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User:sosuccsexy (52459)
So we burst into colors, colors and carousels, next thing we're touching.
[You look at me, it's like you hit me with lightning.]
Name:Jenny Parry
Website:Blue Ridge School
Location:Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States
AOL IM:AIM status queenstoneage (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Silky smooth lips as sweet as candy, baby, tight blue jeans, skin that shows in patches
Do you know what it feels like for a girl? What it feels like in this world?

FULL NAME: Jennifer Anne Parry.
NICKNAMES: Jenny, Jen, Jennay, Ella's Sister, Mom [Hunter & Mack], Babydoll [Sera].
AGE & DOB: Seventeen [February 14th; 1994].
HOMETOWN: Ypsilanti, Michigan.
BLOODLINE: Unknown [Adopted by Muggles].

WAND: Inflexible hazel with core of bowtruckle bark, seven inches.
HOUSE & YEAR: Quirank [Senior].
ELECTIVES: Advanced Divination, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, Spell Theory, & Literature II.
EXTRACURRICULARS: Cheerleading [Captain], Student Government [Head Girl], Honor Society, Pride Club, Book Club, Choir, Yearbook [Writer], & Wizards Chess Club.
Strong inside but you don't know it, good little girls they never show it

One of the first things people tend to notice about Jenny is the combination of vibrantly light blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her hair is long and usually down, sometimes with a headband or clip in it. With a round face, those wide blue eyes, and an innocent grin, Jenny is often mistaken for a much younger student. Sometimes even as young as a freshman. She knows that she doesn't exactly look as every other senior girl in her year, but her mother assures her that when she's in her forties, looking younger than her age will be a blessing. Right now, the blessing is just in disguise. She figures at least she can use it to order from the kids menu at restaurants, which she frequently does.

Jenny's smile is just as bright as her hair, and she takes pride in her almost perfectly straight teeth.. just give it a couple more years. Jenny has lingual braces, which she got in freshman year, and will have to wear at least until the end of her senior year, possibly her first year of university.

[Keeping Reading...]
Hair that twirls on fingertips so gently, baby

Though Jenny is very happy and can be very easily excitable just like her twin sister, she also provides the calmer balance to the two of them. She makes friends easily and keeps them just as easily, always happy and ready to cheer somebody up if they need it. Being sick for years has taught her that life happens in the moment, and you have to do what you feel when you feel it; you could drop dead tomorrow. Or you could die old in your bed eighty years from now, but no matter when it's over, Jenny wants to be able to say she lived it to the fullest and did everything she dreamed of. She has good days, and she has bad days, and some days she doesn't even want to get out of bed. Sometimes her medication makes her feel sick and helpless, but at the end of the day, she knows she has a good life, an amazing family, a beautiful girlfriend, and one of the most fun twin sisters in the world.

She thinks hard about everything usually, and takes things with a grain of salt. She is very relaxed in her social life; she loves to spend her time reading, writing, studying, playing chess, cheerleading, getting ahead in Divination, or just whatever contents her at the time.

[Keeping Reading...]
Hands that rest on jutting hips repenting

Like her sister, all that Jenny knows about her beginning in life is that her mother was a true child of the Club Kid era, and one who just didn't know when to quit and grow up. Even when she became pregnant with her twins, of whom she didn't even know the father, it didn't slow down her pace; more parties, more drugs, more liquor, more dancing. Soon as she could get it done, their biological mother had given birth to them, given them up to the state, and got back to the rave. Why bother sticking around looking after babies when there were so many hits of ecstasy left in the world, right?

At least, that's the best guess that Jenny has to what might have gone through the woman's head in that moment that she gave her children away.

Lucky for the twins, two baby girls didn't last long in foster care and before much time passed at all, Paula and Ron Parry showed up in Ella and Jenny's lives.

[Keeping Reading...]
When you're trying hard to be your best, could you be a little less?

Played By: Zoe Kimball.
Player: Amie.
Played For: [info]blueridgeschool

Everything lying within is a work of fiction. I am not Zoe, nor is this character in any way associated with her, etc. It's all just for fun! Images used in this profile [as well through out posting] do not belong to me. ♥
Schools:None listed
People41:alwaysdtf, alwaysontop, applebapple, babyface, beautifulbeozar, betterthanvoldy, biggestbro, blueridgefac, blueridgemod, brnpc, btchholdmypurse, charliemanson, excruciatus, frenchfancy, frontside_air, garbagepailkid, letitbe, luvagoodpianist, mamabear, michimonster, nowords, ojandtostitos, onlywaiting, prettylies, rabbitrabbit, samtaro, shenandani, sim, softlysoftly, sosuccsexy, stopthat, sunnygarcia, texasranger, thedarkestangel, thedirtysouth, therubixcube, twinsies, voodoochild, wash_away, whipandchill, wipeoutqueen
Communities3:blueridgeau, blueridgeooc, blueridgeschool
Mutual Friends:33: alwaysdtf, alwaysontop, applebapple, babyface, betterthanvoldy, blueridgefac, blueridgemod, brnpc, btchholdmypurse, charliemanson, excruciatus, frenchfancy, frontside_air, letitbe, luvagoodpianist, mamabear, michimonster, nowords, ojandtostitos, onlywaiting, prettylies, rabbitrabbit, samtaro, shenandani, softlysoftly, sosuccsexy, sunnygarcia, texasranger, thedirtysouth, therubixcube, voodoochild, wash_away, wipeoutqueen
Also Friend of:2: eddiebedwetter, thepack
Member of:3: blueridgeau, blueridgeooc, blueridgeschool
Account type:Early Free User

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