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User:nickthefanboy (18221)
Name:Proud Member of the Fanboy Army.
Bio:Proud Member of Franziska's Fan Boy Army.

"We are the collective... defy us, and be destroyed... join us... resistance is futile..." -- "WE WILL NOT FALL BACK, WE WILL NOT BEND, WE WILL NOT FALTER, WE WILL FIGHT! FOR THE ROYALTY!" -- "GO MY FELLOW COMRADES... SWARM!"

Now with 7 Languages of Objection!
Interests:32: /whipped, being a fanboy, defense, ecco!, einspruch!, fanboy, fanboying, for the royalty, franziska, franziska fanboy army, hold it!, igiari!, kurae!, l'objection!, masochism, matta!, moment mal!, nimm das!, obiezione!, objection!, obsession, phoenix wright, prends ca!, prosecuting prodigy, take that!, the collective, un attimo!, une moment!, ВОЗРАЖЕНИЕ!, Возьмите Это, Держите это, ಠ_ಠ
Schools:None listed
People5:eevee, franziska, lunareuphoria, snake, valcion
Communities4:animechorus, dear_you, objection, wrightingwrongs
Mutual Friends:2: eevee, valcion
Member of:3: animechorus, dear_you, wrightingwrongs
Account type:Early Free User

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