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User:crowned (18880)
(no userpics)
"Hate is easy, Love takes courage."
Interests:50: abercrombie & fitch, being loved, best friends, black&milds, blue ice chocolate, bootay shakin`, boys, chingy-baby, cinnamon chai's!, coffee, cuddling, dooney & beurk, driving, early morning text messages, energy drinks, expensive shit, facebook, fine`ass black boys *, girlish things, going to the gym, hatahs, i love yooh's, ipod touch!, juicy couture, justin timberlake-yummy!*, kishes, late night phone calls, liquor, love, mani's and pedi's, movies, music, myspace, partyin` it up!, princess stuff!, random hugs, rapahs!, reality shows, sam!, sex, shopping, stahbucks, texting, tiffany & co. baby, track stah!, v-p0wer, victoria & david beckham, victoria secret, vitamin water, wearing the crown
People3:jimmy, news, system
Account type:Early Free User

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