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User:kiri (12720)
Name:The Flatlanders..?
Bio:This is an early adopter account that [info]blumchen gifted us with. [info]flatlanders is holding the username for us until rename tokens are available.

Current layout is Opal (imported over from LJ as a slightly modified layer), with a CSS layout from thefulcrum.
Schools:None listed
People15:chaan_dahvriaan, dreizehn, fenners, flatlanders, grignr, mj_rockwell, neuraesthete, news, sanjuuko_son, serpentine, shadowsouls, unquiet, visual_syntax, wayfarers, yamikarasu
Mutual Friends:10: dreizehn, fenners, grignr, mj_rockwell, neuraesthete, sanjuuko_son, serpentine, shadowsouls, unquiet, wayfarers
Account type:Early Adopter

(more details...)

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