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[25 Jul 2020|11:02am]
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[25 Jul 2020|11:01am]
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Private to Upper Academy [24 Aug 2011|01:09am]
Dearest Leon,

I do not have to hide behind French words to reveal the secrets of others. What will your petit boyfriend say when he checks the journals? Perhaps this will teach you not to fuck around in other's private business.

All my love, Francois

[Embedded in the journal entry are several photos of Leon Shaw and Seth Harris is compromising positions, spooning on an empty beach after Ginger's party.]
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[25 Nov 2010|05:50pm]
So does anyone know what that announcement was about, the one about students missing? Does anyone even care...? Because if they haven't been found that's kind of a big deal. Maybe we should go looking.
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