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[07 Jan 2012|03:21pm]
OOC Information
Player name: Amie.
Player age: 22.
Time zone: AST.

Character Information
Full name: Shiloh Elise Wolfe.
Nick names: Lo.
Hometown and Current Residence: Born in Miami, Florida. Currently lives in Bluebell Town, Georgia.
Age and Birthday: Twenty-four; April 29th, 1987.
Year Graduated: 2005 [Academy].
Alma Mater: Blue Ridge School of Witchcraft and Wizardry [Quirank House] & Blue Ridge University [Political Science; dropped-out in 2006].
Boggart: Her step-father looming over her little sister.
Riddikulus: When riddikulus is cast, her father's head immediately bursts, sending out a spray of colorful maroon and red confetti that could mimic a good brain splatter, and covers the room.
Patronus and why:
Siberian tiger. On one hand, they represent dignity and bravery. On the other, they also represent cruelty and greed.

Occupation Information:

Wand: Inflexible yew with a core of bundimun ooze , 10 and a half inches. This was her wand through school, and it was destroyed last year during a duel against an auror. She now uses a wand given to her by her grandfather. Rigid ceiba with a core of basilisk skin, 11 inches.
Occupation: N/A. She hasn't worked a day since finishing any of her schooling. The only thing she considers a job is her loyalty to Gemma's ideals.
Extra responsibilities: She doesn't do much, but will sometimes help Angel out at the Dive, if she's feeling generous. She always volunteers for or wants to lead the most violent or dangerous schemes with revolutionary work, and makes them her personal responsibility to follow through.
Animagus form, if applicable: None. She's not particularly an animal person.

Family and Relationships
Parents: Robert Brandt [pureblood father; deceased], Isaac Wolfe [muggle step-father; deceased] & Susan Wolfe née Cole [half-blood mother; estranged].
Siblings: Melody Wolfe [half-blood younger sister; estranged].
Extended Family: She didn't really interact with anyone outside of her immediate family until she went to live with Franz Brandt [paternal grandfather; deceased].
Familiar: N/A and she doesn't care for that snake Angel leaves running free either.
Sexuality: Loose.

PB: Mia Kirshner.
Physical Description: Shiloh is tiny and it makes her an incredibly underestimated person on the outside, and that's just how she likes it to be. She has no qualms about using her seemingly harmless exterior to lure people closer to her before she pounces.

Standing at a whole five feet and six or so inches, her weight isn't much to match. She weighs maybe a hundred and twenty pounds, and looks rather thin, particularly in her arms and midsection. Though she might not be much to reckon with physically, she is a scrapper.
She has long nails, which she isn't afraid to claw someone with thank-you-very-much, and tends to take of with surprising care. In fact she always takes care of herself. Just because she's on the lam doesn't mean that she had to look that way.

Her hair is long and dark-brown, almost black, reaching to the middle of her back. It's painfully straight, and she either pulls it out of her face as best she can or just wears it down. She used to have bangs, for years in fact, but recently snipped them away. Her eyes are hazel and surprisingly kind. She has a grin that reaches right up to her eyes, even if it's usually just a trick. Or she's grinning for a more sinister reason, at least.

She feels much less suspicious being done up as nice looking average girl. It makes people feel incredibly safe, which is a great ploy. She's got a big smile and a soft voice, and uses them to get advantage of those around her as much as possible. She prefers casual clothes, though her taste is quite expensive when she is able to splurge. Lots of nice dresses and blouses, tights and gorgeous shoes to the max. She has no piercings, but several tattoos on her body in different places.

Likes: Chaos, bickering, fighting, undermining authority, violence, learning, crucio, understanding, manipulating, trickery, bleeders, white wine, buttered toast, laughing [usually at other people], Angel, Gemma, her wand, her grandfather, cold showers, black coffee, tight dresses, her sister, responsibility, praise.
Dislikes: Muggles and muggleborns, Blue Ridge school, know-it-alls, aurors, being told to back off or back down, her mother, wizarding politics and government, her step-father, cocaine, snakes, tea, cleaning up blood, loose lips, having to finish before a deed is done.

- Doesn't like Angel's cocaine or her snake, and let's it be known. Coke is a stupid muggle drug for stupid muggles, and snakes are just creepy in a bad way.

- Loves to read and study, dreams of having a mansion with a huge library like her grandfather's one day.

- She really loves to patronize Angel any time that she gets a chance. Either just pissing her off deliberately, or finding a way to. Calling her by Angelique is one of her favorite purposely irritating habits. In her opinion, Angel is way more fun when she's angry. She fights better, she kills better, she fucks better. It's basically the holy trinity.

- She is a killer who is more than slightly hedonistic. She kills for thrill and for comfort, but also for control. She loves the power she gets over a person with their life hanging in the balance. Despite enjoying her work though, she is a highly organized killer with a mission-oriented mindset. She's really doing society a favor by cleaning up the street, they owe her, if anything.

- She barely remembers her sister before she was taken away, and doubt her sister would remember her at all since she was even younger, but Shiloh is desperate to reunite with her. First of all, it would allow Lo to locate their mother, whom she could promptly kill for her trespasses. Second after that, maybe Melody would see the light and join the revolution. One can only hope, and Shiloh hopes hard. She really doesn't want to have to kill her sister if she finds her and it turns out that she grew up to be some muggle-loving moron.

- Was responsible for a small burst of students showing up in the hospital wing during the 2003 school year; all hit from behind with the cruciatus curse. It was never traced back to her, though the school did look at both Angel and her brothers as suspects at the time, and she brags openly to friends about it now that she's older. The ugly muggle bastards had it coming, or so she claims.

- Cries at Titantic whenever she watches it, and doesn't even know why. It is one of the few things that can genuinely make her shed tears that aren't crocodile.

- Thinks that Gemma's continued contact with Ellie is dangerous; the younger sister is a liability, even if she's got a prime position in the school.

- Killed Angel's father before Angel had a chance, because she felt she hesitated for a moment too long.

Amortentia Smells Like: Homemade bread, fresh laundry, and blood.
Strengths: Intelligent, brave, calculated, excellent memory, enjoys taking the lead, excellent planning skills, well-read, loyal, attentive, casts strong spells, determined, good liar, good actress, and has a very unassuming figure that people underestimate constantly.
Weaknesses: Does not trust well, more than a little sadistic, violent, arrogant, rash, greedy, boastful, likes to boss others around, often gets disinterested, jealous, can be lazy, easily provoked/riled up, extremely short temper.
Detailed personality:
Shiloh has always been rather brilliant. Bright and calculated, if she weren't always using her intelligence for planning evil actions, then she could have very well been a genuinely important witch one day. She was slightly more soft-spoken and gentle as a young child, but it certainly didn't last long. She began to show some rather sadistic behaviors, even as a little girl, particularly after her step-father had joined their family. His belittling and abuse taught her to be tough, but also suspicious and hateful.

Half-blooded and ashamed of it every minute, Shiloh always put in extra effort along with her innate brain power in order to be the best in her classes during school. She had no shame in being a show off. She thinks she is the best, and likes to be the best above all others. She always enjoyed learning, but her grandfather instilled the love in her further once she was living with him full-time. He taught her to be as brilliant as she can be.

She takes perfectionist to a new level, regardless of what she does, everything is thought through and planned. And don't go near her when things don't go as planned, others have been cursed at the drop of a hat when she's angry. Most people underestimate her as a cute face, and that is fine by her. Hand in hand with her perfectionism, she has a volatile personality prone to explosions and blow ups at the slightest provocation. She can be calm and calculated one moment, and screaming in your face with her wand to your throat in the next breath if one crosses her. Her unpredictability and violent mood-swings make her a bit of a liability, but she is otherwise entire competent and dedicated to what she does.

Plan maker is a role she likes to play, always loud with suggestions and criticisms, and after scheming up big action, she is always the first to volunteer for anything crazy or dangerous. Her plans generally include radical violence and mass chaos. She loves the sound of people in a good panic. She tries constantly to prove herself to others, even if she would deny that as her reasoning. She has some issues with abandonment, and she tries to keep most people on the outside at an arm's length until she trusts them. Which in itself is rare.

Keeping her mouth shut isn't always her forte, but she knows how to act and perform when the situation calls for it. She can cast up a completely sweet fake exterior, but her cruel and calculated side will always be her true face. She has mercy for very few people, and acts without a care for anyone. She believes heavily that her ends justify her means, and she'll destroy anybody in her way, no matter what the task is.

Personal History
From a young age, Shiloh's life was a bit like the perfect storm for a youth acting out.

She and her younger sister, Melody, were born in the state of Florida. Her mother, Susan, had met her father Robert at a social hosted for mingling among magical universities in the southern states. Both a little vain and arrogant, and coming from two completely different school backgrounds, the two made a surprising connection, but it was not long to be. They were married in a grand ceremony a few years later, with Shiloh born shortly after and Melody only a scarce year or so after her. Within a year of that, Robert was mysteriously dead.

Rather than waste time moaning and crying, Susan barely gave her young girls an explanation for their father's sudden absence before packing up and leaving Florida. They were babies, what sort of explanation did she owe them? She arrived in Denver, Colorado just a month after Robert's death, with a daughter on each hip. She wasted no time socializing, as was her norm, and she was being courted by several different bachelors when she decided to marry Isaac Wolfe.

She was so taken with Wolfe, in fact, she changed both Shiloh and Melody's last names to Wolfe as well once they were married, so they could be a proper family.

Like with her first husband, however, happiness did not last forever. Shiloh remembers only a handful of things from this part of her life; she hated snow and Colorado had way too much of it, and she hated her step-father even more. Rude and a little pushy, to make matters worse, Isaac was both a muggle and a drunk. He also had a habit of getting more than a bit too close to the girls. He worked as a highly paid scientist, and he didn't entertain ideas of fantasy and grandeur, but that only made her mother more anxious about keeping their magic a secret.

Once, Shiloh remembers Susan locking her in her bedroom the entire day and night without meals, after she made the mistake of involuntarily using magic to charm some snowballs different colors, throwing them at the back door to amuse Melody as they burst into rainbow slush. Her mother's face had peered out at her from behind the glass and splatters of bright neon snow stuck to it, and she had been furious, Shiloh could just tell already.
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