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puppy pile [11 Dec 2019|12:00am]

A large pile of people of mixed sexes, cuddling and or heavy petting each other, usually with clothes on, but sometimes without. Not an orgy, usually done only by people who love and/or trust each other. Not always sexual, sometimes just a physical expression of love or endearment amongst multiple participants.

Originates from the carefree innocent love and romping play that puppies indulge in before they "know better."

So Sam and Lisa were in the corner cuddling when Sarah, Mike, John, and Tanya all joined in and it turned into a real puppy pile.

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Rest Easy [10 Dec 2019|12:00am]

Rest in peace meaning gone to soon

Rest easy Speaker Knockerz gone to soon

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urban dictionaried it [09 Dec 2019|12:00am]

What your mother did to find out what you meant.

I had to ask Jackie what FOMO meant.
I just urban dictionaried it.

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My boi [08 Dec 2019|12:00am]

A great friend but you want to sound cool or you don't want to say his name. So you just yell that my boi, it also has become popular and many YouTubers have shirts that have that's my boi printed on it.

Guy 1: "That my boi "

Guy 2: "You already know"

"What that guy's name again," thinks guy 1

"His name is so long Iand hard to pronounce and I am never, trying to say it again," thinks guy 2.

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catstep [07 Dec 2019|12:00am]

A recent sub-genre branch off of filthstep, with a more aggressive style and typically softer notes. People group some Monstercat songs into this genre, as there is "cat" in their name.

Have you heard that new catstep tune released a little while ago?

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Coercion [06 Dec 2019|12:00am]

A lame way to get people or a person to side with you hence, be their bitch.

Rich people tend to use coercion to change unknowing peoples opinion to be their friend. Actually all they are doing is using others.

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Bribe [05 Dec 2019|12:00am]

Anything given or serving to persuade or induce.

Corporations are shelling out huge bribes to politicians in the form of 'campaign financing,' however, calling a bribe by any other name is still a bribe.

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Peen [04 Dec 2019|12:00am]

1. Derivitive of the word penis.

There was an intoxicated man dancing on the train with no pants on, his peen was flopping around everywhere!

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Extra Large [03 Dec 2019|12:00am]

The best size on ANYTHING. Bigger is better.

Extra Large is the best size imaginable. Bigger is better. If you have extra large clothing, you’re going to get a lot of attraction.

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cyber [02 Dec 2019|12:00am]

sex online

i lost my virginity by cybering!

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dance on the blacktop [20 Nov 2019|12:00am]

To get stabbed, shanked or to stab someone (mostly referred in prison).

Im about to dance on the blacktop.
That boy got danced on the blacktop.

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Buddyfucker [19 Nov 2019|12:00am]

One who will do anything to further his own personal interests without regard for the impact his actions will have on the interests of his "friends" or colleagues. Buddyfuckers cannot be trusted to "do the right thing" and have no regard for abstract principles such as ethics or morals.
This title is used frequently in the U.S. Naval Aviation community. When speaking discreetly, Aviators may say "buddy is only half of a word."

I can't believe Brad tried to steal my job just so he could get a bonus; he is such a buddyfucker!

I can't believe Brad tried to steal my job just so he could get a bonus; to him, buddy is only half of a word.

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dry season [18 Nov 2019|12:00am]

As opposed to "wet season" Aperiod of sexual drought

No sex for quite some time.

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Throuple [17 Nov 2019|12:00am]

A threesome couple

Betty, Carol and and Carl were so in love, they are such a lovely throuple.

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Do it for the vine [11 Nov 2019|12:00am]

When someone has a sort of special talent or party trick, and you ask them to do it so you can capture it on camera.

Person 1: I can’t do it right now, man.
Person 2: Come on dude, do it for the vine!

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Dead that tune [10 Nov 2019|12:00am]

To stop the constant chatting that makes no sense or lower your tone. It doesn’t have to relate to music.

You need to dead that tune

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Fathernal Twins [09 Nov 2019|12:00am]

Two Children born in the same Year with the Same Father but Different Mothers.

Guy: Hey , I didn't know you had a twin.
Friend: Yea, we're Fathernal twins, we're born in

the same year with same Dad,

different Moms.
GUY: What, like on ya Father's Side!?
Friend: You could say that.....poppa was a playa!

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5 AM [08 Nov 2019|12:00am]

A sign that it's time to go to bed. Goodnight.

Ah, jeez, 5 AM already? I'm outta here.

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Fucky Wucky [07 Nov 2019|12:00am]

The act of making a really big mistake, fucking up big time

Uwu we're sowwy, we made a Fucky Wucky, oopsie~

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left and right [06 Nov 2019|12:00am]

A colorful term used in place of "everywhere", "all around", "all over" or "a plethora"; i.e. a lot.

I went fishing yesterday and nailled bass left and right.

Last night there were hotties in the club left and right.

I was in a highway pile up and was hit left and right.

We had a picnic on the beach and the seagulls were swarming us left and right.

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