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Huletts Landing

Dresden Houses
Sorting into the Dresden houses occurs over the summer when new students receive their acceptance letter and decide to attend. At present all sorting is done by Mother Criss who has a brief interview with each student at the school before proclaiming the house into which they belong. She uses her divinatory gifts to guide her decisions, but sometimes makes conscious choices at her discretion that result in a student being placed in a house that doesn't seem like the perfect fit but will benefit them far greater.

Headmistress Hulett has yet to find another system of sorting that works for her school, though she worries what will happen when Mother Criss moves on.
Geniuses take comfort here. Logic and science abounds. Champlain House is represented by the dolphin as their mascot, an intelligent and fast-learning animal. Students show their pride in royal blue and gold, and look to Claudia Anderson as their House parent.
The darker talents emerge from Clemons. Clemons House is represented by the lizard as their mascot, cunning survivalists in the animal kingdom. Students show their pride in green and gray. Douglas West is their House parent.
Creativity reigns supreme in Hudson House. Represented by the monkey, a mischievous and clever animal. Students show their pride in purple and silver. Their House parent is the wacky and madly creative Pete Rosenthal.
For the brave, pioneering spirit. Hulett House carries the lion as their mascot; King of the jungle. Students show their pride in red and black. Their house parent is the quietly brave Orenthal Langley.
The loyal folk who work tirelessly toward their goal. Putnam House is represented by the bumble bee, an underestimated powerhouse. Students show their pride in yellow and white. Their house parent is hard-working Divya Singh.
Only the most advanced students can call University dorm their home. Founded in 2005, this house is reserved for students who have moved beyond their basic education and are prepared to move into higher learning with a heavy degree of personal responsibility and commitment. Their house is supervised by Gerlinde Von Brandt.
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