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Ally «my eyes are on you yeah» ([info]kickawesome) wrote,
@ 2008-11-04 18:58:00

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Current mood: blah
Entry tags:real life, tl;dr

[RL] Sorry, I fee l like shit... aka State of the Union
I was pretty mum last week due to my own feelings of BLAH and being high on pseudoephedrine. I started to feel a little better this last weekend, but woke up feeling like crap again yesterday. I don't if it's the flu, sinusitus, ear infection, or just ridiculous hay fever. But I do know that all feel like doing is staring blankly at a TV screen and guzzling hot tea with honey and dumping vitamin C down my throat.

Game-by-Game Notes

Boom Town: DUDES. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LIKE ZOMBIES. A Resident Evil game was one of my first message board RPGs. SO. THIS BLOWS. But Rhett, at least, would definitely hook back up with The Sentry for zombie huntin' fun times. I never really decided who I would make a zombie so...I'LL DO IT NOW: Eddie and Simone are zombies; Rhett, Jean-Luc, Jesslynn, and Bobby are not bitten and heroing; Perry's locked himself in a panic room; Bobby and Jess are likely to end up bitten by week's end.

Also--Steph and anyone else who is looking to pick up one of my wanted characters (Rhett's angsty son, Bobby's rich bastard roommate, or Jesslynn's cop partner/future husband) can totally hit me up on AIM at gracelessally to discuss. :]


Nat: I got your e-mail. I'm game for a Guthrie log/thread. If you're able to tolerate me being RIDICULOUSLY slow we start a gDoc or thread now. Otherwise, maybe sometime this coming weekend? I certainly HOPE I'm feeling better by then.

Other pplz who have asked about logs with Sam (Bonnie, Lis, and anyone else I'm forgetting): Same as above. Sam is pretty much the easiest character ever for me so that's why I think I MIGHT be able to do something with him even with me being all brain dead. I can't make any promises though.

As far as Sam's current status goes: I'm sure he knows about Jay trying to give him the slip by now and is probably pretty steamed about it. I also would not be surprised if knew the majority (if not all) of the hotel residents by now. And he's probably went Older Brother on at least half of them. I'm looking forward to the moment he chills out enough to have fun because he's not a complete stick-in-the-mud and has a lot of time to make up for his lost carefree teenage years. But if there is ever any sort of crisis he will, of course, step up to face it. That's just how he rolls. He's also ridiculously excited for Australia. The movie. Yes, he does love tragic romances. Shut. Up.

Pride View: Okay. I'm starting to feel really bad here. I absolutely love my characters but I haven't been able to post in such a long time that it's not really fair to the rest of the players who I have plot with or those who are active that wish to play one my characters. So, I figure I have two options. 1) Drop the game entirely or 2) Cut my roster down to 1-3 characters so my list is less daunting. Thoughts? Are any specific characters you want me to keep around? I'm really sorry for flaking out so badly. :[

Valesco: I've been very wishy-washy for the past month, but I think y'all know that I'm doing my best to slide back into the game. I'm at least talking and paying attention in chats again so I think that's a good start. Basically what I have doing is keeping up with the journal-ing and making sure my characters respond to everything that they would respond to. Unfortunately, not all of my characters have had something twixt their fancy lately which of course is totally my fault for not having plot for them but I would like to change that. I gave paragraph blurbs for all of my characters in the mod OOC post about activity nudging if you would like to see my thoughts on each of my characters. I am, of course, up for ANY plotting and you can hit me up on AIM at gracelessally.

Phew. Glad to get that out of the way. Between this post and going to vote, I actually feel productive for the day. Sorry if I forgot anything. Feel free to poke at me on AIM. My away message will probably be up 24/7 but I am usually around.

Additionally, since I know I will probably be doing a lot of laying around and catching up on shows this week, I have re-opened the request post at [info]textless so I'm not JUST laying here.

I've also been pinged a lot in the last week or so with re-upload requests on dead links. I'm not ignoring/forgetting you. It takes a while to get anything uploaded here because our connection generally sucks. But I WILL get to them at some point--likely in the next couple of days.

I get my lappy back tomorrow! YAY faster CPU and better screen! But boo for my dad being off for the next six weeks. I predict that one of us will kill the other by Thanksgiving. Ha.

Cross-posted from IJ.

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