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Aune "Bekka" Wälkky ([info]studiesallnight) wrote,
@ 2011-05-30 17:53:00

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Bekka's Family [OOC]

Arnold “Chaim” Walkky: (b. 1962) an American born wizard and politician, Arnold graduated third in his class from CCI’s Reinzi class of 1980. A young, hopeful graduate he spent his leap year in muggle-related classes, and enrolled in Mississippi University in the fall of 1982. By 1989 he was head of the Board of Commission of Internal Affairs, a prestigious position for one so young. In 1990 he married sweetheart Ilse Beauxomme, socialite and Beauregard class of 1985. Together the two continued to climb the political ladder, Arnold using his charm and political know-how, Ilse using her grace and social connections. By the time their first (and only) daughter was born in fall of 1993, Arnold was head of two local commissions, when she began school at his alma mater Arnold was in his sophomore year at the State Senator from the 32nd district. Currently he is considering placing his hat in the ring for the position of Lieutenant Governor.

On a personal note, Arnold is an avid reader, spending much of his down-time reading everything from biographies of great political leaders to The Valley of the Horses to Thoreau. He spent most of his daughter’s youth encouraging her love of books as well, and up until she was twelve and told him that she was ‘too old for such nonsense’, he would attempt to read to her every night.
Ilse Beauxomme Walkky: (b. 1966) an American born witch and socialite, Ilse was the head cheerleader for two years before graduating in the spring of 1985. Her father, former city Mayor David Beauxomme, did all he could to make sure his belle had every advantage in the world, even if that meant allowing her to attend a northern university. The young witch soon met, fell in love and married the promising politician Arnold Walkky. It was with her aide that they managed the campaigning trail, raised funds and kept a proper house, free of skeletons in the closet or inappropriate implications.

On the verge of being the nervous sort, Ilse is prone to watching too many episodes of Doctor Oz on rerun, fear that her husband’s new secretary may be a bit too young for publicity’s sake and paint her nails to match her shoes. She cares deeply for her family however, has learned much of what there is to know in regards to politics and is every bit of someone to be contended with as her husband. She knows as well as any other wife, that it was not Barak that got him to the White House, but Michelle. She spends much of her down time with her old classmates and fellow colleagues, shopping for the latest trends, and attempting to send outfits that ought to fit her daughter for her to wear as well. To be perfectly frank, Ilse is a bit confused by her daughter. Bekka (to her) appears to have no interest in the social scene, in making friends and making connections. To live such a life is very, very out of her comfort zone
Norma Alberta Walkky (b. 1944) a first-generation American witch, Norma is your typical, respectable grandmother sort. There may be rumors that she is in the mafia, or has the entire mafia hidden in her wig, but those are all false. This is a woman who plays scrabble, garage sales, goes to denture fitting appointments and worries about her son’s and granddaughter’s lifestyle choices. One of seven children, Norma was the first of her family to be educated in America, and not sent back to Dumstrag, due to the after-effects of the reign of terror due to the Grindelwald affair and WW2. Her son Arnold, is her shining star, far brighter than any of her other offspring, and because of this pedestal she has placed him upon, her granddaughter, Bekka is a constant source of despair for her.

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