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Aune Rebecca Walkky
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[private to students]
As the season will soon be starting, it is time to declare the various odds for both the quidditch and quodpod seasons. For our incoming freshmen (and any idiots who forgot) it should be made aware that for those who are interested in making a little side money can be done such here. Every week during the season I shall give the current standing odds for the various games, and you my friends, will be allowed to lay down a bit of money on the line. This is a private matter and those who do not pay up their losses will be spoken with by my colleges, and whomever lets on this little business to the powers that be, will have to deal with me personally. I assure you, you do not want that to happen.

Other opportunities will also be made available as the year goes on, the day for certain hurricane landings, football (professional and college) and the first day that it reaches below fifty. These will all be at my discretion, but suggestions are allowed.

The current odds for the over-all season champion are as followed.

Rienzi - 2:1
Beauregard - 3:1

Lalaurie 2:1
Sonnier: 4:1

Rienzi: 3:1
Beauregard - 2:1
Lalaurie - 4:1
Sonnier- 2:1

Once again I remind you, even if you do not wish to play, you will not let this on to the 'adults'.

Thank you.

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Aune "Bekka" Wälkky
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