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[24 Sep 2019|05:52pm]
Heyo! I figured this would be the easiest way for everyone to see PBs and communicate.

The list between Joey and I, and our pairings because we are nuts so far is - and if you see someone of mine you want to PB I am def down for twin lines:

Ollie: Yugyeom (wolf)
James: Andy Biersack (wolf)
Whitney: Ryan Ross (wolf)
Logan: Jay Park (vampire)
Rory: Troye Sivan (light fae)
Mikey: Emma Watson (witch)

Aric: Tom Hiddleston (alpha, wolf)
Austin: Yugyeom (wolf)
Kale: Aaron Taylor Johnson (witch)
KC: Stephen James (wolf)
Kit: Ten (dark fae)
Danny: Min Yoongi (tbd)

The above are all paired together. Here's a list of other PBs that are fair game:

Effie: Sophie Turner (witch)
Raef: Kit Harrington (tbd)
Alaric: Jared Leto (angel)
Maven: Ezra Miller (dark fae)
Elijah: Adam Levine (vampire king of Seattle)

Not sure what these kids would be if I use them, but also:

Miss Mosh
Tom Payne
Jackson Rathbone
Emilia Clarke

I'm also down for suggestions/requests!

This is going to be an all out supernatural game, so angels, demons, witches, vampires, werewolves, light/dark fae, etc. It will span between Portland and Seattle, so there will be a Portland pack, witch coven, vampire coven, and one for Seattle.
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