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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]lunareuphoria. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: [hatsukoi] → ❝i'll be your breeze❞
Keywords: [ace attorney] → ❝it's too late❞
ilusionaryheart ♪ i'd take another chance, take a fall, take a shot for you
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝eien no setsuna❞
[info]destructive ♪ this is no meaning for me without you
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝soulmates❞
[info]destructive ♪ the expierence of survival is the key to the gravity of love
Keywords: [love celeb] → ❝pretty face❞
[info]destructive ♪ it's the way she makes you fall in love
Keywords: [love celeb] → ❝addicted❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ you whore, you cannibal, more, you animal
Keywords: [love celeb] → ❝childlike wonder❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ my love and my laugher from here ever after
Keywords: [ace attorney] → ❝& goodnight❞
[info]kirie ♪ you can sit beside me when the world comes down
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝my pain❞
[info]kirie ♪ i want to hurt you just to hear you screaming my name
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝lost & bleeding❞
[info]kirie ♪ all your lies i'm not believing
Keywords: [death note] → ❝the virus❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ are you the cure? i am morally, i'm morally impure
Keywords: [bssm] → ❝made to be in love❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ baby, you know when it comes to love, i've got time and that's time enough
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝nothing's like before❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ i still have reason to rejoice
Keywords: [fb] → ❝better that we break❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ i'm not fine, i'm in pain, it's harder everyday
Keywords: [loveless] → ❝call on me❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ so when you're near me, darling, can't you hear me sos
Keywords: [kh] → ❝reason for living❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ why do you do this to me? you penitrate right through me
Keywords: [kh] → ❝crying king❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ if i had just one tear running down your cheek
Keywords: [full moon] → ❝misery business❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ i'm in the business of misery, let's take it from the top
Keywords: [bssm] → ❝sleep tight❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ goodnight, sleep tight, no more tears
Keywords: [tenjou tenge] → ❝sisters❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ cause friends and family wash thicker then blood
Keywords: [a:tla] → ❝if everyone cared❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ if they could love like you and me, imagine what the world would be
Keywords: [disney | wall-e] → ❝digital love❞
kasustyle ♪ as we jam, the rythm gets stronger
Keywords: [dnangel] → ❝angel on my shoulder❞
xxadorkable ♪ maybe there's a devil somewhere really deep inside me
Keywords: [+anima] → ❝ready to fly❞
taciturndream ♪ i'll spread my wings and i'll learn how to fly
Keywords: [twewy] → ❝open up your senses❞
grazy_graphics ♪ chase the morning, yield for nothing
Keywords: [bssm] → ❝casually obsessed❞
tothemusicstore ♪ and if you wanna go down in history then I'm your prince
Keywords: [twewy] → ❝forever you & me❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ they'll tear us apart if you give them the chance
Keywords: [higurashi] → ❝leave you breathless❞
[info]lovemedead ♪ starlight and stardust, we're falling so don't let go of us
Keywords: [higurashi] → ❝precious moments❞
[info]lovemedead ♪ in my heart, there's a picture of us holding hands, making plans
Keywords: [kh] → ❝dance water dance❞
kaboom ♪ i wanna take you away, let's escape into the music
Keywords: [bssm] → ❝one woman revolution❞
merotic ♪ feel the wind on your shoulder
Keywords: [twewy] → ❝life goes on❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ cause i know blue, only blue, lonely blue
Keywords: [utena] → ❝tears of pearls❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ your kisses are like jewels, so different and so rare
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝my good feeling❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ and you're my reason for breathing
Keywords: [lyrics] → ❝write it better❞
_riverofdreams ♪ my words are my faith, to hell with our good name
Keywords: [lyrics] → ❝seasons change❞
_riverofdreams ♪ but don't pretend you ever forgot about me
Keywords: [dc] → ❝why so serious❞
wearexthedead ♪ you wanna know how i got my scars?
Keywords: [ff7] → ❝heaven sent❞
all_creation ♪ look for the rainbow in every storm
Keywords: [ff10] → ❝much room to live❞
[info]destructive ♪ and there was hope in me that i could take you there
Keywords: [nana] → ❝beauty of today❞
[info]destructive ♪ you never heard me break your heart, you didn't wake up when we died
Keywords: [utena] → ❝of the revolution❞
[info]confining ♪ but you won't fool the children of the revolution
Keywords: [gravitation] → ❝feel the pressure❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ cause i fear i might break and i fear i can't take it
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝cry for you❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ since i was lonely from the start, i think the end is mine to write
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝me & my dragon❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ you are the one, my sweet prince
Keywords: [fb] → ❝now or never❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ forever and ever, life is now or never
Keywords: [fb] → ❝forever never comes❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ people love and let go
Keywords: [ace attorney] → ❝won't be beat❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ cause i'm back from the shadows coming after you
Keywords: [tenjou tenge] → ❝burdened be❞
kabane ♪ each restless heart beats so imperfectly
Keywords: [dogs] → ❝laugh out loud❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ i laughed the loudest
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝little treat❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ i want candy, i want candy
Keywords: [bssm] → ❝of a lesser god❞
mizugazipan ♪ and so destruction lingers on, their visions laid their soul to wrote
Keywords: [cooking mama] → ❝better than mama❞
mizugazipan ♪ anything you can do, i can do better
Keywords: [bssm] → ❝supreme thunder❞
mizugazipan ♪ i yelled back when i heard thunder
Keywords: [peanuts] → ❝writer's block❞
mizugazipan ♪ staring at the blank page before you
Keywords: [nana] → ❝relevant to my interests❞
moogledaime ♪ i browse all day and night for porn
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝push punch❞
moogledaime ♪ i hit you and you hit me back
Keywords: [death note] → ❝lack of faith❞
unknown ♪ i've gotta have faith, i've gotta have faith
Keywords: [bssm] → ❝the space between❞
mizugazipan ♪ the space between your heart and mine is a space we'll fill with time
Keywords: [bssm] → ❝catch me a prince❞
mizugazipan ♪ it's so close, i can almost taste it
Keywords: [bssm] → ❝my justice❞
kori_ya ♪ justice, justice, don't want your law and order
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝generations❞
ramudaderuta ♪ we won't ever give a fuck til you give a fuck about me and my generation
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝unforgivable❞
titan_girl ♪ nothing's unforgivable or unable to be set free
Keywords: [rent] → ❝one song glory❞
titan_girl ♪ find one song, before the virus takes hold, glory, like a sunset
Keywords: [kh] → ❝summer daze❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ summer days driftin' away, to uh-oh those summer nights
Keywords: [tenjou tenge] → ❝forbidden love❞
tainee ♪ just one touch from your hands was all it took to make me falter
Keywords: [utena] → ❝prince & princess❞
tainee ♪ you'll be the prince and i'll be the princess
Keywords: [hero heel] → ❝submission❞
simpleflower ♪ you can't abandon me, you belong to me
Keywords: [lyrics] → ❝more affection❞
[info]lovemedead ♪ wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen i
Keywords: [a:tla] → ❝it's my turn❞
vaderetro ♪ hold me tight, tell me i'm the only one
Keywords: [death note] → ❝besmitten with him❞
genesisicons ♪ my words are mistakes and my thoughts are unclean
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝not a hero❞
hales731 ♪ i am not a hero, i am not an angel, i am just a man
Keywords: [ff7] → ❝to be strong❞
[info]destructive ♪ even the small ache is dear to me
Keywords: [death note] → ❝i am justice❞
ohsnape ♪ i am a vision, i am justice
Keywords: [yyh] → ❝change the world❞
razubericons ♪ you have to bring the power of your smile in your face
Keywords: [higurashi] → ❝soar with you❞
vaderetro ♪ we'll fly away and i'll fly with you
Keywords: [kh] → ❝simple & clean❞
clanking ♪ regardless of warnings, the future doesn't scare me at all
Keywords: [rhps] → ❝sweet transvestite❞
minty_peach ♪ by the light of the night, it'll all seem alright
Keywords: [ff10] → ❝we all fall down❞
cdg ♪ i swear i'll miss you when you're gone
Keywords: [kh] → ❝easy goin' day❞
everglow_icons ♪ the sun is in the sky and birds are flyin' by and today is going to be one wonderful day
Keywords: [a:tla] → ❝queen for a day❞
unknown ♪ every wish would be granted for me
Keywords: [a:tla] → ❝hold on together❞
ushitora_icons ♪ i know our dreams will never die, dream see us through to forever
Keywords: [ff7] → ❝always be here❞
[info]fireflies ♪ and i know you're shining down on me from heaven
Keywords: [tenjou tenge] → ❝possessive❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ i'm gonna mess you up so bad, i'm gonna drive you completely crazy
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝carry on❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ what happened to our love? it used to be so good
Keywords: [kh] → ❝rockstar❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ i'm gonna trade this life for fortune and fame
Keywords: [avalon] → ❝warriors❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ we embrace our dreams and run through the wavering facade, that's right
Keywords: [avalon] → ❝healing touch❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ it casts a spell, it rings a bell, the magic touch
Keywords: [ff10] → ❝beautiful mess❞
unknown ♪ what a beautiful, what a beautiful mess i'm in
Keywords: [kh] → ❝he's a monster❞
rik45 ♪ he can't hold us back, he can't pull us back
Keywords: [ff10] → ❝nothing else can save me❞
immoral_cascade ♪ when you're gone, how can i even try to go on?
Keywords: [disney | tlm] → ❝your world❞
virsaviya_works ♪ what would i give to live where you are, what would i pay to stay here beside you?
Keywords: [nana] → ❝backstage pass❞
colorfilter ♪ if this night goes the way that i planned, i'll be your biggest fan
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝losing you again❞
[info]kirie ♪ it's hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere i go
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝what it's worth❞
[info]kirie ♪ for what it's worth, i tear the sun in three to light up yours eyes
Keywords: [ace attorney] → ❝objection!❞
clanking ♪ payback, old scars, searching for promised land
Keywords: [text] → ❝mod speaking❞
starfalls ♪ all the other slim shadys are just imitating so won't the real slim shady please stand up?
Keywords: [disney | tlk] → ❝the peace❞
tmg_icons ♪ it's enough to make kings and vagabons believe the very best
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝survive any storm❞
avataresque ♪ upsetting, i know, i'm here to let you down
Keywords: [nana] → ❝ne nana❞
bff_icons ♪ cause nobody can take your place
Keywords: [nana] → ❝dream sweet❞
bff_icons ♪ i watch you fast asleep, all i fear means nothing
Keywords: [loveless] → ❝long for me❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ now i know that you could never love someone like me
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝shine together❞
[info]sehnsucht ♪ when the sun shines, we'll shine together
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝kills him everytime❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ we must be the change we wish to see
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝teach me to live❞
unpayabledreams ♪ you were my first love, you were my true love, from the first kisses to the very last rose
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝demon in me❞
unknown ♪ madness is the gift that has been given to me
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝white princess❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ stand a new fashion and wear your heart on your sleeve
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝ever after❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ storybook endings, fairytales coming true
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝shining star❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ i can't imagine life without your love
Keywords: [ff7] → ❝one & only❞
cdg ♪ cause your true colors are beautiful like a rainbow
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝once upon at time❞
cdg ♪ even forever don't seem like long enough
Keywords: [lovecom] → ❝fangasm❞
unknown ♪ oh, hey, what? it's like wow
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝fire in her eyes❞
merelypaper ♪ from the nightmare we created, i want to be awakened somehow
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝hero worship❞
molested ♪ you're everything i know that makes me believe i'm not alone
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝bite back❞
amarylis ♪ like the taste of the day you left, it still lingers on my breathe
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝beloved❞
[info]sehnsucht ♪ this innocence is brilliant, i hope that it will stay
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝my prince❞
winnar ♪ just keep the faith and let love lead the way
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝princesses of heart❞
winnar ♪ why is there joy, why is there pain?
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝with her smile❞
winnar ♪ it's the happiness inside that you're feeling
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝determined❞
spazzgazm ♪ that fire you ignited, good, bad and undecided
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝w-what...?❞
finalbound ♪ well this is not for real, afraid to feel
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝endless sky❞
glowstick ♪ we understood we'd never be alone
Keywords: [text] → ❝space cowboy❞
ephistanai ♪ this is the return of the space cowboy
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝with a smile❞
bubblemilk ♪ i see your true colors shining through
Keywords: [rhps] → ❝at your own risk❞
mancinii ♪ there's a light coming from the frankenstien place
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝take my hand❞
dragonsquee ♪ the night is young and so are we, let's make love and dance the night away
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝perchance to dream❞
orangeglow ♪ in the morning, i'll be here
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝clouds of lullaby❞
orangeglow → i'd lie inside myself for hours and watch the purple sky fly over me
Keywords: [ace attorney] → ❝</3❞
calamit0us ♪ i'm mr. lonely, i've got nobody for my own
Keywords: [kh] → ❝i've sacrificed who i am❞
ravenrouge ♪ you've asked me for my sacrafice and i am winter born
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝a possession❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ the darkest corners of my mind are yours
Keywords: [nana] → ❝glamorous sky❞
mizugazipan ♪ as i embrace the dream, I keep walking in these glourious days
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝the lost children❞
unknown ♪ the lost children in the dark will unite
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝the world is ours❞
polyesters ♪ and the world is ours when everybody's dreaming
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝the world is not mine❞
polyesters ♪ the world is not enough but it is such a perfect place to start, my love
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝feeling safe❞
colorfancy ♪ safe in this world that is restless and greedy
Keywords: [utena] → ❝those who wander❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ with a choir of faith there's still hell to pay
Keywords: [utena] → ❝prince of roses❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ they won't get in between my red fire and a magnetic force
Keywords: [nana] → ❝crack of sunlight❞
[info]sehnsucht ♪ others comes and others go but you always come back
Keywords: [nana] → ❝i wish she was you❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ you make it hard to be faithful with the lips of an angel
Keywords: [nana] → ❝moments when i know❞
goosygirl_icons ♪ i've had my moments, days in the sun, moments i was second to none
Keywords: [shugo chara] → ❝devilish smile❞
adorable_chuuuu ♪ you're the demon on my shoulder, you're the devil behind my smile
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝i am not the one❞
tentacleness ♪ i sense there's something in the wind that feels like tragedy's at hand
Keywords: [a:tla] → ❝be my queen❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ now you're mine, my beautiful queen
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝staring at the crack
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ cause i'm waiting for it all to come to an end
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝one of those bad dre
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ it's like you're the swing set and i'm the kid that falls
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝loaded god complex❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ down, down in an earlier round, sugar we're going down swinging
Keywords: [a:tla] → ❝living for tomorrow❞
fallingstars ♪ no sleep until i am done with finding the answer
Keywords: [dnangel] → ❝the answer❞
estheticons ♪ feel me, touch me, heal me, come take me higher
Keywords: [kh] → ❝aren't you scared❞
[info]kiokushitaka ♪ ride with the moon in the dead of night
Keywords: [kh] → ❝dirty little secret❞
estheticons ♪ for are the only one that needs to know
Keywords: [kh] → ❝i'll never tell❞
estheticons ♪ don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret
Keywords: [kh] → ❝tee hee❞
estheticons ♪ i love to laugh, ha ha ha ha, loud and long and clear
Keywords: [kh] → ❝watching over me❞
estheticons ♪ i've seen that ray of light and it’s shining on my destiny
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝i've got your back❞
parle ♪ giving ourselves to each other, ourselves to each other to rest our head on
Keywords: [nana] → ❝for the rest of our lives❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ my only hope is the light that's shining from inside you
Keywords: [ace attorney] → ❝hard rock love❞
calamit0us ♪ rock 'n roll angels bring thyn hard rock hallelujah
Keywords: [lucky star] → ❝gamer girl❞
vaderetro ♪ we're gonna play the game the playstation all day
Keywords: [lucky star] → ❝wibble❞
vaderetro ♪ i melt everytime you look at me that way
Keywords: [tenjou tenge] → ❝light in paradise❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ and as we lie beneath the stars, we realize how small we are
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝i'm a boy i'm a man❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ iot a baby's brain and an old man's heart, took eighteen years to get this far
Keywords: [dmc] → ❝the only poison❞
perkwunos ♪ i wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison
Keywords: [gravitation] → ❝don't turn your back❞
sleepnbleedicons ♪ don't let me turn my back on love, it's all i have
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝watching over❞
colorfancy ♪ something pulled me back, voice of reason i forgot i had
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝i'm going home❞
hales731 ♪ i want to come again and stay, smile and that will mean i may
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝heaven forbid❞
hales731 ♪ take a breath, just take a seat you're falling apart and tearing at the seams
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝beaten & damned❞
hales731 ♪ will you defeat them, your demons, and all the non-believers, the plans that they have made?
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝without end❞
hales731 ♪ saw you shining in the sun this morning, saw you shining in the moon at night
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝turn to ash❞
gooseygirl_icons ♪ the wings that you burn turn to ashes my dear and ashes just fall to the ground yeah we're only ashes
Keywords: [ouran] → ❝what is it daddy❞
gooseygirl_icons ♪ and tell your mommy and daddy that you love them anyway
Keywords: [peanuts] → ❝will you shut up❞
iconzicon ♪ shut up when i'm talking to you, shut up
Keywords: [nana] → ❝cry just a little❞
mizugazipan ♪ whenever i see you i'll swallow my pride and bite my tongue, pretend I'm okay with it all
Keywords: [kh] → ❝cassanova❞
[info]mei ♪ and im hypnotized by the rhythm of your hips
Keywords: [ace attorney] → ❝the prosecution❞
[info]mei ♪ i am a witness 4 the prosecution of a hate in this love affair
Keywords: [ace attorney] → ❝stand my ground❞
[info]mei ♪ won't close my eyes and hide the truth inside
Keywords: [the crow] → ❝paper faces on parade❞
__castlebam ♪ "just paint your face" the shadows smile
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝just two kids❞
[info]confining ♪ and in my heart you'll always stay forever young
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝clean as the morning❞
[info]confining ♪ show me the bad times are clean washed awa
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝towards tomorrow❞
[info]confining ♪ sounds of freedom make me want to try
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝another heart calls❞
[info]confining ♪ do you remember you at all
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝won't back down❞
[info]confining ♪ you and i must make a pact, we must bring salvation back
Keywords: [kh] → ❝no longer connected❞
[info]destructive ♪ i used to have the longing to heal what was in your heart
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝can't take the sky❞
darkchan_icons ♪ take me where i canno, i don't care, i'm still freet stand
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝once forgotten❞
kebicons ♪ relinquish my thoughts in pain, so in heart shall i be free
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝from the shadows❞
hales731 ♪ and my mad battle cry will be heard all night
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝burning bright❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ living in happiness is knowing that you've been blessed
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝full of rage & lies❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ all they'd leave us were these whispers in the night
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝if i never knew you❞
colorfancy ♪ i thought our love would be so beautiful, so beautiful
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝what it is to burn❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ the sky is bleeding above me and i am blistered
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝fallen from grace❞
colorcube ♪ i pray for the love that's fallen from grace the tears left behind
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝if looks could kill❞
colorcube ♪ one look could kill, my pain, your thrill
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝in my heart❞
colorfancy ♪ you'll be in my heart rrom this day on, now and forever more
Keywords: [digimon] → ❝sky fell over me❞
acidicpop ♪ please don't think the world has taken the best of you or me
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝brighter days❞
colorfancy ♪ once you let her in, she will take your everything
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝we all fall down❞
cereal_killerz ♪ you closed your eyes and said goodbye to all of those who loved you
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝fight the power❞
lovetogether ♪ do the impossible, see the invisible
Keywords: [ace attorney] → ❝take me over❞
[info]mei ♪ i have to be with you to live, to breathe
Keywords: [ace attorney] → ❝my other half❞
[info]mei ♪ i'm not scared to die, as long as i'm with you, you are the other half of me
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝white lightning❞
unknown ♪ if you wanna dance with the devil, you gotta play his way
Keywords: [nana] → ❝rainy days❞
[info]sehnsucht ♪ now that it's raining more than everr, know that we'll still have each other
Keywords: [ff7] → ❝waiting to be yours❞
[info]sehnsucht ♪ i'd do anything, i'd give you my world
Keywords: [text] → ❝always be together❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all
Keywords: [tenjou tenge] → ❝anything by love❞
epicfail ♪ go on and scare me to death
Keywords: [repo] → ❝a little help❞
paledestiny ♪ and the little help comes from a little glass vial and a gun pressed against your anatomy
Keywords: [repo] → ❝legal assassin❞
nillaith ♪ assassin, murderer, monster
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝you're the world❞
cheese_tart → lj
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝towards love❞
cheese_tart → lj
Keywords: [kh] → ❝yours and mine❞
untamedicons → lj
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝none of us were angels❞
untamedicons → lj
Keywords: [disney | hercules] → ❝thumbs up❞
colorfancy → lj
Keywords: [disney | tlk] → ❝our farewell❞
nutty_musings → lj
Keywords: [bleach] → ❝how the world ends❞
in_brilliance → lj
Keywords: [bleach] → ❝my emancipation❞
winnar → lj
Keywords: [text] → ❝your memory❞
polyesters ♪ you don't know what you got til it's gone
Keywords: [tenjou tenge] → ❝you brought me light❞
kazekodomo ♪ you are my brother, you are my rock
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝regret the choice❞
kazekodomo ♪ and yes, some dreams fall through
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝under your skin❞
kazekodomo ♪ she reaches in, and grabs right hold of your heart
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝you & i believe❞
kazekodomo ♪ all my dreams of love began with the reality of you
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝fearing you❞
kazekodomo ♪ saving me, raping me, watching me
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝your scarlet letter❞
parasitebaby ♪ you were everything to me
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝it started out as a feeling❞
conquertheleft ♪ pick a star on dark horizen and follow the light
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝an everlasting vow❞
[info]destructive ♪ love me, love me, say that you love me
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝to the sky❞
bubblemilk ♪ let in the morning light and let the darkness fade away
Keywords: [marvel] → ❝bang bang❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ dead i am the sky, watching angels cry
Keywords: [kh] → ❝say goodnight & go❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♫ why d'ya have to be so cute? it's impossible to ignore you
Keywords: [bleach] → ❝empty beds & bad behaviors❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♫ i cannot carry the weight of the heavy world
Keywords: [death note] → ❝some kind of god❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ when he looks down on us, i wonder what he sees
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝these memories❞
lizziesauce ♪ i wonder if you have the same dreams too
Keywords: [disney | tlm] → ❝loving embrace❞
kiraras_icon ♪ try to measure the days that we treasure
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝security blanket❞
hales731 ♪ for a moment, just a moment, i belong
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝childhood memories❞
hales731 ♪ it's hard to remember a summer or winter when she hasn't been there for me
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝sunk so low❞
winnar ♪ though i've tried, i've fallen
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝without you❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ my regrets will wash away
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝play it like a game❞
dragonsquee ♪ they taped over your mouth, scribbled out the truth with their lies
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝how soon is now❞
dragonsquee ♪ i am the son and the heir of nothing in particular
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝& i need to be loved❞
dragonsquee ♪ i am the son and i am the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝we all have secrets❞
unknown ♪ tell me a secret, i'll tell you mine
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝i bring the fire❞
sinspire ♪ and you take your time and you stand in line and you'll get what's yours
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝may end up failing❞
fangasm ♪ i've become so numb, i can't feel you there
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝i miss the love❞
zerthis ♪ i took your presence for granted but i always cared
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝my immortal❞
zerthis ♪ your presence still lingers here and it won't leave me alone
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝comfort zone❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ lay your head close to my heart and sleep tight
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝it's time to duel❞
unknown ♪ face up, face down, attack or defend. face up, face down, this battle's to the end
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝fall into empathy❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ i'm not afraid of what i have to say
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝bang bang❞
hales731 ♪ shot through the heart and you're to blame
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝i'm not alone❞
[info]destructive ♪ i need your blessing and your promise to live free
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝my poor heart❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ it's been so dark since you've been gone
Keywords: [disney | toaster] → ❝ wiener dogs❞
openend_icons ♪ who let the dogs out
Keywords: [text] → ❝without a reason❞
thecandystand ♪ everything happens for a reason, they say
Keywords: [harry potter] → ❝all the king's men❞
bloomyicons ♪ i've come to take you back, save you from this fate
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝in her despair❞
pamparumpum ♪ but emotion is like water, moving through the wake of time
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝forgive & forget❞
kawaii_chicken ♪ don't bother it now, let sleepers lie, bygones have all gone by
Keywords: [text] → ❝all i want to hear❞
thecandystand ♪ all you need is love, love, love is all you need
Keywords: [dmc] → ❝devil has my ear❞
colordrop ♪ he promised i would find a little solace and some peace of mind
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝history starts now❞
thecandystand ♪ let's start at the start, build a masterpiece
Keywords: [disney] → ❝i'd rather be❞
thecandystand ♪ there is just one moon and one golden sun and a smile means friendship to everyone
Keywords: [yyh] → ❝the scars remain❞
otherside_icons ♪ every rose has its thorn, just like every night has its dawn
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝to be close❞
clanking ♪ you'll be my king and i'll be your castle, you'll be my queen and i'll be your moat
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝brothers❞
clanking ♪ we should love one another, oh, can't we just pretend
Keywords: [kaleidostar] → ❝i'm not bulletproof❞
untamedicons ♪ but where are you tonight? something isn't right
Keywords: [kaleidostar] → ❝tattered angel❞
untamedicons ♪ she's leaving in the morning soon as she can find her wings
Keywords: [kaleidostar] → ❝she's a star❞
untamedicons ♪ going through this life looking for angels, people passing by looking for angels
Keywords: [pokemon] → ❝comfortable❞
spiritomb ♪ what kind of pokémon are you, how do you do the things you do?
Keywords: [kh] → ❝monster i've become❞
castletown ♪ so what if you can see the darkest side of me
Keywords: [kh] → ❝favorite son❞
unknown ♪ his royal auditorium is a murder scene
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝all in vain❞
[info]destructive ♪ and now you're dead inside, still you wonder why
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝so euphoric & weak❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ i'm caught up in the midst of you and i cannot resist at all
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝hold me tight❞
chocofeather ♪ tell me i'm the only one and then i might never be the lonely one
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝when i need you❞
luminaryicons ♪ my sweet little religion, you mean everything to me
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝you're not alone❞
luminaryicons ♪ the interim of life has got you tiptoed and pinning all your hopes on the top dog of dreams
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝i'll be the one❞
[info]destructive ♪ and i want to take you from darkness to light
Keywords: [ace attorney] → ❝i wanna be your last❞
yarinige ♪ amazing how life turns out, the way that it does, we end up hurting the worst, the only ones we really love
Keywords: [ace attorney] → ❝an important person❞
yarinige ♪ but i know there's something more to us than our mistakes
Keywords: [disney | tlm] → ❝wish i could be❞
saartistry ♪ what would i do to see you smiling at me
Keywords: [ace attorney] → ❝my world❞
yogurt (don't take) ♪ we will always have each other in our time of need
Keywords: [kh] → ❝keep it caged❞
xxidays ♪ i must confess that i feel like a monster
Keywords: [disney | tlk] → ❝we're pals right❞
wrthy2bluvd ♪ now that you are mine, dad, cause i know i'm growing up to be a better man
Keywords: [disney | tlk] → ❝trying to hold on❞
that_was_cheesy ♪ you promised you'd be there whenever i needed you, whenever i call your name, you're not anywhere
Keywords: [disney | tlk] → ❝endless night❞
ten_icons ♪ one word, just a word will do to end this nightmare
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝failed attempts to fly❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ we were meant to live for so much more. have we lost ourselves?
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝as we fall apart❞
cereal_killerz ♪ born alone, i'll die alone, save me from this misery
Keywords: [kh] → ❝checkmate❞
cereal_killerz ♪ i set my moves up strategically, enemy kings are taken easily
Keywords: [vocaloid] → ❝can't stop the beat❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ and my heart's keepin' time to the speed of the sound
Keywords: [vocaloid] → ❝stars & satellites❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ and in the air the fireflies, our only light in paradise
Keywords: [disney | tlk] → ❝just can't wait❞
diamonds_style ♪
Keywords: [disney | nbc] → ❝are ya scared❞
bloomyicons ♪ say it once, say it twice, take a chance and roll the dice, ride with the moon in the dead of night
Keywords: [kh] → ❝stupid & awesome❞
acony_icons ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝salute hard workers❞
acony_icons ♪
Keywords: [avalon] → ❝full circle❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪this circle never ends and it's time you just face it
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝be my life❞
antagonists ♪ a new lease you are my love, on life
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝i belong to you❞
antagonists ♪ every day we'll be happy, i know
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝guardian angel❞
suspecting ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝unbreakable bond❞
suspecting ♪
Keywords: [ff7] → ❝we deserve each other❞
chocofeather ♪
Keywords: [lost] → ❝let the rain fall down❞
_milz_ ♪
Keywords: [ff7] → ❝will you forget me❞
seaverse ♪
Keywords: [digimon] → ❝crest of friendship❞
acidicpop ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝long live the queen❞
chocofeather ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝feeling so lost❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ i won't let this burden bring me down
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝a gentler world❞
diamonds-style ♪
Keywords: [elf] → ❝smiling's my favorite❞
samiicons ♪
Keywords: [disney | tlk] → ❝he lives in you❞
chacu_icons ♪ he lives in you, he lives in me, he watches over everything we see
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝like a lifetime❞
crayonwar ♪
Keywords: [digimon] → ❝i've been forsaken❞
hollowedsky ♪
Keywords: [digimon] → ❝fallen kingdom❞
hollowedsky ♪
Keywords: [digimon] → ❝can't lose you❞
hollowedsky ♪
Keywords: [dnangel] → ❝i'm no angel❞
aniconisfinetoo ♪
Keywords: [dnangel] → ❝the voice in my head❞
aniconisfinetoo ♪
Keywords: [dnangel] → ❝insanity is all around us❞
aniconisfinetoo ♪
Keywords: [dnangel] → ❝behind the halo❞
aniconisfinetoo ♪
Keywords: [digimon] → ❝partners til the end❞
Keywords: [digimon] → ❝brother my brother❞
Keywords: [digimon] → ❝truest bliss❞
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝fight for our lives❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ i've gotta make a stand but i am just a man
Keywords: [the crow] → ❝masquerade❞
paintedcolor ♪ hide your face so the world will never find you
Keywords: [digimon] → ❝simple joys❞
Keywords: [kh] → ❝can you see me now❞
birdhaus ♪
Keywords: [lost] → ❝the island calls❞
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝stand together❞
akihito ♪
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝lean on me❞
xxpyrography ♪
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝baby don't go❞
electronism → wish i could prove i love you but does that mean i have to walk on water
Keywords: [ff7] → ❝partners in crime❞
clanking ♪
Keywords: [dmc] → ❝rock & roll heaven❞
nerosredqueen ♪
Keywords: [dmc] → ❝let the record spin❞
nerosredqueen ♪
Keywords: [ff7] → ❝& he confesses everything❞
iconcealed ♪
Keywords: [pokdmon] → ❝gotta catch 'em all❞
educationals ♪ i wanna be the best there ever was
Keywords: [lost] → ❝4 8 15 16 23 42❞
educationals ♪
Keywords: [text] → ❝repeating the past❞
thecandystand ♪
Keywords: [vocaloid] → ❝i want your horror❞
fappetizers ♪
Keywords: [persona 4] → ❝you & i❞
unknown ♪
Keywords: [persona 4] → ❝show me a smile❞
unknown ♪
Keywords: [persona 4] → ❝there's only us❞
unknown ♪
Keywords: [ff7] → ❝you're so disappointing❞
Keywords: [domo-kun] → ❝rawr❞
mintypatty ♪
Keywords: [domo-kun] → ❝little monster❞
mintypatty ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝thanks a lot❞
unknown ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝bad business❞
unknown ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝tear us apartt❞
unknown ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝this tragedy❞
unknown ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝motion is dead❞
unknown ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝sucker for fate❞
unknown ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝scar❞
unknown ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝yellow bullet❞
unknown ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝another day❞
unknown ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝marrow❞
unknown ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝it's a metaphor❞
unknown ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝counterpoint❞
unknown ♪
Keywords: [persona 4] → ❝all together now❞
trappucino ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝first & last❞
levatio ♪
Keywords: [pokemon] → ❝puppies❞
iceberry ♪
Keywords: [pokemon] → ❝mom & pup❞
loveprayer ♪
Keywords: [dmc] → ❝malicious intent❞
Keywords: [kh] → ❝do not fear the reaper❞
strifed_icons ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝i looked everywhere❞
strifed_icons ♪
Keywords: [disney | tlk] → ❝all my way❞
revencouleurs ♪ free to run around all day
Keywords: [disney | tlk] → ❝calm surrender❞
revencouleurs ♪ it's enough for this restless warrior just to be with you
Keywords: [ff7] → ❝beginning of an end❞
jounins ♪
Keywords: [ff7] → ❝my power over you❞
moshesque ♪
Keywords: [ff7] → ❝cry havoc❞
seaverse ♪
Keywords: [ff2] → ❝splash of color❞
Keywords: [persona 4] → ❝self-destructive tendenci
mognett ♪
Keywords: [persona 4] → ❝i'm the lie❞
mognett ♪ hello, i'm your mind, giving you someone to talk to
Keywords: [disney | tlk] → ❝lost without you❞
revencouleurs ♪
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝til the end❞
Keywords: [07 ghost] → ❝never meant for do or die❞
stomatopod ♪ i didn't come here to hurt you now i can't stop
Keywords: [dmc] → ❝break me down❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ what if i wanted to break,laugh it all off in your face, what would you do?
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝holding on❞
Keywords: [kh] → ❝melting into you❞
aniconisfinetoo ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝say it's true❞
aniconisfinetoo ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝the way we are❞
aniconisfinetoo ♪
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝the way we were❞
aniconisfinetoo ♪
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝if i should fall❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ to me, you're like a growing addiction that i can't deny
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝what we dreamed of❞
Keywords: [sh3] → ❝laugh & cry❞
lunargullicons ♪ part of me laughs, part of me cries, part of me wants to question why
Keywords: [sh3] → ❝so strung out❞
neurotic_angel1 ♪
Keywords: [sh3] → ❝i feel your stress❞
neurotic_angel1 ♪
Keywords: [sh3] → ❝you're not here❞
neurotic_angel1 ♪
Keywords: [sh3] → ❝just the static❞
samarainthewell ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝who you are❞
warwolves ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝pulled from every side❞
cruxis ♪
Keywords: [disney | mulan] → ❝all fades away❞
Keywords: [fake] → ❝we belong together❞
Keywords: [fake] → ❝made to be❞
Keywords: [fake] → ❝addicted to you❞
anjichan ♪
Keywords: [persona 4] → ❝ready to rumble❞
tentacleness ♪
Keywords: [oc] → ❝what can i do❞
[info]kirie / art by gottagolduck @ da / original characters - do not take! ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝love is for the weak❞
iconstrain ♪
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝once & always❞
Keywords: [persona 4] → ❝this is real❞
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝promises mean everything❞
Keywords: [kh] → ❝i lost my soul❞
Keywords: [kh] → ❝aching in my chest❞
Keywords: [kh] → ❝backs to the world❞
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝we now live❞
[info]lunareuphoria ♪ there aren't supposed to be such things as promises
Keywords: [ff13] → ❝forever yours❞
all_creation ♪
Keywords: [ff13] → ❝the worst is over now❞
all_creation ♪ i wanna hold you high and steal your pain
Keywords: [text] → ❝to do list❞
sans-amour.net ♪
Keywords: [ff15] → ❝tear us apart❞
grappled ♪
Keywords: [ff15] → ❝unwanted invasion❞
grappled ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝let's end on this❞
grapadora ♪
Keywords: [disney | l&s] → ❝yay❞
magicprints ♪
Keywords: [drrr!!] → ❝caution❞
naturalperms ♪
Keywords: [drrr!!] → ❝about to break❞
naturalperms ♪
Keywords: [drrr!!] → ❝it ain't braggin'❞
viiictory ♪
Keywords: [drrr!!] → ❝throwdown❞
viiictory ♪
Keywords: [dnangel] → ❝snow white wings❞
akihito ♪
Keywords: [disney | tangled] → ❝frail little flowe
summers_icons ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝nobodies❞
quietspell ♪
Keywords: [text] → ❝keep calm & let it be❞
shalowater ♪
Keywords: [text] → ❝keep calm & don't stop❞
shalowater ♪
Keywords: [text] → ❝keep calm & dream on❞
shalowater ♪
Keywords: [text] → ❝keep calm & leave cookies❞
shalowater ♪
Keywords: [text] → ❝keep calm & let it snow❞
shalowater ♪
Keywords: [text] → ❝keep calm & carry on❞
shalowater ♪
Keywords: [text] → ❝keep calm & merry xmas❞
shalowater ♪
Keywords: [text] → ❝keep calm & watch spn❞
shalowater ♪
Keywords: [spn] → ❝driver picks the music❞
shalowater ♪
Keywords: [drrr!!] → ❝addicted to you❞
Keywords: [vocaloid] → ❝poison paradise❞
skyemachina ♪
Keywords: [spn] → ❝too precious❞
mediocrechick ♪
Keywords: [spn] → ❝my wayward son❞
mediocrechick ♪
Keywords: [spn] → ❝he'll only break your heart❞
mediocrechick ♪
Keywords: [spn] → ❝the brothers winchester❞
unknown ♪
Keywords: [spn] → ❝deserve to be saved❞
unknown ♪
Keywords: [spn] → ❝angel of mine❞
mediocrechick ♪
Keywords: [disney | tlk] → ❝the king has returned❞
lolaunny ♪
Keywords: [pokemon] → ❝you'll be loved❞
unknown ♪ and the memories of me will seem more like bad dreams
Keywords: [a:tla] → ❝hey love❞
whoresque ♪
Keywords: [utapri] → ❝angel of music❞
diplossomia ♪
Keywords: [utapri] → ❝in dreams he came❞
diplossomia ♪
Keywords: [utapri] → ❝quartet night❞
diplossomia ♪
Keywords: [utapri] → ❝red hot love minds❞
diplossomia ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝dress myself in lies❞
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝ground zero❞
wolfwinds ♪
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝the poison set in❞
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝fall short of glory❞
Keywords: [disney | tlk] → ❝remember who you are❞
sinequaicon ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝a madness most discreet❞
in-brilliance ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝last twist of the knife❞
in-brilliance ♪
Keywords: [bssm] → ❝you're in too deep❞
slntfireflyicon ♪
Keywords: [re] → ❝i will try & fix you❞
Keywords: [no.6] → ❝lights will guide you home❞
Keywords: [no.6] → ❝stuck in reverse❞
Keywords: [kh] → ❝i'm not your enemy❞
Keywords: [marvel] → ❝brothers in arms❞
kuuwi ♪
Keywords: [re] → ❝like toy soliders❞
unknown ♪
Keywords: [pmmm] → ❝angel uncover❞
amarylis ♪
Keywords: [persona 3] → ❝man's best friend❞
bubblemilk ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝i still lost❞
cinco-dulcinea ♪
Keywords: [rhps] → ❝i'm one hell of a lover❞
madame-furious ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝never was & never will be❞
hollowedsky ♪
Keywords: [k] → ❝the red king❞
sharper ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝lay me to sleep❞
sharp-pastels ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝life goes on❞
sharp-pastels ♪
Keywords: [bssm] → ❝the wind will fly with you❞
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝i'm in heaven❞
Keywords: [karneval] → ❝just a thief❞
diplossomia ♪
Keywords: [karneval] → ❝fragile broken thing❞
diplossomia ♪
Keywords: [vampire knight] → ❝beneath the ash❞
diplossomia ♪
Keywords: [vassalord] → ❝in the night❞
anjichan ♪
Keywords: [vassalord] → ❝lost inside you❞
anjichan ♪
Keywords: [knb] → ❝you're my wonderwall❞
anjichan ♪
Keywords: [pmmm] → ❝i'd give up forever❞
lonelygambler ♪ i just don't wanna miss you tonight
Keywords: [sb] → ❝come on come on let's play❞
lonelygambler ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝a choking gall❞
jg-icons ♪
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝i'm not that innocent❞
seaverse ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝something isn't right❞
seaverse ♪
Keywords: [vassalord] → ❝eating up the night❞
winnar ♪
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝road to paradise❞
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝insanity is all around us❞
acidicpop ♪
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝where obsession leads❞
acidicpop ♪
Keywords: [ccs] → ❝& kiss the sky❞
acidicpop ♪
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝love without your heartbeat❞
hollowedsky ♪
Keywords: [ff10] → ❝live without your sunlight❞
hollowedsky ♪
Keywords: [smt: nocturne] → ❝art of losing❞
clanking ♪
Keywords: [persona 3] → ❝innocence slipping away❞
ladyflash ♪
Keywords: [smt: nocturne] → ❝what i stand for❞
ladyflash ♪
Keywords: [smt: nocturne] → ❝do or die❞
ladyflash ♪
Keywords: [drrr!!] → ❝headstrong❞
ladyflash ♪
Keywords: [smt: nocturne] → ❝i'm already gone❞
ladyflash ♪
Keywords: [utapri] → ❝never let me go❞
Keywords: [utapri] → ❝i need you now❞
Keywords: [knb] → ❝let me fill these empty spaces❞
Keywords: [k] → ❝before the battle❞
Keywords: [utapri] → ❝beautiful as usual❞
Keywords: [utapri] → ❝in harmony❞
Keywords: [utapri] → ❝close to you❞
Keywords: [drrr!!] → ❝blood excites me❞
Keywords: [bssm] → ❝& it's real❞
Keywords: [sb] → ❝the dragon & the tiger cub❞
pursuing-dusk ♪
Keywords: [sb] → ❝i'll be your eyes❞
pursuing-dusk ♪
Keywords: [sb] → ❝got your back❞
merigo ♪
Keywords: [sb] → ❝one eyed dragon❞
narben ♪
Keywords: [utapri] → ❝let's make some noise❞
Keywords: [sb] → ❝won't back down❞
lonelygambler ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝no perfect place❞
Keywords: [bssm] → ❝solider of destruction❞
Keywords: [kh] → ❝how to save a life❞
Keywords: [ff10] → ❝suspended on silver wings❞
Keywords: [utena] → ❝fight & defend❞
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝prelude to decay❞
Keywords: [disney | brave] → ❝change your fate❞
slntfireflyicon ♪
Keywords: [bssm] → ❝the furthest reaches❞
slntfireflyicon ♪
Keywords: [child's play] → ❝we belong dead❞
slntfireflyicon ♪
Keywords: [higurashi] → ❝for what it's worth❞
slntfireflyicon ♪
Keywords: [karneval] → ❝unamused❞
diplossomia ♪
Keywords: [karneval] → ❝so disconnected❞
diplossomia ♪
Keywords: [karneval] → ❝carry on smiling❞
diplossomia ♪
Keywords: [utapri] → ❝where i belong❞
diplossomia ♪
Keywords: [knb] → ❝what's left of me❞
sleepindreamer ♪
Keywords: [inuxboku] → ❝ obedient mutt❞
anjichan ♪
Keywords: [inuxboku] → ❝your ever loyal dog❞
anjichan ♪
Keywords: [knb] → ❝unstoppable❞
sleepindreamer ♪
Keywords: [drrr!!] → ❝all the things i've done❞
Keywords: [persona 4] → ❝the touch of someone new❞
reuninstall ♪
Keywords: [vocaloid] → ❝the beat goes on❞
reuninstall ♪
Keywords: [smt: nocturne] → ❝fight or flight❞
reuninstall ♪
Keywords: [ff7] → ❝tell me lies❞
reuninstall ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝absolute obedience❞
reuninstall ♪
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝i believe in fantasies❞
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝your teenage dream❞
Keywords: [bssm] → ❝count the stars❞
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝we are one❞
ninesouls ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝down we fall❞
amarylis ♪
Keywords: [pmmm] → ❝the closest to heaven❞
lapislazu-icons ♪
Keywords: [k] → ❝but i won't fall❞
sfx ♪
Keywords: [k] → ❝call it desperation❞
sfx ♪
Keywords: [stock] → ❝& learn to fly❞
different-genes ♪
Keywords: [stock] → ❝to be free❞
enochians ♪
Keywords: [disney | dalmations] → ❝safe & sound❞
enochians ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝for a lifetime❞
in-brilliance ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝& all the king's men❞
in-brilliance ♪
Keywords: [dogs] → ❝bombastic love❞
in-brilliance ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝hope hidden in loss❞
in-brilliance ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝sweetest insensitivity❞
in-brilliance ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝dreams of providence❞
in-brilliance ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝madder sky❞
varia ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝cold nobility❞
varia ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝king's knight❞
varia ♪
Keywords: [utapri] → ❝you're toxic❞
menami-sama ♪
Keywords: [utapri] → ❝dead & gone❞
menami-sama ♪
Keywords: [utapri] → ❝in my heart❞
menami-sama ♪
Keywords: [utapri] → ❝intoxicate me now❞
dreamdropdistance ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝devil created❞
parle ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝it's only forever❞
owlerie ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝elegant force❞
shotgunkisss ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝not broken just bent❞
hybridtrauma ♪
Keywords: [persona 4] → ❝you be my queen❞
hybridtrauma ♪
Keywords: [spn] → ❝thanks for the disease❞
hybridtrauma ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝love the way you lie❞
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝not the worst crime❞
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝angel of mine❞
diamonds-style ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝the ruin of our world❞
diamonds-style ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝whenever she is raging❞
diamonds-style ♪
Keywords: [kh: bbs] → ❝the storm is coming❞
crayonwar ♪
Keywords: [bssm] → ❝dead scream❞
aigraphics ♪
Keywords: [kh] → ❝to the dawn❞
castledust ♪
Keywords: [utena] → ❝love and lust be damned❞
castledust ♪
Keywords: [sh3] → ❝i'll keep your memory vague❞
castledust ♪
Keywords: [sh3] → ❝& start living❞
castledust ♪
Keywords: [utapri] → ❝hold me tight❞
love-kink ♪
Keywords: [pmmm] → ❝to die by your side❞
moonstruckalice ♪
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝it's your move❞
suspecting ♪
Keywords: [bssm] → ❝& i'll cover you❞
tramonto-icons ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝like toy soldiers❞
tramonto-icons ♪
Keywords: [pmmm] → ❝towards the sky❞
skyemachina ♪
Keywords: [pmmm] → ❝for a moment❞
skyemachina ♪
Keywords: [ttgl] → ❝we are finally free❞
Keywords: [dnangel] → ❝falling apart❞
Keywords: [loveless] → ❝how it aches❞
Keywords: [ffiv] → ❝above it all❞
Keywords: [knb] → ❝the only one who can beat me❞
rainniedays ♪
Keywords: [knb] → ❝the emperor❞
rainniedays ♪
Keywords: [knb] → ❝broken hallelujah❞
copyking | dw ♪
Keywords: [knb] → ❝don't let me into my zone❞
copyking | dw ♪
Keywords: [knb] → ❝addicted to you❞
copyking | dw ♪
Keywords: [knb] → ❝impossible to ignore❞
copyking | dw ♪
Keywords: [knb] → ❝all eyes on me❞
copyking | dw ♪
Keywords: [knb] → ❝clench your jaw❞
copyking | dw ♪
Keywords: [hatsukoi] → ❝greatest first love❞
anjichan ♪
Keywords: [hatsukoi] → ❝i need your perfection❞
anjichan ♪
Keywords: [hatsukoi] → ❝give me affection❞
anjichan ♪
Keywords: [knb] → ❝perfect isn't easy❞
anjichan ♪
Keywords: [free!] → ❝i wanna be free❞
Keywords: [free!] → ❝born to make you happy❞
Keywords: [free!] → ❝make us free❞
Keywords: [free!] → ❝break our balance❞
Keywords: [free!] → ❝dive and fly❞
Keywords: [hatsukoi] → ❝be with you always❞
Keywords: [hatsukoi] → ❝i won't say it❞
Keywords: [hatsukoi] → ❝you've got it bad❞
Keywords: [hatsukoi] → ❝i want you to stay❞
Keywords: [hatsukoi] → ❝impossible to ignore you❞
Keywords: [hatsukoi] → ❝and we'll fall asleep❞
Keywords: [hatsukoi] → ❝say goodnight and go❞
Keywords: [knb] → ❝just one yesterday❞
Keywords: [knb] → ❝we'd be great together.❞
Keywords: [knb] → ❝i believe the years forget❞
Keywords: [persona 3] → ❝burn my dread❞
Keywords: [utapri] → ❝orange rhapsody❞
Keywords: [hatsukoi] → ❝a home for my heart❞
Keywords: [knb] → ❝generation of miracles❞
Keywords: [knk] → ❝the poison in me❞
diplossomia ♪
Keywords: [knk] → ❝let's dance❞
diplossomia ♪
Keywords: [knk] → ❝to be free❞
diplossomia ♪
Keywords: [knk] → ❝of like minds❞
diplossomia ♪
Keywords: [disney | mulan] → ❝you're just lost❞
Keywords: [disney | tlk] → ❝find a way❞
Keywords: [disney | nbc] → ❝what's this?❞
Keywords: [a:tla] → ❝elemental hero❞
Keywords: [daiya] → ❝swing away❞
vai_rin ♪
Keywords: [daiya] → ❝impress me❞
vai_rin ♪
Keywords: [daiya] → ❝deal with the devil❞
vai_rin ♪
Keywords: [daiya] → ❝day by day❞
vai_rin ♪
Keywords: [knb] → ❝but i hate losing even more❞
kambalaya ♪
Keywords: [ygo] → ❝no backing down❞
cool-spectrum ♪
Keywords: [k] → ❝uncrowned king❞
cool-spectrum ♪
Keywords: [loveless] → ❝without you❞
cool-spectrum ♪
Keywords: [ace attorney] → ❝overruled❞
blissful-garden ♪
Keywords: [code geass] → ❝forget regret❞
blissful-garden ♪
Keywords: [persona 3] → ❝before i met you❞
blissful-garden ♪
Keywords: [gangsta] → ❝dance with the devil❞
hawkeyelegacy ♪
Keywords: [kekkai sensen] → ❝twisted❞
hawkeyelegacy ♪
Keywords: [persona 3] → ❝not quite human❞
hawkeyelegacy ♪
Keywords: [barakamon] → ❝to the sky❞
bob-bleheads1 ♪

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