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antisocial nearing [03 Apr 2020|12:00am]

The opposite of social distancing.

In a pandemic when people ignore the advice of social distancing and instead engage in antisocial nearing activities like shaking hands, hugging, and spending time in large crowds.

That coughing, sniffling, lunatic went in for a full-on antisocial nearing hug when the CDC says we should be practicing social distancing.

The President of the United States for weeks encouraged antisocial-nearing, telling everyone not to worry because the pandemic was under control and might just disappear.

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Economic Stockholm Syndrome [02 Apr 2020|12:00am]

The behavior and attitudes exhibited by victims of financial subjugation, causing then to identify with and even defend their oppressors.

Q: Hey, what's up with Matt? His Dad is on social security, his mom got laid off, his sister's kids get free school lunches, he collects federal financial aid for college, and he only makes minimum wage working at Walmarts. Yet he keeps talking about how we need to cut taxes for the wealthy and quit spending so much on social programs.
A: Yeah, he thinks he's going to be a millionaire soon. He's got Economic Stockholm Syndrome.

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late capitalism [01 Apr 2020|12:00am]

The advanced stage of unmanaged capitalism in which corporations and the wealthy, having run out of quick and easy paths to profit and economic growth, begin cannibalizing the societies in which they operate instead of investing in them.

Features: Declining wages for workers, privatization of government, dismantling of social services, sale of cultural & national heritage, debtor's prisons, corporate invasion of people's personal lives, and punishment (and ultimately enslavement) of the poor.

A: Did you hear that Zuckerberg is tearing down the national park to build his new fortified megamansion?
B: Yeah dude, wanna go to the Pepsi™-sponsored protest against it later?
A: Truly, late capitalism is the best system to live under.

A: Did you know that boomers can now spend $8,000 to get transfusions of children's blood so they live longer?
B: Haha, late capitalism strikes again!

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Physical Distancing [31 Mar 2020|12:00am]

Formerly known as social distancing. The act of connecting, caring, communicating, and socializing with others while keeping space between bodies and following the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for good health during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

No, dude. I’m not gonna shake your hand, I’m practicing physical distancing. Please take a step back and give me a call later.

The term Physical Distancing was suggested by therapist and author Jennifer Hamady, in an article for Psychology Today on March 19, 2020. The World Health Organization then shifted to using the phrase physical distancing rather than social distancing.

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Coronalingus [30 Mar 2020|12:00am]

Sex during the Coronavirus time of social distancing.

My fiancé and I are practicing social distancing by ordering take-out and engaging in coronalingus.

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Grim Milestone [29 Mar 2020|12:00am]

A phrase commonly used by in the mainstream media to denote the quantity of an undesirable occurance reaching a multiple of ten.

Casualties in Iraq have reached a grim milestone - 10/100/1000 in the 10/100/1000 days since the overthrow of Saddam.

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MAGAts [28 Mar 2020|12:00am]

Donald Trump loyalists

MAGAts will defend their hero Trump regardless of the damage it does to American democracy .

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upperwear [27 Mar 2020|12:00am]

Upperwear is the wardrobe you create when you work on line or on TV and are only 'seen' from the waist up.

During video calls and meetings she wore professional looking Upperwear, such as blazers with pearls, while at the same wearing jogging pants.

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Prepper [26 Mar 2020|12:00am]

A person who is prepared, or striving to be prepared for incident, natural disaster, etc

A person actively preparing or being prepared for situations that may affect the stability of home, life, or financial situation.

Also known as survivalists, doomsday preppers (derogatory)

Jim and his wife have canned a lot of food this summer. They will be prepared this winter!

Carrie is a good prepper. She has a 72 hour bag for each of her family members.

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Say I won't [25 Mar 2020|12:00am]

Verbally challenging back to your friends to give you added courage to do something that may be stupid or out of the norm.

Jim - "Man, you are not going to ask that fatty to dance are you?"

Bob - "Say I won't!"

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Stonks [24 Mar 2020|12:00am]

A meme used to describe a retarded economic decision. It is commonly followed with a picture of Meme man standing behind a picture of a stock market with the caption "stonks".

Me: Trades 100 wood for 1 emerald

My friend: Stonks

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Covidiot [23 Mar 2020|12:00am]

Relating to the 2020 Covid-19 virus:
Someone who ignores the warnings regarding public health or safety.
A person who hoards goods, denying them from their neighbors.

Did you see that covidiot with 300 rolls of toilet paper in his basket?
That covidiot is hugging everyone she sees.

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Coronic [22 Mar 2020|12:00am]

A person who has contracted coronavirus.

Is Karen coming in today? Unfortunately not - she's coronic, I think she got coroned last week on the way to work.

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Hand Sanitizer [21 Mar 2020|12:00am]

The most expensive thing during the corona virus

Damn that hand sanitizer is expensive

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Cockwomble [20 Mar 2020|12:00am]

A completely useless person that spouts constant bullshit

That Andrew is such a Cockwomble

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the rona [19 Mar 2020|12:00am]

the correct term for the Coronavirus

dangggg alyssa just got diagnosed with the rona

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coronacopia [18 Mar 2020|12:00am]

The growing volume of people and places that can give you the corona virus. Handshakes, desk surfaces, door handles, sneezes...

On the way home from {work} today I had to avoid a whole coronacopia of disease... does my forehead feel warm to you?

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Beer bug [17 Mar 2020|12:00am]

Corona virus, a disease originating in China which shares the same name as a shitty Mexican beer.

Chad caught the beer bug so has to self-isolate for 14 days at home.

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coronaphobia [16 Mar 2020|12:00am]

The fear of catching the current strain (COVID-19 in March 2020) of human coronavirus, expressed by wearing a face mask in public, or simply avoiding public places, public events and public transport.

Wow, we've lost half the audience to the show tonight due to coronaphobia

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Down in the Trumps [15 Mar 2020|12:00am]

The feeling of depression and sense of impending doom that sweeps through a person when they think about how Donald Trump is fucking up the world.

Nick has been Down in the Trumps ever since he watched that documentary about Donald Trump on TV.

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