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snopes [16 Oct 2019|12:00am]

This word can be used as a verb to indicate checking the validity of a suspect story. It is derived from the online urban legend reference site: www.snopes.com.

That sounds fake. You should snopes it.


She told me a story about a friend of a sorority sister who had a huge pimple that eventually exploded hundreds of baby spiders on her face, but I snopesed it, and that story is just an urban legend.

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hell joint [15 Oct 2019|12:00am]

A joint that is wrapped with bible page/pages

Jake: Look at this joint bro
Jack: Woah bro is that a hell joint

Jake: Yeah Bro
Jack: Dude your going to hell!

5mins in
Jake: Give it here
Jack: One sec let me just get to this paragrapgh

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trumpian treasure trove [14 Oct 2019|12:00am]

The recently released texts exchanged between the US government and the Ukrainian representative that exposes government-backed extortionists doing their high-powered criminal thing.

It’s a trumpian treasure trove that will lead straight to draining the US government swamp!

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LMFNO [13 Oct 2019|12:00am]

An abbreviated form for the phrase, “Laughing My Fucking Nipples Off.” Its purpose is to create a more expressive illustration of great laughter or amusement, similar to LMFAO (which means, "Laughing My Fucking Ass Off.") The term is commonly used on the Internet, online and conversations across gaming/chat rooms or texting.

Girl: Do you believe in puppy love?
Boy: I tried it once, but their assholes are too small.
Girl: LMFNO!

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blyat [12 Oct 2019|12:00am]

Fuck in Russian

(Around children)
Me: (stubs toe) Blyat!
Child: what does blyat mean?
Me: Oh it’s just a word I made up whenever I’m in pain

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Kislyaknesia [11 Oct 2019|12:00am]

A partial or total loss of memory that mysteriously occurs after people associated with the Trump administration have meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, Ukrainian oligarch and politician, Viktor Medvedchuk, Chairman of Russian state-run bank VEB, Sergey Gorkov or anyone else with ties to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions appeared to be suffering from Kislyaknesia by saying 35 times before the Senate Intelligence Committee either "I don't recall", "I don't recollect", "I don't remember" or "I have no recollection" when asked if he met with any Russian officials or Russian nationals before January 20th.

Before his memory miraculously returned Michael Flynn claimed he had Kislyaknesia when questioned about his contact with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

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Difficult difficult lemon difficult [10 Oct 2019|12:00am]

The awkwardly worded antonym to 'Easy peasy lemon squeezy' meant to express that something was very difficultly done.

"That claims process was difficult difficult lemon difficult"

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I’m thinkin’ uh, fuck that [09 Oct 2019|12:00am]

When someone asks you to do something and you don’t want to do it, you say this phrase.

You goin’ golfing er what?

Nah, I’m thinkin’ uh, fuck that.

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secure the bag [07 Oct 2019|12:00am]

An expression use to describe the act of taking/obtaining advantage of the situation and keep something of value.

1. Play your cards right and secure the bag.
2. Be an intern and work full-time hours. That's how you secure the bag.
3. I cut him/her off but I secured the bag.
4. Friend 1: He/she said he/she wants to make it up to me.

Friend 2: There's your chance to secure the bag.

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voice crack [05 Oct 2019|12:00am]

when you or someone talks and their voice makes a funny noise all of a sudden

comes from mostly when youre in puberty

fat: oh ya that was hella tight
chubby: yeah when he went up the drive-way and then *h00weeeee3* did that cool trick

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Stream sniping [04 Oct 2019|12:00am]

Stream sniping is when someone watches your stream to get an upper hand to essentially cheat against you in a game. For example, they could find your position on an open-world map, find out where your base is, or even find out when you're low on health, so they can ambush you. It sucks. The deveopers of Rust, Facepunch Studios... are (to my knowledge), the first game developers to build a preventative measure against it into their game. They call it Streamer Mode.

Hey, its Edward Longface again! Ahhhh!!! Why did he shoot at me?! He probably knew my plan. He must be stream sniping!

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Weinsteined [03 Oct 2019|12:00am]

Forced into a non-consensual act for fear of losing your career. Often involving erotic massage in a hotel room with a media mogul

She refused to be weinsteined so her career went down the tubes

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that’s a mood [02 Oct 2019|12:00am]

when someone does something (normally to mimic another) and is very relatable

Jeff: *falls asleep in class*
Lucy: “That’s a mood!”

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heart eyes [01 Oct 2019|12:00am]

when you stare at someone fondly and people who doesnt know your relationship can tell that you are attracted to her/him

random person: ah, are you two dating?
jim: no, why do you ask that?
random person: because you were looking at her with heart eyes!

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No-J [30 Sep 2019|12:00am]

someone who didn't do it, but is being pronounced guilty anyway. He is the opposite of OJ, who did it, but got off scott free.

That No-J was convicted of killing his family. But I think someone just snuck in and killed them while he slept. If you just killed your family, could you just go back to sleep?
Jane needs to let her No-J boyfriend off the hook. Just because he has a hot co-worker doesn't mean they're doing it.

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they/them [29 Sep 2019|12:00am]

they/them are pronouns typically used for people who identify as gender-nuetral

they go by they/them pronouns

oh Alex? they're over there

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Bronoun [28 Sep 2019|12:00am]

Words used by bros to replace standard noun forms. Such as "Bro", "Dude", "Man", "Guy", and occasionally "Cuz".

"Bro, try this PJ"
"Bro, I love you Man"
"Dude was all over that shit"
"Guy, want some food Bro?"

All of these are Bronouns.

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sapiophobic [27 Sep 2019|12:00am]

Someone who is scared of intelligent people, perhaps because they are stupid.

Me: Dude check out what this chick wrote in her tinder bio!

Friend: 'I'm sapiophobic'

What the f*ck is that!

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the life [26 Sep 2019|12:00am]

A catch-all term used to refer to life as a criminal; "the life" outside of the law.

"You're really thinking about quitting?"
"The life? Most definitely."

Vincent to Jules in Pulp Fiction

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feed him [25 Sep 2019|12:00am]

To shoot , pull up , or kill someone

I don’t like the way he thinks he runs the streets , Ima feed him .

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