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Ally «my eyes are on you yeah» ([info]kickawesome) wrote,
@ 2011-06-11 19:40:00

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Current mood: bouncy
Entry tags:children, fanfic, rp: valesco

[Fic] Valesco Children Drabbles

100 Songs Challenge

001. December 002. Hot N' Cold 003. New Slang 004. Make Your Own Kind of Music 005. A Little Less Conversation
006. Born This Way 007. So Far Away 008. Iris 009. Unchained Melody 010. Give in to Me
011. Foxy Lady 012. I'll Be There 013. Forever Young 014. Come a Little Closer 015. All Apologies
016. Be Like That 017. Devil Town 018. Last Dance With Mary Jane 019. Two Out of Three Ain't Bad 020. Scars
021. Leave Me Alone 022. Why Don't We Do It in the Road? 023. I Wanna Talk About Me 024. I Put a Spell on You 025. Get Over It
026. Hallelujah 027. Superstition 028. Turning Japanese 029. Falling Slowly 030. Everybody Dance Now
031. Satellite 032. One 033. Mad World 034. Hey Jude 035. Come to My Window
036. Wild One 037. Killing Me Softly 038. Love Song 039. It's Five O'Clock Somewhere 040. Lose Yourself
041. Fast Car 042. Reaction to Action 043. Somebody to Love 044. This Love 045. Crazy
046. With or Without You 047. Leave the Pieces 048. Bleeding Love 049. Do You Think I'm Sexy? 050. Learn to Fly
051. Stay 052. Battlefield 053. Don't Look Back In Anger 054. I'll Be 055. Paradise City
056. Papa Was a Rollin' Stone 057. Heartbreaker 058. Have You Ever Really Love a Woman 059. Feel Like Makin' Love 060. Bright Lights
061. Coming Home 062. Take On Me 063. Rolling in the Deep 064. Everybody Wants to Rule the World 065. A Song For You
066. Not Ready to Make Nice 067. Blackbird 068. Check Yes or No 069. Bad Moon Rising 070. Don't Cha
071. Hemorrhage 072. No Excuses 073. Isn't She Lovely 074. Hooch 075. Sex Machine
076. Black Balloon 077. Gone 078. Talk Dirty to Me 079. My Perrogative 080. The Scientist
081. Wake Up Call 082. Man in the Mirror 083. Tracks of My Tears 084. Closing Time 085. Little White Church
086. The Boys of Summer 087. Drift Away 088. Come Together 089. Ain't No Sunshine 090. All These Things That I've Done
091. I Walk the Line 092. Fallin' 093. Dirty Diana 094. Maybe 095. Say It Ain't So
096. Black 097. Writer's Choice 098. Writer's Choice 099. Writer's Choice 100. Writer's Choice

References: My Children | Children Grad Dates

023. I Wanna Talk About Me
Characters: Rose Zeller and Timothy Greengrass
Word Count: 530
Rating: PG

There was always a point when Rose was talking that Tim's eyes started to glaze over and he stopped listening. It wasn't exactly something that could be helped. She was his girlfriend and all, but honestly, there was only so much a seventeen year old boy could take when it came to talking about hair, clothes and most of all, other girls.

"Can you believe the nerve of tha-tha-that harpy?" Rose stammered as she fumed. She let out a high-pitched noise of disgust that made Tim's spine want to twist into loops. "She should be expelled! Don't you agree?"

Suddenly those big green eyes were looking up expectantly into his face and Tim had half the sense to nod, though he couldn't recall what he was agreeing to. "Wait," Tim said slowly as he considered the implications of what he was about to say and proceeded cautiously. "What exactly did she do, again?"

"Timothy, haven't you listened to a word I've said?" Rose said shrilly, making Tim wince. "I can't believe you haven't been listening. This is important!"

Tim struggled not to roll his eyes. "I know, I know," he conceded. "I'm sorry. It's just...You talk about Ella so much that I'm starting to think you care about her more than me."

Rose scowled. Tim braced for a stinging hex. That clearly was not the right thing to say and he knew he would pay dearly for it, which is why he was astonished when tiny hands with surprising strength grabbed his collar and yanked him down for a kiss. Teetering on his feet, Tim's hands flailed as he caught his balance in the second before Rose released him.

Blinking dumbly, Tim just stared at Rose with his mouth agape. Rose smirked and took his hand to tug him along as she started walking down the corridor toward the Great Hall. "Tell me more of what you think," Rose demanded.

"I..." Tim said as he stumbled forward. "I think snogging is wonderful," he finished with a stupid nod.

Rose's wrinkled as she giggled, which made some sort of weird but pleasant feeling scurry through Tim. "You're funny," she replied.

"Yeah?" Tim said curiously. "Are you laughing with me or at me?"

Rose grinned. "Both. What else are you thinking?"

"I'm starved," Tim said as his stomach gurgled at him. He felt like he was always hungry these days.

Rose tilted her head. "Starved for what?"

Pie. Tim wanted to say meat pie. But this was totally a trick question, right? He could tell by the expectant look she was giving him. This had to be about her, obviously.

"Your..." Tim started without knowing what he was going to say next and he realized that body parts were the wrong words. "I'm starved for your affection?" he tried.

Rose rolled her eyes. "Try saying it without staring at my chest, Timothy," she huffed before she practically skipped into the Great Hall and over to the Hufflepuff table.

Tim sighed. If only he could put into words what he really thought about Rose.

"Oy, Greengrass!" came a shout from the Slytherin table. "Have a nice talk about dresses? You going to wear one, too?"

Rolling his eyes, Tim took a seat at the table. "Shut it, Avery, and pass the pie."

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Nicholas Doge #78

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