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User:onlywaiting (55319)
Name:Meka Palakiko

Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take this broken wings and learn to fly. All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise. Blacbird singing in the dead of night, take this sunken eyes and learn to see. All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to be free. Blackbird fly into the light of the dark black night.”
— The Beatles, Blackbird

asic info
Name: Meka Palakiko
Age: 17
DOB: 6/5/1994
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Year: Senior
House: Quirank
Wand: 10" delicate reed with clabbert horn
Boggart: Bugs
Riddikulus: Half the bugs turn into marbles and they all start tripping over until they're all marbles
Patronus: A hawk
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark brown/black, very curly
Height and build: 5'3 and itty bitty
Scars: On the back of her leg is a scar running from the bottom of her Achilles tendon to the very top of it.
Fashion: Always wears Frangapani in her hair. Comfort is key.

elationships & Family
Parents: Kai Palakiko and Mei Palakiko (deceased)
Siblings: Keoni and Ikaia
Friends: Sera, Jenny, Ella, Hendrix
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Significant other: Sim Buford

Meka is not anti-social at all but as she likes to say, she is far better on paper than she is conversationally. She has wit, but she has very little charm when talking to people. She is very creative, artistic, and intelligent. She's rebellious in the sense that she doesn't like to follow rules all the time. She's a little bit of a trouble maker, and it often stems from her curiosity. She wants to know just how far she can push a boundary, how long it takes to get detention for one activity, that sort of thing.

She finds beauty in the strangest things. Meka is intuitive, introspective, and incredibly cautious but she is still able to go out and be friendly with people. She has a few friends who are close and know a few of her secrets but she has many acquaintances. She's not exactly a social butterfly but she definitely likes to take the weekend with a few close friends, a couple beers, and lots of time to unwind.

Meka is very dignified but she has been known to lose her cool when in a fierce fight. She walks away before things get too out of hand… most of the time. She's the kind of person who would rather say nothing (because she knows she'll regret it later) and scream into a pillow later on than scream at someone and make a scene (although she has made a few scenes mostly involved with her family). She really tries her best to rid herself of all her negativity by meditating and if that doesn't work she smokes like a chimney.

Meka is pretty lonely and is trying to open herself up to more people, especially her father. She is bitter about being what she likes to call one of the "shadow children" since her father wasn't really around to raise her and her brother. She deals with a lot of her emotions through sarcasm. For the most part she is quietly kind.
Meka was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to Kai and Mei Plakiko, the youngest in a set of twins and third child of the wealthy couple. Her father runs a business that specializes in building magical homes while her mother worked for the LAW and was a dance instructor on the side, (teaching her own daughter her first classes). Meka loves Hawaii except for one thing… the bugs. She has always been interested in exploring and discovering but her true passion was in the library. Like everyone in her family she speaks fluent Hawaiian. She read as much as she could and it was quickly realized that she was a brilliant, little girl. Her reading level was far beyond her peers as were her math skills. She missed out on a lot of play time unfortunately and has struggled to be social. She is especially awkward around individuals she finds attractive. Most of the time she doesn't think she's worth their attention anyways.

Unfortunately, when Meka was five years old, Mei was found dead in her office. The circumstances were sketchy at best but the case has been closed as coincidental. Kai suffered silently and shut himself off from the world, dedicating his time solely to his work. Meka, Ikaia, and Keoni were left by themselves most of the time, Meka never really had a positive female role model.

Kai wasn't entirely detached from his children, he realized Meka was not exactly a normal child and the loss of her mother was devastating. To try to get Meka to make more friends her father signed her up for piano lessons and kept her enrolled in dance. And thus started her long lasting relationship with music. She didn't stop to think about it once she started and picked up instruments left and right. By the time she was twelve she was playing piano and a majority of the woodwinds but her dance career was already over. Meka ruptured her Achilles tendon and had to have surgery. She was told not to dance for one year, even after she was cleared, she didn't dance again.

Meka did make one very good friend, a boy named Kekoa who was her own age and played the guitar at the same music school. They became friends and spent a lot of time practicing their instruments together. Fortunately for them, Kekoa and Meka were both sent to Blue Ridge Academy where Kekoa also introduced her to going to parties and sneaking out late at night when they were older.

She became incredibly interested in street art, comics, and anime. Art and music have helped her get through a lot of her life and it has been a way for her to vent. When she was accepted to BR she adored the idea of it and soon fell in love with the school. There was so much more to learn. Meka learned pretty quickly that she could make an extra buck by doing other students homework. A pack of cigarettes will get an every day assignment, three packs will get an A+ essay. She accepts cash and beer as well.

When Meka was thirteen, her brother Keoni graduated from BR Academy. He moved out of the large mansion in Hawaii after Meka recovered from her surgery and moved into Bluebell Town to attend the University and pursue his dream as a magical artist. Meka has to beg him to go back to Hawaii with her at Christmas and even though he drags his feet he always comes with her anyways.

Her freshman year she decided that she wanted to become a vegetarian for several reasons. Animal rights being the first and foremost reason in her mind. She also hates the taste and smell of meat, but more importantly she hates the idea of the blood and veins that were working inside the animal. It grosses her out to no end. She had always been picky about it so when she thought she was decidedly on her own she stopped eating it entirely. She has spent her years in Quirank picking up instruments, she's working now on figuring out percussion. She spends her time studying, researching topics of interest, practicing her instruments, and drawing.

At a New Years Eve party for 2011, Meka lost her virginity to Sim Buford, one of the infamous play boys of Blue Ridge. They had both been drunk and she spent the months following feeling exceptionally terrible about the whole thing. After sulking around and crying about it for some time she finally decided that this wasn't going to ruin her. She bumbled her way through awkwardly and ended up coming out pretty okay. She is making herself try new things and bring things back into her life, starting with dance. She thinks it's a way to be close to the mother she has been missing almost her whole life. She's trying to be braver and bolder and more honest with the people she loves but that has not turned out to be such an easy task.

Over the summer, she started dating Kekoa despite the fact that she was dying inside over the fact that her feelings for Sim were growing. She knew it was completely irrational to like him so she forced herself toward Kekoa, who was the reasonable choice. When she came back to school she knew she had made a mistake and even though she tried to push herself away, she found herself gravitating toward Sim. She's still trying to fight it but she knows it's going to get the better of her some day.
Schools:None listed
People42:alwaysdtf, alwaysontop, applebapple, babyface, beautifulbeozar, betterthanvoldy, biggestbro, blueridgefac, blueridgemod, brnpc, btchholdmypurse, charliemanson, eddiebedwetter, excruciatus, frenchfancy, frontside_air, garbagepailkid, letitbe, luvagoodpianist, mamabear, michimonster, nowords, ojandtostitos, onlywaiting, prettylies, rabbitrabbit, samtaro, shenandani, sim, softlysoftly, sosuccsexy, stopthat, sunnygarcia, texasranger, thedarkestangel, thedirtysouth, therubixcube, twinsies, voodoochild, wash_away, whipandchill, wipeoutqueen
Communities3:blueridgeau, blueridgeooc, blueridgeschool
Friend of:32: alwaysdtf, alwaysontop, applebapple, betterthanvoldy, blueridgefac, blueridgemod, brnpc, btchholdmypurse, charliemanson, eddiebedwetter, excruciatus, frontside_air, letitbe, luvagoodpianist, mamabear, michimonster, nowords, ojandtostitos, onlywaiting, prettylies, rabbitrabbit, samtaro, shenandani, sosuccsexy, sunnygarcia, texasranger, thedirtysouth, thepack, therubixcube, voodoochild, wash_away, wipeoutqueen
Member of:3: blueridgeau, blueridgeooc, blueridgeschool
Account type:Early Free User

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