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ColourVegan サル ([info]colourvegan) wrote,
@ 2008-11-12 19:57:00

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Current mood: amused
Current music:Madonna: Don't Cry For Me Argentina
Entry tags:[etc] meme, [fandom] naruto

I so will fanfic these memes!

What Do Naruto Characters Think of You(For Girls)(With Detailed Explanations + your love life)(updated) by HajimeNoOwari
Enter Your Name
Your Age
Narutothinks you are an awesome person and a strong ninja (you always used to stick up for him like a sister)
Sasukethinks you are hot but he would rather die than admit it
Saican't get rid of you. You made it your mission to make him feel. You have succeeded more than several times but Sai doesn't let you know. Either because he doesn't want to admit he can feel or because he knows you would leave if he told you...
Gaaralusts for you but is afraid that those feelings are Shukaku's lust for blood
Nejibelieves you are his and his alone, any male to touch you will have to face his wrath
Shikamarudaydreams about you and him and his bed at midnight
Kibais your best friend. He likes you very much just as Akamaru does but is always joking around saying that you are using him just to get to Akamaru.
Shinohas you on his black list after you stole his glasses, filmed him laughing, and gave Chouji his bug collection for dessert (it was actually sugary and crispy as Chouji claims)
Kakashithinks of you as his little sister, he always looks after you, kicks Naruto's but when he insults you, scares away the male population, he even lends you his Icha Icha paradise books
Kabutothinks you are sexy and wants to have you but is afraid Orochimaru would kill him if he "damaged" his new container
Orochimaruwants your body, fuck Sasuke!
Itachiis in love with you, you are guttsy, hot, strong, calm, smart, a good kisser and much more. Keep it up, he is a little to obsessive but that just his way of saying he cares. And don't make him jealous because he will not hesitate to kill the guy.
Kisameis afraid of you ever since you tried to make a stew out of him while he was asleep
Deidaralearned not to mess with you after you replaced his bird collection with rather large collection of naked figures doing nasty stuff and than burned down his room frying all of his clay supplies
Sasoriwants to be with you. You refuse each time telling him he should have asked before he made himself into a puppet
Your Splecial Traitscold, silent, sarcastic, deadly
Your SoulmateNaruto, you are both hyper
Who You End Up With And How You MetKabuto - Orochimaru assigned him to find as much information about you as he could
How You DieYou steal Chouji's lunch

What do the male characters from Naruto think of You(For Girls, with pics and detailed explanations)-not finish yet- by Yui -The Last One-
Your name:
Your age:
Your fav. Naruto male character:
What you look like:
Naruto...and you are friends, very good lifetime friends, some people wonder if he likes you or not…but the truth is, you don’t judge him like the rest.
Sasuke...thinks you’re hot but he would rather kill himself then admit it to you.
Rock Lee...your more precious to him than Sakura!
Neji...wants you as a teammate....(why? I have no idea, he’s keeping it a secrete from me -_-“)
Gaara...your scared of him, he doesn’t really care, it just gives him more reason to kill.
Kankuro...Wish he was your boyfriend.
Kiba...is your best friend. He likes you very much just as Akamaru does because your a dog person.
Shino...You're afraid of bugs, but you still hang around with him. For that, he respects you.
Shikamaru......caught you in the shower one time...and has never stop thinking about your body since.
Kakashi...You stole his book and replaced it with an encyclopedia...He hates you, girl.
Iruka...thinks your a great ninja....and a really good student too.
Orochimaru...wants your body, fuck Sasuke!
Kabuto...respects you. You saw through his lies at the Chunin exams, and had the guts to confront him. He thinks you're a worthy opponent, and wants to fight you some time….maybe something else.
Itachi...is in impress by you, you are gutsy, hot, strong, calm, smart, and much more. Keep it up, he's falling head over heels for you just don't make him jealous because he will kill the guy and maybe even you.
How much they all love you:
Who loves you the most:
The one that protects you no matter what:
Your best friend turns out to be:
Who ends up being your BF:
Does it last:No
The one you marry:
You die on the arms of:
In case the images go out:
Who loves you the most: Iruka
The one that protects you no matter what: Sasuke
Your best friend turns out to be: Kankuro
Who ends up being your BF: Kabuto
The one you marry: Iruka
You die on the arms of: Itachi

What do naruto characters think of you?? +You life and love life(girls only) by Cutykitty
Your full name, please:
Your age:
Your favorite color:
Age :54
Village :Grass
Rank :Special jounin
Your demon :Three-Tailed Demon Turtle
Your bloodline :Uchiha
Your summoning :Objects
Hair colorOrange
Hair styleBowl cut
Eye colorYellow
Are you a part of the Akatsuki :No
Are you an ANBU black ops :Yes
Your bestfriend :Anko
Your enemy :Sasori
Naruto thinks:I hate her she eats to much ramen -_-
Sasuke thinks:She's very powerful, very skilled, I'd like to fight her someday
Sakura thinks:I think it's weird why kakashi talks about her all the time
Kakashi thinks:hmm... she's very powerful...
Hinata thinks:She embarrasses me, always teases me, she's has a cruel soul...
Shino thinks:I like her, she's really pretty*blushes*
Kiba and Akamaruhmm... well.. i dunno... i guess she's okay
Kurenai thinks :Her skills are astounding, I'm not surprised she's so respected around here...
Shikamaru thinks:Just like any other girl...
Chouji thinks:I love her, she bought BBQ for luch :)
Asuma thinks :She's an awesome ninja, I'm not surprisaed I'm astounded so by her skills and accuracy. She's a quick-thinker and I enjoy having conversations with her.
Lee thinks:I really don't like her she calls me bushybrow and she doesn't like my very fashionable hair cut (ME: Fashionable my ass!)
Neji thinks:she doesn't stop talking!! JUST SHUT UP!!!!
Tenten thinks:She's pretty good with weapons, could be better than me someday
Gai thinks:She's so...unyouthful! A terrible disgrace, and she's so hip just like that Kakashi...
Gaara thinks:I HATE HER!!
Temari thinks:I'm thinking of kidnapping her and brining her back to the sand with us...she makes Gaara so....nice.
Kankuro thinks:Who?
JaraiyaHeh, wish she'd let me do a little "research" with her...but then again she won't even let me get near her.(ME: 0.0)
Tsunade thinks:Promising ninja, that's for sure, but there's something about her I don't like...
Orochimaru thinks:hmm... she's very powerful... and pretty, i could use her to help me destroy konoha! MUAHAHA! (ME: Ooo! the evil laughter)
Kabuto thinks:*staring and drooling*
Itachi thinks :Hmmm... she could help me...
The guy who has a major crush on you:
How much they love you :
Your boyfriend :Chouji
How much he loves you :
How much you love him :
Will he cheat on you? :Yes
If he cheats on you it would be >>
Who will you marryKiba
when will you marry him :May 2, 2027
How many kids will you have327
gender :all boys
Race :warewolves
income :$569,773,730
will your marriage lastmaybe
Type of house :Shack
When will you die :January 28, 2067
who will kill you :Itachi
How many people will be at your funeral :1,610
In case the images go out:
The guy who has a major crush on you: Shino
If he cheats on you it would be >> Kurenai

What Do The Naruto Characters think of u?(srry, for girls only. includes your love, life, and deaf) by kitten
Favorite colour(i hate this question):
Your Japanesse name:Airashii
your age:16
ninja rank:kage
village:Hidden Rock
Naruto:shes cool, hyper,cute, plus she likes ramen and shes not a sasuke fan girl!!!
Sasuke:Shes MINE and MINE only. and if anyone man DARE touch her he will face my wrath
Sakura:Shes so cool!!! plus she doent like Sasuke!!! And she gives advice on how to keep him for myself.
Kakashi:cures because you are to young for him
Kurenai:she should b on my team
Shikamaru:Thinks your the perfect girl for him. ur lazy, laid back, hot, and smart. and likes the way u puss Ino around and solve hard situations
Ino:wants to be your friend
Chouji:loves you cus u bought him BBQ for lunch
Hinata:hates you cus she thinks you r trying to take Naruto away from her
Shino:has u on his black list cus you taped him laughing, stole his glasses, and u gave Chouji his bug collection for disert( it was acually very tasty as Chouji claims)
Orochimaru:wants to show you wat else his tongue is good for
Kabuto:hates you cus u hate Orochimaru
Tsunade:Thinks your a brat but will protect you any day cus u two r frends
Shizune:Is your best frend
Jiraiya:is your best frend
Gaara:likes u cus your is only frend mayb more, and is willing to protect u no matter wat
Temari:thinks ur noting special
Kankuro:loves u cus u got big boobs
Itachithinks that u r his and tends 2 visit u alot mostly wen u r in the shower
Rock Lee:loves u cuz ur hot
Tenten:likes the way u always hit your target without even trying and asks u for tips and u gladly give them to her
Nejihates u cus u drew on his forhead with a green permanent marker wen u wer kids
Gai:wants u 2 saty away from Kakashi
Akatsuki:this girl is what we've been looking for. very talented just wat we need
I(yes me):am our father(lol just joking i couldnt help it)i am the person that took care of u
you love:Someone from Akatsuki
loves you:Chouji
how much:
how you die:Orochimaru stole your body
your life:Your life was hard in the beginning then happy. You changed from a troubled child, to a Happy teen. You love to travel for Village to village. You live a happy life but u flt something was missing. You died somewat happy.

Your Naruto Life. (detailed, includes your description and love, ect) by Geheroe
Your Name:
Your Ninja Name:Shinichi
Your Age:28
Your Village:Yakigakure (Snow)
Your Hair Color/Style:Pink, short.
Your Eye Color:Blue
Your Rank:ANBU.
Your Ninjutsu Skill:
Your Taijutsu Skill:
Your Genjutsu Skill:
Your Kinjutsu Skill:
Your Best Childhood Friend:Hinata.
Your Best Friend Now:Lee.
You're Currently Dating:Chouji.
You Eventaully Marry:Kankuro.
Your Wedding Was:There was no wedding. Everyone ran off screaming when te giant penguins came and smooshed everything. Haha. Hahaha. HAHAHAHAHA... he.
How Many Kids You Have:1.

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