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snowtragic ([info]snowtragic) wrote,
@ 2013-02-22 22:58:00

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Current mood: busy

 I need 1,000 more pangya to get spika, I've wanted it for a bit, my pangya keeps closing on me it's really annoying. nell is my least favorite character. my favorite is kooh, lucia, spika, kaz.

on another note it snow here ;D been outside more now! i miss you everyday I wish you could come back to life. 
I can't stand people who hurt cats/dogs/etc.
people get mad if you get mad about your crops being stolen :lol: saying your greedy but aren't they being the same taking it all for themselves without asking.
I have not been watching anime lately and I can't read a few manga either.
I heart d.gray-man manga/anime & sugar sugar rune manga & pandora hearts, more. I liked alyss at first but I'm changing my mind alice & oz are the ones who have been my favorites.
I messed up on whispers: revelation I'm thinking of leaving it for good.

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