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New version [27 Jun 2020|02:01pm]

I have made another update. I read through the comments to several past entries here and made almost all that I found that was suggested and I did not notice it.


  • Search in usernames of entries and comments in Synchronization.
  • Server name box in server settings is made longer to fit long server names.
  • F10 key cycles through 11 predefined menu and main window colors. Default is No.3. Semagic restart is needed. Color 8 paints all windows in blue. Some people did not like yellow menu color in windows 7, menu in Semagic was made in 2004. Color No. is shown in the status bar at the bottom.
  • Synchronization toolbar button.
  • Help for Synchronization options.
  • Default help window is made larger.
  • New format of Web links in History and Synchronization.
  • Fixed Paste as text into subject.
  • Extra newlines (CRLF, \r\n) are removed from HTML when opening entries posted via Web in Blogger.
  • Opening History for Blogger automatically loads last entries.
  • Fixed editing entries with Read more tag for Blogger.
  • Fixed expiration of login tokens after inactivity with Blogger.
  • 4 dictionaries are packed in installation instead of 2 (en_US,en_GB,ru_RU,ru_RU_yo). Russian dictionary is different from the old one. For new users they will be auto activated, old users should manually add them in options.

What remains unfixed:

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New version [20 Jun 2020|05:14am]

I have just updated Semagic. It contains some minor changes and, in particular, fixed cookie for download of comments (thanks to user Michael Dannov) so you do not have to always login in the Web tab to download comments. Now you can disable usage of IE cookie in the Options in the Synchronization window (Synchronization is available in the Links menu).

For Windows XP users: there is a way to enable TLS 1.2 on windows XP so Semagic will show userpic and connect to dreamwidth: see for example here: 
For me, it solved the problem only partially, but for other people even Skype started to work ( )

A note to Dreamwidth users: now you have to generate API key in the DW settings (mobile/advanced setup options page) and use it as password in Semagic.

Also, at Dreamwidth, if you have enabled auto crossposting to LJ, those crossposted entries (due to not yet fixed DW error) cannot be edited via Semagic or other client. So it is better to crosspost via Semagic.

Also, most of image upload providers no longer work. Flickr changed authorization so it works only for those who authorized their Semagic long time ago.
So image providers that work:

  • LJ Scrapbook
  • Flickr for old users, i.e. with saved authorization tokens
  • Metaweblog API upload

Download page:
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