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Books | The Guardian ([info]theguardianbook) wrote,
@ 2020-02-25 07:00:00

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Hurricane Season by Fernanda Melchor review – intense and inventive
A murder mystery set in horror and squalor, this English-language debut signals the rise of a Mexican star

A structurally inventive murder mystery set in a lawless Mexican village rife with superstition, Fernanda Melchor’s formidable English-language debut takes the form of eight torrential paragraphs ranging from one to 64 pages long.

It opens in a blizzard of gossip related to the discovery of the corpse of a notorious local woman known as the Witch, who provided abortions for sex workers serving the nearby oil industry and whose rundown mansion – a venue for raucous parties – was said to hold a stash of gold eyed up by everyone from down-at-heel gigolos to venal cops on the take.

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