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damnationmods ([info]damnationmods) wrote,
@ 2011-01-02 18:34:00

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Rules Premise/FAQ Timeline Cast Page Holds Application Drop Box Friends/Contact

1. All holds will last for exactly a week from when we get back to you. You may also choose to hold a played-by.

2. There may be up to three challenges on a character at a time. This means one original hold and three people who have challenged. Pending applications may not be challenged.

3. There are many characters that are not on the cast page that are available for play. Everyone is available for play as long as they are not deceased, or have to do with the 'immortal children.'

4. No original characters will be permitted at this time.

5. Please refrain from striking up conversations with one another on this page.

If you plan on applying for Angela, we have a plot idea we would like to run by you prior to doing so that we would love for you to incorporate. Please note that primary characters/villains will be in close contact with the mods at times.

The game will start on March 25, 2011.
Jacob Black
Leah Clearwater

Corin (Natalie Portman)

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