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Looky -
Since I'm 'officially' allowed to post about this now...

This is what I've been spending some time on over the last few months - testing and helping the organization get this all shiny for the general populace:


It's the fiction archive for the Organization for Transformative Works - the one that set itself up right about the time that tacky-ass FanLib made it's first appearance on the internet. It's taken nearly a year (I think) to get it all worked out, but the archive is now up for public viewing. Yes, sorry, you can only look at it and read the stories. We're not quite ready for the general public to have a go at posting, but we're getting there!

So - go, have a peek around, send feedback, whatever tickles your fancy.

** Oh - and quick note - it looks best in Firefox, right now, we're still working out the kinks to make it look fab' in other browsers.

No, I don't know what the official public full launch date is, not even a speculative one, beyond 'when we're done making everything gorgeous', but I'll let you know as soon as I have something!

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This is part of a 'panel' from the [info]otw_onlinecon. The subject is Your personal fannish history. It's rather free-form, which is good, because this post rambles a bit, but it's chock full of random fandom 'stuff' about me.


History of My Fandoms Rambling )

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