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Aune "Bekka" Wälkky ([info]studiesallnight) wrote,
@ 2011-06-01 20:58:00

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Current location:St. Dymphna's Hospital
Entry tags:parents, personal

[Private to Self]
It appears I have lost my notebook.

The hospital has wifi, oddly enough, and I really need to get things in order in front of me before doing anything else.

From what the cops, nurses and father have said, it appears he went AWOL last Saturday, when I thought he and mom decided to skip parents weekend.
...god I'm such a bitch. Sorry Dad, sorry I didn't look I- No. That's useless to say. It's not like he'll hear me anyway.
He was missing. Missing for a week.  The doctors say he's fine- body wise and shit. But his brain is all scrambled up. Like, Girl Interrupted fucked up.

Every time they take him off Seroquel or whatever it is, he just screams and cries.
He says 'they' stole mother's soul. 'They'? Who the fuck is 'they'?

- I've read articles over prison policies abroad. In Europe a few decades back they experimented with demntors, who do something along those lines. He said they were women though. Banshee? But so does classical zombification, which mother always said was the 'most legit' of magic to pass through here.
Is my mother a zombie now? Did they bury her somewhere out in the bayou?

No. That wouldn't make sense. They found dad a couple miles from here. Logic states that she would be too.
- Have they tried tracking her phone?

----note to self: ask the cops about tracking her cell.----

Already Dad's PA is talking about a public statement, a show of family strength. But hell. It's me and Nana, and she decided she's Yiddish again and refuses to do anything but pet his hair and mutter Chaim again and again and again and...
My Aunts and Uncles all said they'll stop by this week. Which. Figures really.
It's not like we'd do much different for them.

I need to go back to class. I need to find my notebook. I need to tell Hunter and Leon and-
fuck that. They probably already know.
Fucking rumor mill.

I really should just delete this. Just in case Nana decides to update her 4square or whatever it is she's trying to get into these days.

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