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Ally «my eyes are on you yeah» ([info]kickawesome) wrote,
@ 2011-06-11 00:24:00

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Current mood: sleepy
Entry tags:rp: valesco

[Valesco] Children in 1982

As of 1982...

Nine Years Old (b. 1973)
Terence Higgs

Seven Years Old (b. 1975)
Loren Merriweather
Astrid Wickham

Four Years Old (b. 1978)
Milo Kirke
Annabelle Kirkham
Cormac McLaggen
Sasha Merriweather

Three Years Old (b. 1979)
Augustus Huntington
Leah Kirke
Penelope Kirkham

Two Years Old (b. 1980)
Rocco Kirke
Johnathon Mulciber Jr.

One Year Old (b. 1981)
Briony Catchlove
Augie Dodderidge
James Kirke
Lucas Kirkham
Ariel Loftus (deceased)
Micah Loftus
Talulah McLaggen
Daria Timms
Lars Wickham

Births (b. 1982)
Theo Cresswell
Daisy Dodderidge
Leonis Dodge
Andrew Kirke
Rosalie Kirke
Ruby Kirke
Rowan McLaggen
Mattias Mulciber
Walter Sumpter
Rose Zeller

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