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User:zombierobot (38248)
Name:T-Dawg, formerly known as TJ

| at a glance |

[NAME] Thomas James Lawson
[AGE] Seventeen
[WAND] 11.5" Walnut, Moke Skin core, Rigid
[HOME TOWN] Lawrence, Kansas
[FAMILY] here

| appearance |

[HEIGHT] 6", slender with the only barest of muscles...somewhere.
[HAIR] Brown, Short and 'fluffy', typically gelled into some sort of nonsense on top of his head.
[EYES] Brown, usually half-closed in class.

[THE REST] TJ, for a lack of a better term, is lankey, scraping a few centimeters under six foot he might have been made to be a better center on basketball than quodpot, but that's besides the point. His awkward limbs, which he was not given at birth, but instead for his fourteenth birthday has yet to settle on him, it wouldn't be unexpected for him to either step on his own toes, or on whomever he is speaking with at the time. That awkwardnes translates into his entire appearance, his smile is crooked, his hair unkempt. When he does remember to wear his glasses (he is farsighted) they are bulky and give the impression of a rather large fish.

His fashion sense is a mix of whatever he finds when he has his own money, (usually from working over the summer) and what his mother sends him from her Sears excursions. On a typical day he can be found in a pair of worn in jeans, his leather belt (same one, regardless of his shoes) and either a plaid shirt or a t-shirt proclaiming his life-long addiction to threadless and similar tees.

| personality |

TJ is very much your typical teenage boy, he has two brains, one mouth and that must speak for both. He's smart, and will one day mature into a great guy, a guy you'd want to bring home to mom, but this is not that time. Currently he's more concerned with playing in this weekend's game, or that one girl who is way too attractive for anyone's good. He's brash, bold and does his best for everyone to agree with him. He's the guy in the back of the class making jokes about Mr. Whomever having hairy boobs, or the one who thinks that the girls who play sports must not shave their legs. He's very much sixteen and very much alright with that. Sure, he might annoy some people, but he's okay with that- since everyone else knows how awesome he is.

When he's more private however, it should be noted otherwise. TJ after all, is only sixteen. He's still trying to figure things, and more importantly girls out. They're the ultimate mystery to him, and boy he is a really, really bad flirt. Not in that e flirts with everyone (though he tries) in that he just doesn't do it well. When he's alone with someone, and not trying to show off, hell. TJ can be actually sweet. He likes doing his homework, he likes working hard and he likes to make girls (and people) smile. So all of that before? Really is him just trying to pursue that goal.

Developing a language and I'm callin' it my own
So take a peek into the speaker and you'll see what I mean
That on the other side the grass is greener


|| Profile Code:
Leaves of Yanara
Schools:None listed
People28:867_5309, cabotine, ccimods, che_bel_viso, double_sticks, gimmeskittles, gregoire, hardluckwoman, howemuchtrouble, ichbinsotoll, imperfectly, itsnotjessica, jimmy, learntofly, londonloves, meandmyuke, morgan, news, petitechou, porcelinaofvast, sim, smella, soleada, studiesallnight, system, thatmachineboy, timberrrr, whodoo
Communities2:crescentcity, crescentcityooc
Friend of:1: double_sticks
Account type:Early Free User

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