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Subject:Bio: Yevgeni
Time:12:58 am

Full Name: Yevgeni de Kooning
Nickname(s): Yev, Little de Kooning, Tiny de Kooning, Bambi
Hometown: Hesperia, California
Age and birthday: 15, April 1, 1996
House and Year: Sonnier sophomore

Electives & Schedule:
2. History of magic
3. Latin
4. Transfiguration
5. Lunch
6. Wizarding literature
7. Charms/wandwork
8. Potions
9. Herbology
10. *Astronomy

Wand: 14” Rigid Hornbeam with a kneazle fur core
Boggart: A vampire
Patronus: Deer, the deer is known for its gentle and caring nature. Deers are also sensitive, meek, and quiet. All of these are traits that Yevgeni has.
Animagus Form: NA
Religious Affiliation: An interesting mix of superstition, Christianity, and paganism
Extracurricular activities:
Band - piano
Wizarding chess
Book worms
Quodpot - tackle

Parents: Kostya and Candis (deceased) de Kooning
Siblings: Valentin (20), [info]anastas (19), and [info]kazimir (17)
Extended Family: They all live in Russia and the boys visit during summer breaks
Familiar: A tiny calico cat named Sam
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Significant Others: None.

PB: Skander Keynes

Detailed Description: Yev is standing at 5’7 5'10 as a freshman 6'0 as a sophomore and still growing. He hasn’t quite filled out his frame yet and is still thin with little muscle definition. Yev is a bit lanky at the moment. He has really big hands and often refers to them as bear paws. He has pale skin which tends to get sun kissed as he spends a lot of time outside. He has dark eyes and hair that he likes to keep a little bit longer and wear a little disheveled.

Half the time, his fashion sense is expensive, he likes to keep it clean cut and with nice slacks, button up shirts, and sweaters. The other half the time he’s wearing jeans and tee shirts, specifically when he knows he’s going to be outside and working with animals and magical creatures. He always wears a wooden cross and carries his rucksack wherever he goes.

Likes: Animals, scotch, tea, playing piano, gozinakh (walnut honey candy), reading, the woods, his familiar, classical music, sleeping, plants, blackberry jam, Plant Earth, CoMC, herbology, being outside

Dislikes: Flying in airplanes (he would rather just floo everywhere), vampires, vampire stories, bright and neon colors, computers, the smell of cigarette smoke, out of control drunken shenanigans, violence, loud noises, blood

-When he finds himself alone in book stores he rearranges the fiction section and hides all the vampire books
-He always wears his wooden cross
-He’s incredibly picky (much to my chagrin) about almost everything
-He is almost never without his bag
-He’s got more of an accent than his brothers as he hasn’t socialized a whole lot with other students
-He doesn’t own a single picture
-He’s not afraid of heights but he absolutely hates flying on planes
-He calls his bag a rucksack
-He has a watch collection

-He resents his brothers ability to do magic so effortlessly
-In his bag is a small music box that fits in the palm of his hand, it was his mother’s. He will not let go of it even though he has no sentimental memories of his mother. He carries it around in remembrance of what his family has always been like. It is a comfort and a burden all at the same time.
-He sleeps with a bottle of holy water under his pillow
-He’s afraid of the dark

What’s in your characters pockets? Burt’s Bees pomegranate lip balm, his wallet and cash, pocket hand sanitizer, and a lapis lazuli stone. They look like this

Strengths: Yev is book smart, he’s far better at classes that don’t involve any sort of wandwork, he’s far better with animals than he is with people, he’s endlessly patient, piano, his humor gets him through a lot of dark times, studying

Weaknesses: He has no magical finesse, he has practiced over and over but he is terrible at charms, he’s a terrible communicator, he mumbles, his sensitivity, he doesn’t stand up for himself and often gets walked all over, his fear of the dark is almost paralyzing, he’s dreadfully clumsy, practical exams

Strongest subject in school: Care of Magical Creatures
Weakest subject in school: Charms
One thing he/she can't live without: Piano

Detailed personality: Yev is painfully shy, mostly because of the reputations that his brothers have built up over the past few years. He doesn’t go out of his way to talk to people because he’s intimidated by most of them and terrified that his relationships will all be destructive like his parents. He is very quiet and gentle, with a tendency to mumble a bit when someone does talk to him. He does not trust easily, but if his trust can be gained he will remain loyal until the end.

He is by no means unkind, in fact, he will put aside everything to help someone in need. He is caring and kind but this side of him goes unseen to most people as he’s incredibly introverted.

Yev is a sensitive boy, living with his father has only made him more sheltered. He doesn’t argue or fight and quite frankly hates confrontation. He’s meek but if he has a point he makes it and says no more on the matter. He is quite calm and tends to remain so even in dire situations. He is quite clever but that always gets overlooked because of his inability to do charms.

He has been mistaken in the past for a very serious boy because he is so quiet but that is not necessarily the truth. He has a great sense of humor if it can be drawn out. He’s the kid in the back of the class who will be snickering when his own potion blows up in his face. He has a collection of comedy movies and loves watching BBC comedy shows.

Yev finds girls attractive but he has no interest in starting relationships with any of them because he has seen how his parents relationship went and how his brother’s relationships have gone. He’s intrigued but not so much that he would go out of his way to find a date.

Personal History:
The de Kooning brothers were all born in Russia where they spent their first few turbulent years witnessing their parents destructive relationship. Kostya’s violent nature and Candis’s absence was enough to damage the boys but what came next was almost worse. One of Candis’s one-night hook ups ended up being a vampire and after a bloody night she was killed. Suffice to say, Yevgeni, like his brothers, had a rough childhood.

After her death the boys were uprooted from their home in Russia and moved to the States. Yev was still young and the move did not affect his schooling. He was tutored at home while waiting for his letter to come from wizarding school. He had a lot of time to himself in those years and instead of playing with the other kids in the neighborhood he explored around by himself, read, or played piano. He found solace in playing piano.

It was during this time at home with his father that he found his familiar. While taking a solitary adventure one afternoon he came across a tiny, struggling cat. Her foot was caught in a street drain and she had been badly injured by another animal. Yev freed her, brought her home, and kept her hidden from his father for a week while he nursed her back to health. She was not so easily hidden though and after making her first public appearance Kostya exploded. After beating Yev (almost senseless) Kostya told him to get rid of the mangy animal. Yev refused. There was a huge fight and after barricading himself and Sam in his room for three days, Kostya gave in and told Yev he could keep the cat.

Yevgeni spent a lot of time exploring his spirituality and studying different religions while he was younger. He essentially believes in bits and pieces of different religions and superstitions. His spirituality is important to him but he doesn’t really talk about it because he has a hard time explaining the amalgamation of his beliefs.

He was accepted into the lower academy at CCI and it was neither a joyful or terrible occasion, he wanted to get away from his brothers, he wanted to stop being compared to them but at the same time he was finally able to get away from his father. Yev did not find himself picking up charms and wandwork as quickly as the other kids around him, he never really found the right finesse for it even though he studies hard and knows the material. He feels like the world’s biggest disappointment, coming from a powerful European wizarding family, the best is expected of him yet he does not deliver, regardless of how hard he really tries.

Although he did not pick up charms, there were other subjects which he did pick up. Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology became his two favorite subjects and he is often found either collecting herbs in the woods or from the water or traipsing about in the woods hanging out with animals. He really does love being outside and doing research. He could spend an entire afternoon outside in the woods or by a stream by himself, just collecting different herbs or watching the animals. He has even been known to fall asleep outside for an afternoon nap.

Yevgeni did not make a whole lot of friends in the lower academy and moving up to the upper academy the only attempt he has really made to branch out was to join some clubs. Over the past few months he has started attending the school parties and developed a taste for scotch. He’s still working on his own insecurities and trying to branch out to other kids.

Other Stuff:
Plot ideas? -Because of his brother’s it’s almost sure that most people have preconceived notions of what they’re getting when they interact with Yev even though he is completely different from his brothers.
-His magic will improve, it’s only a matter of time as he has a rigid wand.

Other Stuff:
Amortentia: The woods, blackberries, and honey
Smells like: Tom Ford Tobacco vanilla
Writes like: Saturday Sunday Monday http://www.dafont.com/saturday-sunday-monday.font
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