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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]infrawhite. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: → but one hedonism to indulge
Keywords: → approves not of this fiasco
Keywords: → forget your running
Keywords: → this won't hurt more than a pinch
Keywords: → don't expect the world
Keywords: → as angels can fly
Keywords: → and you get down on your knees
Keywords: → but I memorized your smile lines
Keywords: → maybe we're sealed in silence
Keywords: → oh darling I know
Keywords: → now that you mention it - no.
Keywords: → your own devices
Keywords: → I'm sure I heard you sigh
Keywords: → repress and restrain
Keywords: → I know not to trust white vans
Keywords: → slick trigger finger for Her Majesty
Keywords: → wouldn't be caught dead in this place
Keywords: → moi je veux vivre un peu plus fort
Keywords: → too much could make me blind
Keywords: → part of me wants to stop listening
Keywords: → and my money says they won't know
Keywords: → isn't this exactly where you'd like me
Keywords: → so give it your best one-man-rebellion
Keywords: → tell me quick is that an epidemic
Keywords: → stop me dead in all tracks
Keywords: → take it back I dare you
Keywords: → as I secretly plan your bloody demise
Keywords: → it doesn't bend that way
Keywords: → turned my head
Keywords: → people look so tiny from up here!
Keywords: → so get that dirt off your shoulder
Keywords: → he made another clock joke
Keywords: → and he lives in a palace
Keywords: → rock is deader than dead
Keywords: → do bless my eyes
Keywords: → this won't be the last time
Keywords: → swallow your lullabies
Keywords: → to the future in which you are
Keywords: → oh give me something to come home to
Keywords: → do you know the wrongs
Keywords: → couldn't be more interested
Keywords: → it's not because of the view
Keywords: → and where are you
Keywords: → fatigue leaves wit in shambles
Keywords: → one step forth and two steps back
Keywords: → so walk backwards if you must
Keywords: → a road that never ends
Keywords: → there's still one spare seat
Keywords: → until even I no longer know
Keywords: → maybe we'll be just like this

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