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User:kristopher (29936)
Oh, you see that skin?
Now she's left cleaning up the mess he made.
Website:She looks up in the sky and wonders what she knows. She is on her way, on her way to make it all make sense.
Interests:38: :o faces., acting, adorkableness., ain't no sunshine., are you frickin serious?!?, baking, christianity, church, conway arkansas., cooking, cutesexyness., danny gokey harmony collabos., eating, guitar playing., jesus, kat(ie) allen., keith urban., laughing, movies, music, not the word 'homie'., or 'yo'., photography, piano playing., pink thongs., playing kanye west., poetry, sexyface., singing, sittin on these binches!, tv, twizzlers!, wearing suits., worship!leader!, writing, you.jerk., youth, youth ministry
Communities2:sextalk, yoursecrets
Account type:Early Free User

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