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User:ojandtostitos (52312)
[Cuz everything's better when you're high, if you don't smoke I don't know why.]
Let's write our names on a cloud, bring some down roll it up pass it all around.
Name:Tatum Donnelly
Website:Blue Ridge University
Location:Portage Lake, Maine, United States
AOL IM:AIM status queenstoneage (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Long days, short cuts, love notes, strings struck, far aways, close ups.
Troubles test me, time unrests me, but you kiss me, get the best of me.

FULL NAME: Tatum Riley Donnelly.
NICKNAMES: Tater, T, Tate, Tat, Gingie/ey [Mack], Hooker [Mack], Sister-in-Law [Ella].
AGE & DOB: Nineteen [March 15th; 1993].
HOMETOWN: Portage Lake, Maine.
BLOODLINE: Half-Blood.

WAND: Springy willow with a core of unicorn hair, eight inches.
HOUSE & YEAR: University [First Year; Pre-Med]/Former Shawnee.
EXTRACURRICULARS: Gaming Club, Newspaper [Photographer], Band [Guitar], Garden Club, & Movie Club.
We're just a mess of moments that's adding up to where we are.

Tatum's hair reaches her mid-back, and she is a natural redhead when she isn't adding streaks or mussing it up in some manner. It's mostly straight, sometimes with a little wave, but nothing incredibly noticeable unless she puts in the effort. Mostly her hair hangs, reaching her shoulders and gently framing her face and getting in her eyes. She sometimes pulls it back or up if she's concentrating particularly hard.

Her skin is incredibly pale and burns quite easily in the sun. She is the type of girl that just doesn't tan well, and is usually devoid of color even in the hottest of summer months.

[Keeping Reading...]
And you're the frame and focus that's making sense of it so far.

Tatum is an incredibly quiet girl when you first meet or approach her. She possesses a somewhatguarded personality. She can be truly naive in some respects, but she is also very intelligent. She does well on most classes, and keeps a very nice grade average [though pale in comparison to her younger sister] and she is far from dumb. Her street smarts may sometimes lack from a slightly sheltered upbringing, but she knows the way of the world and rarely allows people to fool her.

Not twice, at least.

She is the type of girl who trusts a friend with her whole self, and once crossed by a person, her trust for them will always be a little damaged. However, this trusting disposition leads to a very open friendship with anyone whom deems her worthy of their approval. On a one-on-one basis, she is calm and casual, and usually only speaks up in an aggressive manner when she sees it as being fully necessary to do so. Which isn't often at all.

[Keeping Reading...]
I'm not depressed or hopeless, I'm only walking in a blur.

Tatum's upbringing was, as she recollects, pretty ordinary. There was nothing incredibly outstanding about the parents who gave her life, or about the life they gave her. The life that she lived with her family in the northern state of Maine. Her mother, Claire Harris, was a witch born in New York city. She moved to live in Maine just after she graduated from Blue Ridge university's pre-med program. Arriving in her new state, Claire decided to continue her education magical nursing at a Portland hospital, where she met Tatum's father. Michael Donnelly was a muggle police officer in training when he met Claire, northern Maine born and raised in the town of Portage Lake. Both of his parents were first generation Irish immigrants, and his culture and religion were both very important to him. All of their lives, Michael has tried to instill that in his children, perhaps sometimes too much.

The first children born to her parents, Tatum is a second-born fraternal twin, with a five-minute older brother named Rath.

[Keeping Reading...]
I'm the scene, you're the director.

You never know what people have up their sleeves,
Ghosts from your past gonna jump out at me,
Lurking in the shadows with their lip-gloss smiles,
But I don't care, 'cause right now you're mine.

And you'll say don't you worry your pretty little mind,
People throw rocks at things that shine and life makes love look hard,
The stakes are high, the waters rough, but this love is ours.

I've crissed and I've crossed, I've kissed and it's cost, I've loved and I've lost, and I owe you a lot.

Played By: Hayley Williams.
Player: Amie.
Played For: [info]blueridgeschool

Everything lying within is a work of fiction. I am not Hayley, nor is this character in any way associated with her, etc. It's all just for fun! Images used in this profile [as well through out posting] do not belong to me. ♥
Schools:None listed
People41:alwaysdtf, alwaysontop, applebapple, babyface, beautifulbeozar, betterthanvoldy, biggestbro, blueridgefac, blueridgemod, brnpc, btchholdmypurse, charliemanson, excruciatus, frenchfancy, frontside_air, garbagepailkid, letitbe, luvagoodpianist, mamabear, michimonster, nowords, ojandtostitos, onlywaiting, prettylies, rabbitrabbit, samtaro, shenandani, sim, softlysoftly, sosuccsexy, stopthat, sunnygarcia, texasranger, thedarkestangel, thedirtysouth, therubixcube, twinsies, voodoochild, wash_away, whipandchill, wipeoutqueen
Communities3:blueridgeau, blueridgeooc, blueridgeschool
Mutual Friends:33: alwaysdtf, alwaysontop, applebapple, babyface, betterthanvoldy, blueridgefac, blueridgemod, brnpc, btchholdmypurse, charliemanson, excruciatus, frenchfancy, frontside_air, letitbe, luvagoodpianist, mamabear, michimonster, nowords, ojandtostitos, onlywaiting, prettylies, rabbitrabbit, samtaro, shenandani, softlysoftly, sosuccsexy, sunnygarcia, texasranger, thedirtysouth, therubixcube, voodoochild, wash_away, wipeoutqueen
Also Friend of:2: eddiebedwetter, thepack
Member of:3: blueridgeau, blueridgeooc, blueridgeschool
Account type:Early Free User

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