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User:nowords (55738)
Name:Ellie Colvin

I have died every day waiting for you. Darling don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years. I'll love you for a thousand more.
— Christina Perri, A Thousand Years

asic info
Name: Ellie Colvin
Age: 28
DOB: 9/8/1983
Hometown: Bluebell Town, GA
Occupation: Blueridge Groundskeeper
Former House: Quirank
Wand: 9" flexible apple with hippogriff feathers
Boggart: Aaron Ellis killing Gemma
Riddikulus: They solve their problems with a thumb war
Patronus: Butterfly
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Height and build: 5'3, tiny
Noticeable features: Freckles
Fashion: Laid back, hand maid, and simple.

elationships & Family
Parents: Harvey and Diane Colvin
Siblings: Gemma and Edwin
Friends: Ace, Teodoro, Jenny Hough, Ichirou, Sawyer Grey
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Significant other: Aaron "Ace" Ellis

Ellie had once been an impressionable, young girl who would follow those she loved into the pits of Hell... and one day, she almost did. She's loyal, easy going, gentle, and kind. Hatred was not something that came natural to her, but it was her loyalty that had her sitting in at protests and signing petitions she didn't necessarily believe were true.

She's graceful, almost a sprite of a woman. Lively and warm, she was easy to make friends with. She's agile and athletic, making almost any task look like the easiest thing on the planet. She's effortless in the way she presents herself and the way she lives her life.

Ellie has always been some what whimsical. She's never really been rooted in anything and just goes where the wind takes her even if it's to the center of a terrible storm.

She's incredibly intelligent. Book smart and a survivalist, Ellie never struggled in school. It was the practical every day things that Ellie struggled with.
Ellie's short life has been one of tragedy, loss, and unspeakable grief yet it was not always so. She was born into a well off magical family in Bluebell Town, GA where she would spend all her life. She attended Blue Ridge school with her older sister and younger brother and made many friends while she was there. She learned and did well in school but she also fell in love.

Aaron Ellis, who seemed rough on the outside, caught her eye when she was young and it was in him that she truly found someone special. He showed her a softer side, a romantic and sentimental side and she turned to mush every time he smiled. It was like magic when they were around each other but there was something about him that she had to keep hidden, something she hadn't initially cared about until she got older. He was muggle born.

It had taken some convincing on his part but they ended up dating for some time. They were happy and she found herself falling painfully in love with Ace. But Gemma found out that he was a muggle born and not only that but he was constantly getting in the way at the protests. Gemma ragged on Ellie that she deserved better, that she should find a proper wizard who wouldn't get in the way so much. It took months and it was heartbreaking but Ellie walked away when she finally realized it would only hurt more if she waited.

She was young, impressionable, and completely loyal to her sister. She got caught up in Gemma's activism and chaos, she fell into it with nothing to stop her, not even her own heart. It was a gradual process that lead Ellie to end things with Aaron and get into that car full of explosive with Nora and Gemma in 2006. It was a freak accident that set off the bombs in the car and trapped Ellie and Nora inside. It was quick thinking on Gemma's part that got Ellie out of the car alive, but it wasn't unscathed. Her vocal chords were damaged beyond repair, leaving her mute. She spent quite a bit of time in the hospital after the accident but she would learn that the consequences of that day would shake her very foundations.

Ellie hates herself now for the mistakes of her past and feels like there's no way that it will end well. Her sister and her first love. She has suffered terrible loss and grief, yet she feels she has not suffered enough for her past sins and she has not yet forgiven herself for her own mistakes.

After her accident Ellie stayed in the hospital for quite some time, her only visitor being Ace. He came on the days she really needed him and the days that she could't stand too look at him. Ellie, unable to speak and without a home went back to her alma mater, Blue Ridge and applied for the job as the groundskeeper. She knew it was a low profile job that would keep her safe and out of the newspapers. Everyone around her thought she was a huge disappointment and was wasting her talent but she thrived as groundskeeper. Ellie made easy work of it and loves spending time outside. She began to fade as a public figure over the years but there was always one person who would never let her forget who she was and she could curse Ace every day for that.
Schools:None listed
People42:alwaysdtf, alwaysontop, applebapple, babyface, beautifulbeozar, betterthanvoldy, biggestbro, blueridgefac, blueridgemod, brnpc, btchholdmypurse, charliemanson, eddiebedwetter, excruciatus, frenchfancy, frontside_air, garbagepailkid, letitbe, luvagoodpianist, mamabear, michimonster, nowords, ojandtostitos, onlywaiting, prettylies, rabbitrabbit, samtaro, shenandani, sim, softlysoftly, sosuccsexy, stopthat, sunnygarcia, texasranger, thedarkestangel, thedirtysouth, therubixcube, twinsies, voodoochild, wash_away, whipandchill, wipeoutqueen
Communities3:blueridgeau, blueridgeooc, blueridgeschool
Friend of:32: alwaysdtf, alwaysontop, applebapple, betterthanvoldy, blueridgefac, blueridgemod, brnpc, btchholdmypurse, charliemanson, eddiebedwetter, excruciatus, frontside_air, letitbe, luvagoodpianist, mamabear, michimonster, nowords, ojandtostitos, onlywaiting, prettylies, rabbitrabbit, samtaro, shenandani, sosuccsexy, sunnygarcia, texasranger, thedirtysouth, thepack, therubixcube, voodoochild, wash_away, wipeoutqueen
Member of:3: blueridgeau, blueridgeooc, blueridgeschool
Account type:Early Free User

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