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Subject:Biography: Sawyer Lai Gray
Time:06:36 pm

Character Information
Full name: Sawyer Lai Gray
Nick names: Kiddo (don't even think about it), Firefly (only her mother uses this nickname), Hotaru (means firefly in Japanese- Ichirou and her mother use this version of her nickname)
Hometown and current residence: Bluebell Town, GA, lives on BR grounds on Black Bear Road
Age and birthday: 29, 2/10/1982
Year graduated: BRS- 2000, BRU- 2004
Alma Mater: Blue Ridge- former Shenandoah, studied herbology at BRU
Boggart: Being caged
Riddikulus: Ichirou dodge rolls in with an explorer's outfit on and sets her free
Patronus and why: Dragon; benign, wisdom, strength, goodness, protector of the weak.

Occupation Information:

Wand: 9½" rigid apple with chimera scale fragment
Occupation: Advanced herbology professor at BR
Extra responsibilities: Head of Shenandoah house
Animagus form, if applicable NA

Family and Relationships
Parents: Amelia Gray (deceased) and Kento Lai
Siblings: An older brother Finn
Extended Family: Cousins on both sides
Familiar: An Australian shepard called Hank, he's faithful to her and follows her where ever she roams.
Sexuality: Heterosexual

PB: Katrina Law
Physical Description: Katrina has her father's Taiwanese features with her long, dark hair, brown eyes, and olive skin. From her mother's side of the family she inherited a smattering of freckles across her face and a demeanour that says 'don't fuck with me kid.' She's a very beautiful woman and she has a kind smile for the most part. She's a tiny woman despite her personality, standing at only 5'2 and very slight.

Likes: Baking, Ichirou, Blue Ridge (though she used to hate it), herbology, plants, being in the woods, coffee, traveling, Hank, books, learning, folklore, mythology, maps, compasses, constellations, anthropology, dim lighting, a little bit of chaos, cultural magic, canoeing, sleeping under the stars

Dislikes: High heels, formal events, technological things, things that way overly structured, time limits, overly sugary drinks, bullies, cats, bugs, having lots of stuff, not being able to move around, being cooped up, heavy foods, root vegetables

*She loves to sing in the kitchen, she just can't help herself
*She lived basically like a gypsy for almost eight years after she graduated from BRU
*She uses a lot of facial expressions in class

*She feels like she and her mother had unfinished business, she doesn't feel like anything between them was resolved before her mother died. She feels like she has done nothing that her mother would be proud of but by coming back to Blue Ridge and taking up her mother's position, she's hoping to reconnect with the feeling she once had with her mother and come to terms with their parting.
*She's in love with Ichirou Sato.
*She is absolutely terrified of bugs, it's one of the few things she's scared of and she has a fit just about every time she sees one. She would be mortified if anyone knew though.

Amortentia smells like: Ichi's cologne, spring mornings, campfires

Strengths: She's an incredible baker, her specialty is chocolate chip cookies. She has an amazing sense of direction, she doesn't even need a compass or a map and she knows how to use the constellations as a guide. Sawyer has always been incredibly independent. She's ambitious, able to adapt to any conditions, and a survivalist, Sawyer will almost always be the last person standing. Though she may not look it, she's rugged and able to live a minimalist lifestyle. She knows many different languages and has a knack for understanding cultural differences. She's open to new experiences and people and ever the adventurer.

Weaknesses: She has shit time management skills, she's always loosing track of her time and she can never seem to be on time. She's stubborn, refuses to ask for help, and never knows when to stop. She will never back down even if there is a little part of her screaming that she won't win this one. She hates staying in any one place for too long and being back where she grew up is already a challenge for her. She is sometimes too open to new people, often leading into danger, especially when she was living on the road.

Detailed personality:
Sawyer is incredibly spunky. Feisty, fiery, unique, and fun, she brings a zest to even the most mundane things. She's unwavering, unwilling to compromise, ambitious, and fearsome. She is loyal and a fierce protector. Sawyer has always stood up for the little guys and for what she believes in. She will never back down from a fight, something that has gotten her into many dangerous situations in the past. Despite her love of learning, she rarely learns anything from the mistakes she's made in the past. She has a hard time coming to terms with the fact that not everyone she meets has goodness at their core. She's a bit of an idealist. She's extremely energetic and always on the go.

She's a people person regardless and loves to hear life stories no matter how long or short they may be. She loves to learn about a person's culture and has the ability to adapt to cultural rules and boundaries. She loves learning and traveling, in the past eight years she has done as much of this as she can, never staying in one place for too long. Sawyer has always had an intense fear of being caged in and held down. She spent her whole life in the same place and for a long time she felt incredibly afraid that she would feel stuck there. It's a challenge being back at Blue Ridge but she knows it's what she needs.

Personal History
Sawyer was born the second child to Amelia Gray and Kento Lai. Her older brother Finn had never proved to be as troublesome as Sawyer would eventually become. From the very beginning Sawyer was always getting into things, she was never one to just hang around or settle in. She was crawling early and always on the go. She was always dragging her best friend Ichirou along with her and getting into trouble.

She was born and raised on Black Bear Road on the Blue Ridge campus. She knew all the professors and the students and spent most of her youth getting to know the grounds and finding all the secrets the campus had to offer. She and Ichirou were attached at the hip and he was the only reason why she stayed around for University when she graduated from the school. She studied herbology and folk remedies for natural healing. At the end of her four years there, instead of going into the professional world, she told her parents and Ichirou that her intentions after graduation were to travel around the world and see as much of it as she could.

Sawyer and her mother had a falling out about the fact that Sawyer wanted to travel. Amelia had accused her daughter of "pandering her talents and intelligence on nothing to roam the country like a gypsy." Sawyer hated to disappoint her mother but staying true to herself meant leaving Blue Ridge and she did. She traveled around the world for eight years, making herbal remedies for whoever she ran into. She was like a wandering doctor, going from village to village. She took in so many incredible sights and had a million different adventures but there was always something missing.

On more than one occasion Sawyer ran into hostility. Some villages tried to take her hostage and keep her on as their imprisoned shaman, but she was always able to escape, her spirit never wavering.

She always came home for the holidays to see her parents and brother and she was sure to visit her best friend Ichirou. When they were all together, it was just like old times again. In time though, she would pack up and move on. Sawyer returned to Blue Ridge the day after her mother was found dead in her own office, she rushed home, pissed at herself for disappointing her mother and never really trying to do something more with her life. The idea came into her head as she was sitting at her mother's funeral that she needed to do something in her memory, she needed to take over the post that her mother had left. She wouldn't rest until she had the job.

She was devastated by the loss but being back with her best friend was something that she is looking forward to. It's been a hard time and Ichirou has always been her rock. She doesn't know how she would make it through without him.
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