Things just got interesting
Now vhere did I put zat cocoa..?
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26th-Sep-2009 06:23 am - um.
[aftermath] empathy
I wonder if it would be okay to say that I missed you too
1st-Jun-2009 03:06 am - Max who?
[aftermath] ow my brain
Mein Gott...

I was flipping channels in a hotel room that I've procured, and I saw this on one of the stations.

I'm starting to have flashbacks of a certain catboy...

No, no. It's alright, Herr Doktor. He is elsewhere, being math with Alucard. You have nothing to worry about. No one will burst through your door at 3 in the morning demanding cocoa. You will not wake up to someone staring an inch from your face and informing you that asparagus makes pee taste weird. No more will you have to endure those damned "clues" in order to find your scalpel.

It's okay.

Everything...Everything is fine.


That was quite a scare there. Perhaps this is not quite the show for me.
11th-Jan-2009 02:22 am - First post!
[original] nervous
Oh how good it ist to be here! I know, I know, I'm terribly late -- but ze traffik vast horrible! Hopefully Herr Major vill forgive my lateness!

Nowww, vhat did I miss...
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