studied political science and divination while at the University and if tackling a double major wasn't ambitious enough he began student teaching. He loved teaching and he loved helping around the community so it was no surprise that when he graduated University he stayed on at the University, teaching divination at the university level.

Sawyer left two years later when she graduated from the University. She decided to travel for a while but promised Ichirou she would write. Ichi hated the separation but he knew they both had to go their own ways. He continued teaching at the University and writing long letters to Sawyer while she was away and she wrote back every time, equally long and detailed letters. From the mundane to the exciting, they let each other know exactly what was on their minds.

In the summer of 2011 the headmaster position opened at Blue Ridge and on a whim Ichirou applied for the job. He interview with the headmaster and didn't think he would get the position in a hundred years but half way through the summer he was asked to move into the head master's office and take up the position. He was truly shocked and admittedly terrified but he accepted the position and fell in love. He loves being so involved in the community and allowing the school to grow as it will. Despite the few stumbles and mishaps that have occurred since the beginning of the school year, Ichirou is excited to continue on at the school. So far Ichirou has put his career at the forefront. As opposed to starting a family, he's created one at Blue Ridge with the faculty and staff. No matter what he intends to keep it that way even if he does eventually settle in and have children.

The most recent tragedy suffered by the school has been one of the biggest life changing moments of Ichirou's life. His mentor and one of his family's closest friends, Amelia Gray, was murdered in her office on campus. Not only did he suffer a terrible loss, he also regained something. Sawyer Gray came bouncing back into his life and took up the position that her mother had left. They're both trying to adjust to the fact that Amelia is gone but it has been very nice to have each other so close again.
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