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[25 Jul 2020|10:36am]
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[25 Jul 2020|10:35am]
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Private to Students [18 Oct 2011|08:41pm]
So if anyone was curious, Holly J totally told me she doesn't shave her pits AND she watches other girls shower! I mean, getting all soaped up is nice and all to look at but at least ASK before you watch! Geez.
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[30 Jan 2011|06:22pm]
okay so, in theory, say you went into town this weekend and you happened to see a Buzz Lightyear costume in a thrift store, and it was for ages 10 - 12 and you totally bought it and got it home and tried it on, and it seemed to fit because let's be real, who wouldn't want to be Buzz Lightyear for the day? but then when it comes to like, taking it off it's kinda stuck. like, the zip's broken? IN THEORY how many days detention will you get if you show up to class tomorrow still wearing it?

[Private to Emilie, Addy, Michi, Hunter, Amber]
omg something really funny happened and its got nothing to do with being stuck in this fucking costume
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Private to Upper Academy [13 Jan 2011|03:10pm]
Man!! Dentention today for being late to class. It totally wasn't even my fault though because Michi kept me up all night SNORING!! That's right, Michi's a SNORER JSYK. And I hate her!!

jk I love that ho.
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Private to Upper Academy [08 Jan 2011|03:31am]
Great party Sam! When's the next one? lol! To the guy whos shoes I barfed on, I'm not sorry cuz you were a jerk!

Random question: is EVERYTHING about identical twins identical? Think about it...
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[07 Oct 2010|05:52pm]
ummmmmmmmmmmmm....if anyone sees a pair of size 5 black high heels around the school please can you return them to my room. THANKS.

[Private to Gray]
You're a complete dirtbag and I hate you.
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