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BTO [27 Jan 2020|12:00am]

Bathroom Time Off - Similar to PTO (Personal Time Off), one can easily achieve 40 hours of additional vacation time by taking a daily 9.23 minute dump at work. Executive types and employees with seniority can often increase their BTO up to 60 hours/year by extending their bathroom sessions out to 13.85 minutes.

Damn! I've got to level 168 on Candy Crush this year just on BTO alone.

I took so much BTO this morning that my legs went numb!

Thank god the company WiFi reaches the bathroom or I would've use $30 bucks in data while taking BTO this week.

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doge [26 Jan 2020|12:00am]

A very popular meme of a Shiba Inu dog with a strange look on his face. It went viral all over the internet. Now Doge is a dog meme. Most pictures of Doge are accompanied by words, usually the following: so, very, wow, much, such, and many.

Wow. Such Doge.

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Take him out [25 Jan 2020|12:00am]

To eleminate someone. To kill him. To remove someone from a situation.

"Osama bin Laden is a menace. We will take him out." President George W Bush.

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Dense Cabbage [24 Jan 2020|12:00am]

Used as an insult to idiots or people who stand up for a specific idiot.

p1 stands up for somebody spamming

p1: this dude is totally not spamming.
p2: you dense cabbage-

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wink wink nudge nudge [23 Jan 2020|12:00am]

Expression used to make someone realize an ulterior motive to your conversation.

"I am so hungry. I wish someone would let me have a bite of his candy bar...wink wink nudge nudge"

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soft hours [22 Jan 2020|12:00am]

Between the hours of 2-3:30 in the AM where you become a mushy loving, uncontrollable mess. Where you say sentimental things you regret/ deny saying later that same morning.

Guy 1: Bruh, do you know what time it is?
Guy 2: Nah bruh.
Guy 1 (with tissues and tears runnin down his face): its them soft hours.
Guy 2 (now cryin and hugging Guy 1): fuck bruh i love you so much you are my rock my everything my world i couldnt live without you.

In the morning:

Guy 2: we never speak of this again.

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stoned pony [21 Jan 2020|12:00am]

High horse. Conceited, snobbish. Acting as if you're better than everyone else.

Get off your stoned pony, Cassidy. Getting free drinks from Lazy-Eye Larry behind the bar isn't something to brag about...

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Drip [19 Jan 2020|12:00am]

When your bling is iced out but that shit melting from all your hot bars, you got the drip.

Just another word for immense swag.

Guy 1:"Yo, that new rapper got the drip."
Guy 2: "For real yo, he drippin."

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plant mom [18 Jan 2020|12:00am]

mother of plants. someone who owns a significant number of plants and care for them deeply, these plants are usually kept inside to be close to their surrogate mother.

person 1: 'that person sure likes plants'
person 2:'yeh . she's a plant mom'

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Mad Oh [17 Jan 2020|12:00am]

(Originating from the streets of Lagos, Nigeria) An expression of surprise, shock or astonishment often caused by something unexpected or mind blowing. It can be used as an adjective in some cases.

Mad oh is very dynamic hence, it is also a valid /sarcastic reply to any statement whatsoever. In cases where you are tired of a conversation, mad oh will do a lot of good because of its conversation terminating abilities.

You got A in that test? Mad Oh!

This movie is gonna be Mad Oh!

Boy: I think I'm in love with you
Girl: Mad Oh!

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celebrity hall pass [16 Jan 2020|12:00am]

Permission given by your significant other to go on a date/sleep with a particular celebrity.

Girl: When I met Zac Efron and he asked me out, I was so glad he was my celebrity hall pass!

Girl 2: No way, your husband said it was okay?!
Girl: Yeah, he said if I ever got the chance, I could sleep with him!

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Scumbro [15 Jan 2020|12:00am]

An evolution of normcore. The scumbro is a hypebeast who wears streetwear brands like Supreme and Adidas but also Vermont mom brands like REI and Patagonia...and may even sneak in some Gucci. The word, or at least this definition, was most likely coined by Vanity Fair's Kenzie Briant in the article "Pete Davidson and the Rise of the Sumbro" in July 2018. As Briant explains, the scumbro's look is ALMOST ironic and looks dumpster-dive cheap but is actually expensive and very intentional. The world has been populated by scumbros at the hands of designers like Demna Gvasalia and Virgil Abloh. Classic Scumbros include Shia Labeouf, Pete Davidson, Justin Bieber, and Jonah Hill.

Pete Davidson is wearing Crocs with a Supreme sweatshirt again. What a scumbro.

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heebie jeebies [14 Jan 2020|12:00am]

A feeling of minor fright, anxiety, nervousness, apprehension, "the willies", phobic

That spider crawling on my neck gave me the heebie jeebies

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gone hollywood [13 Jan 2020|12:00am]

When a person who has "made it" decides its necessary to reject his/her past because he/she is deemed "too good" for it now.

Usually characterized by trading in old friends for new friends, even though your old friends were always there for you before you made it big, distancing yourself from your roots, and turning into a conceited douchebag.

Ever since my best friend made it to the NFL he has gone hollywood, he changed his phone number and I haven't talked to him in nearly 6 months.

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Zoomer [12 Jan 2020|12:00am]

Refers to members of Generation Z and is a play on the term "Boomer," which refers to members of the Baby Boomer generation. The term Zoomer is also in reference to the fast-paced upbringings members of Generation Z are characterized to have due to the fast advances in technology and culture that has been happening around them as a result of the interconnectivity of the American and Global populations because of the ubiquity of internet-connected smart phones and social media.

"I can't stand those Zoomers, all they do is use their phones all day to play Fortnite and watch TikTok videos!"

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Chancla [11 Jan 2020|12:00am]

The deadliest weapon known to a Latin kid; a flying slipper/ flip-flop.

My mom hit me with a chancla.

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well actually [10 Jan 2020|12:00am]

The battle cry of the mansplainer. See also: "to be fair" and "not all"

Well actually, to be fair, not all men do that.

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wag the dog [09 Jan 2020|12:00am]

to cause a persuasive movement in any large body of influence, i.e., a mass of people, through means by which a lesser influence is utilized.

From the phrase, 'It's the tail that wags the dog.' This can be seen when a dog begins to wag it's tail, and it's body then follows.

in partisan politics, an unpopular party will wag the dog using a variety of provocative political manoeverings and machinations to undermine the public favour from the popular party, out of which a momentum can be borne.

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iykyk [08 Jan 2020|12:00am]

If You Know You Know

Last nights party was crazy #iykyk

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Scomo [07 Jan 2020|12:00am]

A person in charge who leaves things to others when a difficult or emergency situation arises.

Shit was going really tits up at work this week so I Scomo’d off to a tropical island for some R&R and let someone else sort it out.

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