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User:stirring (49615)
In the dark of the night I could hear you calling my name
With the hardest of hearts I still feel full of pain
Name:Gaspard Shingleton | Inventor
Website:Valesco : RPG
So, I drink and I smoke and I ask you if you're ever around
Even though it was me who drove us right in the ground
See the time we shared it was precious to me
But all the while I was dreaming of revelry
People218:a_bit_twisted, aberfort, adavies, adorkable, advancingly, aheavenlycause, alaspooryorick, alexandrakis, alongday, amarylliss, amelias, amycus_carrow, andromynous, antonins, augello, auroared, avant, averyavery, babyd, beavertails, beefstick, berkelisms, bestzeller, bigbrother, bigd, bletchleys, bornforthis, braith, bratemius, brighten, brythonichero, cadfan, cantankerous, carmichael, cassandras, catchmelove, catchthislove, cecilias, chasingquixotic, cheese_nammit, chesters, chickidy, clarabella, cockaigne, cockinafrock, conall, conways, coverstory, crazyzora, curador, dagudge, darlingwendy, dawlishes, dev_ious, dinglealltheway, dinglehopper, dirtykirke, docstheword, dodger, eagerbeaver, edgars, eieio, elizaddled, ellsbells, elphias, erinkirked, esp, estellerina, feebees, felicious, felicisfelix, fictitious, fierce, flower, fortunesfool, fredrick, frenzy_franzy, fret, galvinized, gavins, gillant, gimmeabell, glovesmandatory, gogoblins, golddigger, graeme_cracker, greengrasses, greerie, gruffith, hailmik, happydays, harmonica, hath_no_fury, headbitch, healers_leap, hellkat, hollyharpie, hustlequigg, icarus, iiioans, impossiblecase, impulse, incharge, indigo, ingrids, iseeyoubaby, isthesun, jasons, jasper, jot_it_down, judes, justbeatit, justicebeaver, justjorkin, kinglyauror, kiska, kjbroadmoor, kookoo, littled, llewellyns, lucys, lysdexia, macks, madley, maggiepie, maintains, malcolmite, malengled, maneater, marridgeback, martianmartin, matildas, mattias, mchealer, mckinnons, mcseeker, mctibs, mileshigh, misschloe, mistermoony, momo, mrpopular, mulciber, mullets, mundungus, mycroftic, mymeredith, mynameisjonas, mythomania, narcissist, nastyshock, nicoles, notagrapefruit, notorious, nott_hamilton, obtineo, onecurlyfry, ottothisworld, pantsoptional, parkin, partymonster, patricked, perfectblack, persephones, podmore, primrosepath, priyaranjan, psyked, ralphed, rebeccas, ringmybell, roadkiller, rocknrolla, roxannes, sarahs, scamander, sebclicks, shelovesyou, silex, smidge, snapes, softwhatlight, spinnets, sportsfan, stageleft, starcrossed, stirring, superbad, supernoah, takeachance, takeyoudown, tambourine, tart, thegraychampion, thelibrarian, thembones, thenewstoday, thomases, trpns, tttonks, unhooked, valesco_mods, veevee, veronicas, violetto_phat, vivindicated, wadcock, wavesofjoy, westisbest, willows, willss, winnietakesall, winsome_wizard, woodenfans, xenophilius, zabinis, zloper, zoey
Communities4:valesco, valesco_history, valesco_ooc, valescoing
Account type:Early Free User

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