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Aune "Bekka" Wälkky ([info]studiesallnight) wrote,
@ 2012-07-24 12:56:00

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Entry tags:[house] sonnier, [what] character info, [what] classes, [what] gambling ring, [what] quidditch, [what] quodpot, [who] family

The Info
Name: Cede   
Age: 21
AIM: sheiscede
E-mail: m.schlapper[at]yahoo[dot]com
Timezone: central-6
Experience: 2-ish on lj, longer in round-robin format.


Full Name: Aune Rebecca Walkky
Nickname(s): Bekka Bekky (please... don't.)
Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana
Age and birthday: 17, September 14th, 1993
House and Year: 11th, Sonnier

Electives & Schedule:
1- 7:45-8:30 - Advanced Transfiguration I
2- 8:35-9:20 - Defense Against the Dark Arts
3- 9:25-10:10 - History of Magic
4- 10:15-11:00 - Latin
5- 11:05-11:50 - LUNCH
6- 11:55-12:40 - Transfiguration
7- 12:45-1:30 - Artithmancy
8- 1:35-2:20 - Charms
9- 2:25-3:10 - Spell Theory

Wand: 11" Ash, Clabbert Horn
Boggart: A large (overly large) dog breaking it’s leash. This may seem like a simple and even stereotypical fear it has a root cause. One road trip before she lost her baby teeth, Aune’s father accidentally placed cujo in her cassette player instead of Hank the Cow Dog on one road trip or another as a child. This- coupled with a neighbor’s too-loud mastiff gives her a healthy fear of the creature.
Patronus: Sparrow hawk, a small bird of prey which shares her memorable phrases (and call) as well as her territoriality.
Animagus Form: Abyssinian Cat
Religious Affiliation: Jewish,
Extracurricular activities: Wizarding Chess Club, Running for Class Treasurer in the fall.

Parents: Arnold & Ilse Walkky
Siblings: none
Extended Family: here
Familiar A mut-esque cat named Gustav, no the picture is not chosen for humor- the cat really is that evil. Whoever sits on Bekka's bed must be prepared to face the consequences, and I assure you. They are dire.
Sexuality: heterosexual
Significant Others: None.

PB: Annie Hardy
Detailed Description: Bekka is a thin bit of a young woman, not in the way of current trends, with the fashion magazines however, more in the fact that she doesn’t think much of eating or exercising. The lack of weight is also in the lack of muscles on her bones. Standing at about five foot four she is on the shorter end with dull brown hair hanging past her shoulders. If she does do something to it, it’s a part down the middle with two braids to the sides.

When she goes shopping, as all do, she buys what she finds on the rack in her size and if there are several options in the same size but different colors, well then she buys them too. This causes her wardrobe to be a hodgepodge of Old Navy, Marshals, and consignment stores. Her shirts are often tees in design and dull in color, her jeans one or size too big and often ratted on the hems.

Of course this is only on the weekends as during the school week her uniform is often pressed with the creases ironed so that you could cut a piece of paper with them. She has a very neat appearance about her, much like a librarian if you are able to forget that stigma of them to be sexy.

Likes: Silence, Clint Eastwood, Stephen King, math (no, really.), olive green, cats, cigarettes, comfortable shoes, The Dresden Dolls, Billy Joel, Criminal Minds (on television), SoBe Tea, Red Bull, this t-shirt, clove cigarettes,  PCs...
Dislikes: Dancing, techno music, discomfort, too-small shoes, television for the most part, gas stations that card for cigarettes, poor grammar, cows, large dogs, Broadway music, mentol cigarettes, the autoharp, small children, Axe Body Spray...

She keeps a statistical account of the quodpot games- much like a bookie would and enjoys using such notes to keep track of all of her information. So far she has only mis-predicted one game, her freshmen year.

You know when she is having an off or bad day when she still has her hair in two plaits down the side of her head. this means very simply that she did not have time when she woke up to take them out and then of course, brush them out. (She has slept in braids every night since she was three.)

One of the items on her bucket list is to be able to roll her own cigarettes. So far, this has proved unsuccessful.

She has a bucket list.

The only movies that makes her cry is A Little Princess and Public Enemies. The former because of the relationship between Bekka and her own father, and the latter because well.. it just does! Don't question it. D:

She has seen a local (muggle) therapist every other week since she was fourteen at the suggestion of her parents. – This came about due to her mother’s fear of her being antisocial after seeing one episode too many on TV regarding sociopaths and psychotic killers.

She is a secret Billy Joel fan, and has his entire discography saved on her computer filed under “Vienna” (She can also sing all the lyrics to We Didn’t Start The Fire a feat, if you know the song even in passing.) This is a secret because really, what seventeen year old would admit to being a fan of Billy Joel over Third Eye Blind or Lady Gaga or more ‘popular’ music.

What’s in your characters pockets? Here is the contents of her backpack- in her actual pockets on any given day she might have a lighter, cash, and a few notes over this or another.

maths, statistics, analytical mind, reading instructions, manipulative, assertive, thrifty, private, baking, quick-witted,
Weaknesses: blunt, rude, aggressive, anti-social, easily flummoxed by social activities, does NOT like being touched, divination,

Strongest subject in school:
Weakest subject in school: Art Study
One thing he/she can't live without: Her notebook.

Detailed personality:

Rebecca isn’t a pleasant person, not just to speak with or be around, but to merely know. Her mouth often runs too fast and too blunt for those who want to have a pleasant and meaningless conversation about the weather or sports. She gives off the vibe of someone who is merely here for education and not much else, such a vibe is not too far from the mark. More reserved than open she prefers to keep to herself and to her cat and cigarettes. If one can get past this harsh exterior, they’re likely to encounter and equally harsh interior. There is no great Shrek onion layers here and there likely won’t be until she is very old and a great deal more bitter. The best conversation topics to bring up about her is classes, quodpot and current political news, for at least there her uncaring and seemingly uninterested responses are worth dealing with her demeanor for.

Personal History:
Aune Rebecca Walkky is the only child of the local politician Arnold Walkky and his ever so lovely wife Ilse. Seventeen odd years ago when Ilse found out that no, it wasn't heartburn or her mother-in=law's take on lasagna that was causing all of this, they were... well. Pleasantly surprised. Arnold knew as well as anyone what a family did to help the public believe in what one says about family. However, in Bekka they were dealt a lot more than any couple could be ready for. As a young child she was often one to choose to sit in her own room or (while on the campaign trail) in her seat in the back of the car and read for hours on end. She took in everything from R.L.Stein to Gail Carson Levine to Victor Hugo. Where she failed at making friends in the sandbox, she succeeded in the corners of her mind. Choosing instead to ride the high seas with Captain Hook or even Prince Caspian. This hunger for the written word was directly taken from her father, whom of the two of her parents, she always preferred. When those books ran dry, and the library ran out she turned to an equal passion, one neither parent understood it's origin, the one she held for numbers. It started small, with counting cars and trees and the like, steadily growing into ore of what we see today.

Her parents, both of the magical sort, were unsurprised when at a very young age she showed the signs of following both of their steps to school and the like. Hell, they even did so much as to purchase her a broom and a young-potions kit, hoping that she would put down the calculator and pick them up instead. This did not occur. Her father hoped for her educational future, her mother simply for her to make friends. Sadly, she could only please one parent in this regard and just as she had in the public school before- Bekka struggled with making friends. Perhaps it was her awkward demeanor, perhaps it was that she preferred to read her latest literary find to childhood games and adventures but either way they did not get along. Instead of such a situation causing her to break out of her shell and grow up into a pleasant young woman she drew inward choosing her words as a weapon of choice. When children would poke and prod (as children do) with their fingers and words, she chose to reply with snide and back handed comments. Very rarely did she not have a comeback already written out and waiting in the wings.

Of course with such a way of associating with her peers Bekka made few life-long friends and continues to make just the same over her period at CC. Though age has softened the harshness and how crude her words are they have not decreased. This has left her with fellow students, peers and classmates- but hardly any real friends. While she sees no great issue with this (after all, she has a cat) and what more could anyone ask for?

This isn't to imply that Bekka speaks no no one, and quite to the contrary, she has a large group of 'associations'. Individuals she has met through her various exploits and the same who might prove useful if the need would be called for. Her most successful endeavor has been undeniably the gambling ring she has had set up since sophomore year. The most basic of bets come from the local sports games, quodpot, quidditch and the like. However, taking ques from her British counter-parts in lieu of the Vegas options, she also has open tables if a student decides to place a few extra dollars on the first day of snow, flooding or even the possibility of hurricanes. Just wait for football season everyone, she'll be the one selling brackets out of her room or the back of her car.

RP Sample:

Bekka had enough of excuses, enough of reasons and enough of waiting. It had been three weeks since the last game, three weeks since the subject at hand had lost more than they bet, and two weeks before their time had run out. She had already figured out the math, the percentage and the other options she and this.. particular client might be able to pursue. Sure, there was a interest rate, one that even the most untrained of loan-sharks might be shocked by. And it was this interest that was hurting her fellow student more and more. CC wasn't <I>that</i> large of a property, and while this student in particular had done his damndest to avoid (nay, run) at the sight of her,it didn't stop Bekka and her... associates from cornering him on one particular afternoon.

"Well well well. Long time no see." She would be far from intimidating, all five-foot whatever of her, and the opposing student in question had no reason to be shaking in his hand-me-down sneakers. But yet here he was, practically quivering.After all, she never came after dues and debts alone, this wasn't any different. Behind the slim brunette stood her muscle, her men and for a lack of a better term, her goons. One was well over the six-foot bench mark, a bit soft but more than enough for the intimidation factor. The other was far slimmer than his companion, but there was no doubt he could do equal damage. Bekka had to grin as he started to try, and boy did he try.

First off he offered his wiles, his charms and then promises. He offered everything in his wallet, everything in his room and hell, his brand-new pen. Clearly he was desperate, but the boy had been dumb, bet to much and now he owed. It didn't take but fifteen minutes before Bekka and her.. associates made their way back to the dorms. No one was going to get in trouble, called on or even questioned. But rest assured, she got her money.

Other Stuff:
Plot ideas?
Well, no one ever said that her gambling ring will never be found out- though I'd prefer it if that waited for a great deal later on...

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