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'Long Gone Summer': How to watch and stream ESPN's Mark McGwire-Sammy Sosa documentary [07 Jun 2020|12:53pm]
ESPN's new 30 for 30 film "Long Gone Summer," which airs June 14, looks back at the twists and turns of the historic home run race that captivated America throughout the 1998 season.
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Trevor Hoffman was a failed shortstop but a Hall of Fame closer [06 Jun 2020|03:26pm]
Trevor Hoffman couldn't hit. And he wasn't going to beat out Barry Larkin for the shortstop job with the Reds. So he became a pitcher. It worked out pretty well.
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Passan: Inside MLB's financials fight -- and the numbers to solve it [05 Jun 2020|10:42am]
Baseball's owners and players don't seem any closer to starting the 2020 season, so we took a crack at solving their biggest problem -- the money.
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Olney: How baseball can save itself beyond 2021 [08 Jun 2020|09:45am]
Players and owners both have to move from their negotiating positions, because if they don't, the stakes for the future of baseball can't get higher.
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Best betting seasons for every MLB team over the past 20 years [08 Jun 2020|09:08am]
Betting on the Orioles and A's in 2012 or the Mariners in 2001 would have paid big dividends. Here are the best betting seasons for each team from the past 20 years.
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What you need to know about Sosa-McGwire home run chase before watching 'Long Gone Summer' [08 Jun 2020|02:41pm]
Before the upcoming ESPN 30 for 30 film, we catch you up on everything you need to know about the two sluggers and the home run race that captivated a country.
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Two Bobos, eight walks and a spot start: The wild history of the no-hitter [09 Jun 2020|08:03am]
No-hitters can come out of, well, nowhere -- from pitchers who had never thrown a complete game (before or after). From a guy making a random, unexpected start. From a guy who can't throw a strike but also can't give up a hit.
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KBO on ESPN schedule, how to watch, teams for the Korea baseball league and more [08 Jun 2020|07:06am]
The Korea Baseball Organization's regular season is underway, and that means it's time for some live baseball -- and lots and lots of bat flips. Here's how you can check out the action and game highlights, and what you need to know to become a KBO expert.
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KBO Weekly: Power Rankings, an epic matchup and a costly losing streak [08 Jun 2020|10:42am]
The Dinos roared back into form, setting up a huge series with the red-hot Bears. The KBO also had its first managerial change of the season.
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Are we any closer to a 2020 MLB season? Answering questions about new 76-game proposal [08 Jun 2020|03:54pm]
Play ball or not even close? We break down the latest plan for baseball's return.
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A 1.249 OPS?! How MLB draft prospect Nick Gonzales showed his gaudy stats didn't come out of thin ai [08 Jun 2020|11:06am]
New Mexico State's Nick Gonzales has been proving doubters wrong for years, but a summer on Cape Cod might have settled the case.
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He hits moonshots, and he's going No. 1: Meet 'Tork,' who's about to make MLB draft history [08 Jun 2020|03:49pm]
Spencer Torkelson's college career ended before he could finish rewriting Arizona State's record books, but the slugger could achieve something rarely done as this draft's top pick.
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Ex-Dodger Crawford arrested on assault charge [05 Jun 2020|02:25am]
Carl Crawford, a four-time All-Star who last played in the majors in 2016, was arrested after his former girlfriend told police he assaulted her at her home on May 8.
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A's admit 'mistake,' will resume minor league pay [05 Jun 2020|08:43pm]
The Oakland Athletics have reversed course on their controversial decision to cease payments for their minor league players.
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MLB players slam teams for 'depriving America' [07 Jun 2020|09:13am]
MLB players accused teams of "depriving America of baseball games" as part of a money fight set off by the coronavirus pandemic.
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MLB's new proposal to union has 76-game season [08 Jun 2020|06:59pm]
MLB made a new proposal to the players' union that includes a 76-game season in 2020.
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Cubs' Epstein questions own hiring practices [09 Jun 2020|08:45am]
Theo Epstein questioned his own actions as a baseball executive, saying Monday, "I need to question my own assumptions, my own attitudes. I need to find a way to be better."
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DeShields regretful over not taking knee in 2017 [09 Jun 2020|09:35am]
Veteran outfielder Delino DeShields, seeking to show solidarity with catcher Bruce Maxwell's national anthem protests in 2017, chose to not put his hand over his heart. But it didn't feel like enough, a reflective DeShields now says.
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OF Span says he's retired over his 'principles' [09 Jun 2020|10:23am]
Denard Span has walked away from the majors because he wasn't offered a deal to his liking in 2019 and again went unsigned this year, he told MLBTradeRumors.com.
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McGwire, Sosa and much more: Inside the wild 1998 MLB season [09 Jun 2020|07:12am]
The race to catch Roger Maris' mark of 61 homers was just one of numerous storylines in a baseball year to remember.
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