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Ally «my eyes are on you yeah» ([info]kickawesome) wrote,
@ 2008-02-09 14:15:00

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Current mood: awake
Current music:TV: Scrubs
Entry tags:actor: channing tatum, actor: joseph gordon-levitt, actor: rob brown, actor: ryan phillippe, images, movie: stop-loss

[Images] *ded* Moar Stop-Loss.
The first one, in particular, was nice to wake up to today.

I wish this photoshoot would just be released in it's entirety already. Christ.

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2008-02-10 05:24 am UTC (link)

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2008-02-10 06:40 pm UTC (link)
So I went to a friend's room to eat breakfast and they were watching she's the man. and it made me think of you. <3

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