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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]dark_puck. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: Me
Keywords: Haru - Grumpy
Taken from LoveroftheFlame on LJ
Keywords: Virus please
Keywords: Boobies!
Everyone needs a boobies icon.
Keywords: LoveandDespair
You know that's what she wanted
Keywords: GhostwriterGlee
Keywords: Morgan
Keywords: Squee!
Keywords: Jayne Not Amused
He's never amused.
Keywords: Purr
Keywords: Fairytale (hermioneviktor)
Yes, I still ship it. Shut up.
Keywords: iRoh
Too bad he can't download tea.
Keywords: Hey There
Xaldin in Drag
Keywords: oh shit
So totally fucked.
Keywords: Bring It On
Keywords: Admiral Norrington Demands
taken from pktaxwench on LJ
Keywords: Nemesian Idol
But can he sing?
Keywords: Star Wars Eddie Izzard
taken from vaspider on LJ
Keywords: LoveofMe
Work often leaves me feeling this way
Keywords: Zuko - Dragon Dance
Dance like the Dragons
Keywords: Ping
The Unbalanced Balancer
Keywords: King Bumi
He and Mad-Eye would get on.
Keywords: Ping Heng Dai Lai
Fic Title
Keywords: Yi Xin
Keywords: Kody
Keywords: Nephrite - Cranky
Cranky is as cranky does
Keywords: Kimiko
Keywords: Shi
Keywords: Ying
Keywords: Jian Mie
Keywords: Tetsu
Keywords: Yu Long
Jade Dragon
Keywords: Ty Lee - Whee
Keywords: Cue Ominous Music
*strikes up the band*
Keywords: OMG
Keywords: fuck you
i hate you all
Keywords: Maiko - Bored Nao
Keywords: MINE
We all need selfish turns
Keywords: problem
Keywords: the devil's work
taken from kittydesade
Keywords: bitch please
taken from kannaophelia on JF
Keywords: Mob Job
Ongoing Fic
Keywords: Time Slip
Completed Crossover (Dresden Files/Sailor Moon)
Keywords: Time Warp
Ongoing Crossover (Dresden Files/Sailor Moon)
Keywords: Hendricks
"Cujo" Hendricks, bodyguard to one Gentleman Johnnie Marcone
Keywords: 16!Li Shang
Keywords: Rose
Keywords: Blaze
Keywords: Gale
Keywords: Rain
Keywords: QFR
Quest for Retrieval
Keywords: Azula - Crazy
Keywords: Zuko - Higher than Hope
Keywords: arrrrgh
Why do you do this!?
Keywords: Haru
Keywords: Iroh - Tea Time
Keywords: kudos on the child rearing, therapy
Keywords: 16!Kouji
Glorious Second
Keywords: 5!Mikoto
Keywords: 16!Yui
Only One
Keywords: Iroh - Magic Missile
Tea of Gingseng (+5 to Badass)
Keywords: Chrono Trigger OTP
So much cute
Keywords: Ashes Ashes, death/depression
Ring around the rosy...
Keywords: Zuko - Destiny
Keywords: eyebrow, I see what you did there
Keywords: Dr Wong, nutbag
Keywords: 24!Kouji
He's all grown up.
Keywords: 29!Leilani
Keywords: 30!Li Shang
Keywords: KueiSong
Perhaps the most random ship ever.
Keywords: Toph scares Koh
taken from thestatesman on LJ
Keywords: Pink n Joe
Cute Kids!
Keywords: Pink
Keywords: Joe
Keywords: Jim
Keywords: Autograph Book
Keywords: Kid!Jim
Keywords: Kouji
Cute little bugger, inee?
Keywords: Haru - Protect
Taken from Lover of the Flame
Keywords: Mai - Attack
Keywords: Ty Lee - Gymnest
Keywords: Dai Li
Freaky Elite Earthbending Ninja
Keywords: Teo
You can't take the sky from him
Keywords: Long Feng
Keywords: Azula - Bow To Your Queen
Keywords: Ozai - Faceless
Keywords: Ozai - DOBS
Your penalty shall be far steeper
Keywords: Arin
The One
Keywords: Cue
The Protector
Keywords: Sparrow
The Sparrowhawk
Keywords: ToT - Seraph
Time of the Turning
Keywords: Longshot
Silent and sure
Keywords: Smellerbee
Deadly with 'er daggers
Keywords: Leilani
Heavenly Flower
Keywords: Jet - Pipebombs
One man's freedom fighter...
Keywords: Lee
Keywords: Angel Jet
wonk oy naht noitceffa erom deen i
Keywords: Santapod
Keywords: Halloween Puck
Such a silly meme
Keywords: Zhao
Keywords: Dān Xīn, Shadow
This is a bad icon and I should feel bad
Keywords: Ozai - Evil Laugh
Oh, Wash.
Keywords: Yi Sui and Mi-Cha
Best Friends
Keywords: Jen
base by laurasue on LJ
Keywords: Ichiro
First Son
Keywords: Yui
One and only
Keywords: Li Shang
Ward of the Lis
Keywords: Toph Beats Rock
Keywords: Lee - Clap of Thunder
Keywords: Lee - To Leave
Keywords: JetSong, SongJet
Keywords: Avatar Fanmix, Lt Jee
He plays the pipa
Keywords: Cinnamon Hearts, Valentine's Day
made by [info]americangrl69
Keywords: Katara - Fuck This Shit
Keywords: Fearsome Foursome
Innocence Lost
Keywords: Sokka
The Plan-Guy
Keywords: Libra
The Scales
Keywords: Hama - Candy
Keywords: DoBS
Schwarze Sonne
Keywords: Krisuk
artwork by Isaia
Keywords: Huan
artwork by Isaia
Keywords: Wingless Archangel Studios
This is where the name is from.
Keywords: Lightning at Sea
Official Icon
Keywords: Lionel
Rawr, baby
Keywords: Sokka - Go To Your Room
Keywords: Ba Sing Se
Keywords: General How
Leader of the Council of Five
Keywords: Lake Laogai
Keywords: Mai
Keywords: Jin
Keywords: Harlee, Tyru
It's so squishy and sweet
Keywords: Suki - Watch Me Shine
Better watch out, goin' for the knockout
Keywords: Dai Li - Xin Wan
Chief Mindbender
Keywords: Tian
The Baker
Keywords: Yù Lài, Yù Lóng
The Exorcist
Keywords: Maiko - More Canon Than You
Made by Suzukiblu
Keywords: Song
Made by Suzukiblu
Keywords: Maiko - Sky Pirate
Made by Suzukiblu
Keywords: Soko Scars
Made by Suzukiblu
Keywords: Songko, Zusong
Made by Suzukiblu
Keywords: JetSong - Comfort You
Made by Suzukiblu
Keywords: Soko - Two Hands
Made by Suzukiblu
Keywords: Song - Boys Is Weird
Made by Suzukiblu
Keywords: Zutara - Talk Dirty To Me
The scene that got me shipping it
Keywords: Song Feng
Made by BeckyH2112
Keywords: Katara - Water
taken from EvilTurtleDuck on LJ
Keywords: City of Secrets
City of Walls
Keywords: Zuko - Aangblocked
You sure you didn't do that to yourself, Zuko?
Keywords: Azula
Hair blowing
Keywords: Deathowl
You're fucked now
Keywords: Pride Goeth
Before the Fall
Keywords: Azula - Hear the Scream
Screaming all around, you hear the midnight call
Keywords: Waterbending
Beauty in Water
Keywords: Ami - Transform
Taken from Song of Amazon
Keywords: Saffir
The Scholar
Keywords: SaffirMinako
Crack Pairing
Keywords: Sailor Venus
Goddess of Love
Keywords: Minami
Inverse Firebender
Keywords: Qiang
Black Dragon
Keywords: Zutara
Back to back
Keywords: Liàng
Keywords: YuJiRo
The family that stays together
Keywords: Ichiro - Alight
Keywords: Yui - Unlocked
Keywords: Kouji - Grounded
Keywords: Fic Index Icon
Keywords: Toph - Let's Do It!
Toph was Rachel in a previous life. THIS I DECREE.
Keywords: Aang
Made by Miss FNB on LJ
Keywords: Katara - Bend
Made by yukina_raven on LJ
Keywords: Terracotta Dawn
Fic Icon
Keywords: Basttal
You're a kitty!
Keywords: Zuko - Chinese
Resurrected Rule
Keywords: Phoenix
burn; to roast meat for sacrifice
Keywords: Asmodeus
Keywords: Chien
Keywords: Rafe
Healer, Unhealer
Keywords: Corbin
Keywords: Monica
Faith is power
Keywords: Chantelle
Keywords: Yukio
"Don't look at me, I don't know where he got that hat."
Keywords: Rin
Cowboy hat!
Keywords: Daimyo Torao, General Torao, Torao
Artwork by Isaia
Keywords: Fire Nation
Element of Power
Keywords: Water Tribe
Element of Change
Keywords: Air Nomad
Element of Freedom
Keywords: Earth Kingdom
Element of Substance
Keywords: Zuko - Oopsies
Keywords: Bato
Made by Autumn
Keywords: Haru - <3
Made by Autumn
Keywords: Jinko - Some Enchanted Evening
Made by Autumn
Keywords: Twins, YuJi
Made for me by Suzukiblu
Keywords: Harutara - Hug
They're cute!
Keywords: Dai Li - Hyo
Dai Li Commander
Keywords: Hyo
Made by Moony's Autumn
Keywords: Zuko - Burn

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