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damnationmods ([info]damnationmods) wrote,
@ 2011-01-02 19:45:00

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Rules Premise/FAQ Timeline Cast Page Holds Application Drop Box Friends/Contact

All comments will be screened for your privacy. Please copy and paste the HTML code into a new entry in your character's journal, and link us to the completed application.

out of character.
Contact: (AIM and/or email address)
Played-By: (Please link us to a high quality picture of your selected PB, as well)
Character's Journal: (Please make sure this is somehow in relation to your character)

in character.
Full Name:
Age & Date of Birth: (Remember that the year is now 2007)
Ability: (Only applies to vampires)
Relationship Status: (If dating/married, to who?)
Family: (A list is just fine)

Personality: (At least three paragraphs, 300+ words)

Biography: (At least four paragraphs, 400+ words)

First Person: (As your character, please)
Third Person: (Does not need to be as your character)

Adds will be done on ... !

(Post a new comment)

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