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Welcome to the Tamagotchi Ocean! I am an avid collector of virtual pets, including the original Japanese Tamagotchi. Have a look around at my collection, comment and feel free to ask any and all questions. News updates, logs and other virtual pet information can be found below! :) Have a great day!
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Virtual Pet Collection, Part II
This update was a long time coming (about 9 months!). Here is the second half of my collection. This half is all official Bandai Tamagotchis. Part 1 can be found here.

This first picture is of all my vintage Tamagotchis from the 90's.

-In the top row from left to right:
* The yellow Tamagotchi is a vintage English Generation 2. I think it was the second Tamagotchi I ever got, and it was given to me by me Grandpa as a Christmas gift.

* I have all four colors of the American Angel Tamagotchi, all of which were bought on eBay at varying prices at different times. I managed to get the pink angel for only $14 ;) I'm a good bargain hunter.

*The two pets on the right are first generation American Digimons, which were given to me by my parents for my birthday a long time ago when virtual pets were beginning to go out of style. As a result, each digimon only costed $4. I could probably sell each one for over $100 if I wanted to.

* In front of the angel boxes is another angel out of box, which I bought for about $10. It was in great working condition with only a little bit of paint scuffed off.

* Next to the out of box angel is a white Santagotchi, which I got on eBay for pretty cheap because it was used. It is in near mint condition (I had to replace the screws because the old ones would not come out, so we cut them out and put new screws in without damaging anything).

-In the middle row from left to right:

* A vintage Japanese Generation1. I bought this one on eBay.

* A pink and a pearly white angel, both bought on eBay. Not included in the picture is the silvery blue which I just bought a few months ago on eBay as well.

* Two Forestgotchis, both bought on eBay. The yellow one is my favorite design but the white one is pretty too. The white one had the same problem of screws that would not come out, so we had to cut them out and replace them with different screws. Still a nice addition to the collection considering I got it for pretty cheap.

-In the bottom row from left to right:

* Genjinch (Caveman) that I got on eBay. There is only one design of this as far as I know. Its a bit of an annoying pet so I've never fully raised it, but its cute.

* Umino (ocean) which my dad bought for me on eBay a long time ago when the pets were going out of style. I do not play with it often since it is the hardest Tamagotchi to care for, sadly.

* A Devilgotchi which I bought on eBay used so it was cheaper than usual. It is in perfect working condition. Part of the chain was ripped, so I cut that part off and put the rest back together so it looks good as new, just shorter chain. If I had a choice I would get the pink edition too, but I settled for this one since it was like half price for what they are going for now.

* Blue and pink Osuchi and Mesuchi mating pair which I bought together on eBay. Both were NIB. I've opened most of my pets, but I'm always really careful to make sure the box stays in great condition so they can be put back inside and still look new and nice :)

So the only pet missing from this picture is the blue Japanese Angelgotchi, and thats because I took these pictures in 2011, but I got the blue angel in early 2012.

Next picture is of all the recent Tamagotchis that have come out in the 2000's. This picture includes both English and Japanese Language Tamagotchis. Most are Japanese, since Japan has always had way more releases than for English speaking countries.

-In the very back row from left to right:

* One special Japanese Toys R Us edition Akai Keitai and Home Dekatama box set. I was the highest bidder on this one and it was really expensive. I think it went way down in price since about 6 years ago when I bought it, but it has probably since gone back up in price since there aren't as many of them. The box is a little warn out and so is the Akai Keitai, but its still in good condition with all the paint on it. I do not recommend bidding on Tamagotchis. Just do "Buy It Now".

* One pink Japanese Famatama (equivalent of the American v5) with DVD set. There aren't many of these on eBay anymore. It was expensive at first when I bought it, then it went down drastically, and now because of the lack of them they went back up again I think.

* One greenish teal Color Tamagotchi that I bought on eBay. These were the first Color Tamagotchis, and this one is in Japanese. The picture does not include the iD L and iD L 15th anniversary editions I bought recently, but game play is essentially the same in all three, just with different characters and games, and slightly different shell design. I would say these are some of my favorite Tamagotchis. All three are in Japanese.

* One American V4.5 and DVD/CD set, which I bought on sale at Walmart for $14. Definitely a great find because it came with a Tamagotchi mouse pad and a dock for the Tamagotchi with some figurines. I'm not entirely sure how the functionality of the dock works. I'm not that motivated to figure these types of things out.

* Next to the v4.5 in the very right corner is a very large white Tama-Go with a Kuchipatchi theme in the shell design. I bought it at Toys R Us for about $20ish. These were an attempt to placate the English speaking market for not getting a color Tamagotchi. Kind of a lousy Tamagotchi in my opinion. Each one comes with a special figurine to unlock games and you can buy more figurines to unlock other stuff.

- In the second row from the top going left to right:

* One mint in box blue sparkly snow flake Nano Tamagotchi. These are the second edition of the Mini/Chibi Tamagotchis Bandai released in the early 2000's. It was only released in Japan. Essentially it is the smallest type of Tamagotchi and can be used as a phone charm. It has very limited functionality. I got mine on eBay for collection purposes. I doubt I'll ever play with it. It just looked really pretty so I couldn't resist.

* One light blue Japanese diamond design Keitai. This is essentially the "V2" for Japan. They have antennas to symbolize that they connect to cell phones. They can only connect to a Japanese cell phone. It is essentially the same as the Akai Keitai, but the Akai has red pixels and the regular Keitais have black pixels. I got this one on eBay.

* One slightly translucent Japanese Keitai (same as the light blue) with bubbly soda shell design. I got it on eBay and it is one of my favorite Tamagotchis :3

* One pink party design Japanese Ura Tamagotchi that I bought on eBay. It has blue pixels and a slightly different antenna with some slightly different features than the Keitai. It is like the "v4.5" for America, but with Japanese language, blue pixels and some slightly different website and code functionality. The games are different too, but a lot of the characters are similar. Before this one came out, the Cho Jinsei came out which is like the "v4" for American, but I do not have the Cho Jinsei because it didn't seem that appealing to me (just like the American v4 wasn't that appealing to me either). The Ura is definitely one of my favorites.

* One yellow themed Oden-Kun. Oden-Kun is a really weird Japanese cartoon, so this pet is in Japanese and its based on the characters in the cartoon. Apparently the characters are all each ingredients in a soup. So funny. It essentially functions just like an American v2 or a Keitai in my opinion but with different games and characters, and no antenna, which is better in my opinion. I bought it on eBay. I recommend getting this pet, but they might be more rare now.

- Third row from the top going left to right:

* One orange American Mini Tamagotchi. I got it on eBay. I have only turned it on briefly and it has very limited functionality, but its pretty cute.

* One blue candy themed American V2. My mother gave it to me after a choir concert a few years ago, which sparked my new interest in collecting virtual pets again. It is by far probably one of my very favorite pets. The introduction of the ability to earn points to buy items was a hugely popular feature that Bandai included. So awesome. I was re-addicted after I started playing with it.

* After getting a v2, I picked up an American v3 at Target when they first came out. Just as awesome as the v2, but they changed one of my favorite characters to look uglier :/ Its still a great pet to own though. I highly recommend it. It has a stupid antenna, but whatever.

* One glow-in-the-dark American V4 tamagotchi that I bought at Toys R Us when they were first released. Introduced the concept of a mail box and a career and getting career points, but I didn't like the antenna and a lot of the characters were uninteresting. Some of the games were meh. Still a good addition and I like the shell design since it glows.

* One American white V5 (family tamagotchi) that I think I may have bought at either K-Mart or Target when they were first released. These pets differed in that they actually offered Japanese shell designs, instead of just completely different American shell designs. Good pet, but kind of complicated to use. Has a contrast feature which is cool and the pixels extend across the screen which is good.

* One blue city American v6. I consider this to be the failure of Tamagotchis. Not only were most of the shell designs terrible, but the buttons didn't work that great (i hear this from multiple people) and the game play was waaaaaay too complicated and needy. Added a separate feature for "stress", which is just weird. The buttons made it hard to play the games without failing right away. Goal is to become a "rock star". I think I may have bought it at Toys R Us when it was first released.

-Very bottom row from left to right:

* Two American V1's I bought one eBay. The orange one is damaged in teh infrared feature but everything else still functions perfectly fine. The Blue one works fine as far as I know because it connects to other pets. I got them on eBay at different times

* One red candy American V2. This is actually my brother's pet, but he wanted to include it in the picture. It was given to him by one of my best friends who was giving away some of his collection.

So that's it for my collection. I'll update this when/if I get more pets.


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