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Ally «my eyes are on you yeah» ([info]kickawesome) wrote,
@ 2011-10-24 13:27:00

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Current mood: have to pee
Current music:Adele - Rolling in the Deep
Entry tags:rp: valesco

[Valesco] Character Coupling

Felix Ackerly
Name Name Year
Dianna Dobbs Since 1982
Jonas Ackerly
Isobel MacMillan 4th Year
Glenda Prewett 5th Year
Prisca Loftus 6th Year
Sorcha Cornfoot 7th Year
Kobe Ackerly (wife) Since 1980
Hecuba Carnac
Name Name Year
Fredrick Catchlove
Name Name Year
Agatha Timms-Catchlove (wife) Since 1980
Zora Cresswell
Name Name Year
Dirk Cresswell (husband) Since 1981
Kate Dagworth-Peakes
Name Name Year
Noah Boot Year
___ Peakes (husband) Since 1982
Roxanne Delacour
Name Name Year
Harmony Dodderidge
Name Name Year
Moses Dodderidge Since 1979
Mortimer Dodderidge
Alexandria Croaker 6th Year
Malcolm Brown Since 1980
Elphias Doge
Phoebe Doge (wife) Since 1979
Aberforth Dumbledore
Name Name Year
Brady Higgs
Malcolm Brown 7th Year
Harriet Higgs (wife) 1970-1972
Daniel Twilfit Since 1980
Brand Kirke
Name Name Year
Julia Kirke (wife) Since 1976
Rafe Kirke
Name Name Year
Name Name Year
Erin Kirke (wife) Since 1979
Greer Kirkham
Name Name Year
Olivia Kirkham (wife) Since 1976
Griffith Kirkham
Malcolm Brown Year
Name Name Year
Nora Thompson Year
West Sumpter Since 1978
Rodolphus Lestrange
Name Name Year
Bellatrix Lestrange (wife) Year
Prisca Loftus
Name Name Year
Name Name Year
Name Name Year
Name Name Year
Christopher Loftus (husband) Since 1981
Conall Magennis
Name Name Year
Joy McLaggen
Name Name Year
Phineas McLaggen (husband) Since 1979
John Mulciber
Sarah Proudfoot Year
Juliana Travers Year
Lydia Proudfoot Year
Matilda Mulciber (wife) Since 1980
Cassandra Parkinson
Name Name Year
___ MacMillan Year
Sturgis Podmore
Glenda Prewett Year
Giada Dorny Year
Bertha Jorkins Year
Marissa MacFusty Year
Darren Quigg
Name Name Year
Lydia Proudfoot Year
Devon Kirke Year
Thorfinn Rowle
Name Name Year
Kingsley Shacklebolt
Name Name Year
Name Name Year
Greta Catchlove 1981
Gaspard Shingleton
Name Name Year
Bertha Jorkins 1982
Mark Timms
Name Name Year
Sienna Huntington Year
Lydia Proudfoot Year
Brier Stebbins Year
Pippa Trimble Year
Belise Wickham
Name Name Year
Jude Wickham (husband) Year
Adam Zeller
Name Name Year
Willow Zeller (wife) Since 1982

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2011-10-24 11:21 pm UTC (link)
BAHA the MacMillan brother is ~Pyxis Liberius MacMillan~ and I use a wonderfully assholic Jon Hamm PB :3

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