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slipdream ([info]slipdream) wrote,
@ 2008-04-12 04:42:00

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indulgence of the moment
Hmmm, old school RPG goodness. I like Phantasy Star 2; I like its shiny retro-future-world, its Phildickian plot twists, its robots and mutant beasties. It's pure escapism and hearkens back to when games were ambitious without being glitzy or cinematic.

For an eighties game, PS2 isn't bad about level grinding at all; you'll earn much of what you need just by wandering around in the dungeons, and new party members get into fighting shape in no time. The game has a reputation for being tough; I'd call it tough but fair, except for a few objectives which it's surprisingly oblique about (that Star Mist thing, ugh). The script is threadbare, and that makes advancing harder than it needs to be; needs more textual c(l)ues. Still, the sense of accomplishment after FINALLY cracking a three+ hour maze makes it incredibly addictive and satisfying.

Still on Mota right now. I'll try to beat the four dams sometime after midterms. Until then, keep a Trimate in your pocket, don't take any fake Maruera Leaves, and remember, Climatrol is south from the FAKE Uzo Island. *g*

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