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Kinglsey Shacklebolt : Auror ([info]kinglyauror) wrote,
@ 2009-12-28 13:36:00

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Current mood:optimistic

As the New Year approaches, may it greet you well and fair better than your last.

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2009-12-28 09:44 pm UTC (link)
Why are you so wise, Kingsley? Is it from the sun bouncing off of your sometimes shiny head?

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2009-12-29 09:16 pm UTC (link)
Yes, let's blame the vitamin D.

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2009-12-29 11:22 pm UTC (link)
Oh, I don't know... the last few days almost make up for this wretched twelve months.

But I certainly hope ALL of next year will be better!

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2009-12-30 01:02 am UTC (link)
I share that same hope and will hold to it until it can be shaken, which is unlikely.

How is your brother?

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2009-12-30 04:01 pm UTC (link)
Thanks, you too Kingsley.

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