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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]luvotomy. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: Kevin McHale.
Keywords: Shanti; Dancing in the snow.
Om Shanti Om.
Keywords: Hrithik; Stare.
Made for me by [info]curiousvenus! :D
Keywords: Kairi; Missing you.
Kingdom Hearts.
Keywords: Sora; Taking all into your heart.
Kingdom Hearts.
Keywords: Sora; Unreal man!
Kingdom Hearts.
Keywords: Matt; YAY!
Death Note.
Keywords: Namie; Always exist for you.
Keyword lyric: "Exist for You" by Amuro Namie
Keywords: Sora; I'm going to beat your face in.
Kingdom Hearts.
Keywords: Ajikan; Sol-fa.
Album cover.
Keywords: P5; The Sound of Music.
Album cover.
Keywords: Yano; Smile!
Bokura ga Ita. Taken from the Bokura ga Ita MSN group.
Keywords: Tifa; Cute.
Final Fantasy VII.
Keywords: Ryoko; Why hello there!
Tenchi Muyo!
Keywords: Dongwan; Secretly plotting your doom...
Keywords: Hyesung; Thinking of you.
Keywords: Boogiepop; Boogiepop never laughs.
Boogiepop Phantom.
Keywords: Kangta; Gentle.
Keywords: Zac Efron is KIRA!
Picture comparison thanks to zacefroniskira.com XD
Keywords: Zac Efron.
Keywords: Rei; Broken.
Keywords: Kumi; Let's play.
Keywords: Zac; JUST AS PLANNED.
Keywords: Selphie; Heart.
Final Fantasy VIII.
Keywords: Chihiro; This Armor.
Keywords: L'Arc; Kiss.
Album cover.
Keywords: Arisa&Kureno; A forbidden "I love you".
Fruits Basket.
Keywords: Balthier; SS Notfuckingimpressed.
Final Fantasy XII. By pink_rapid at LJ
Keywords: Itachi; Maybelline.
Naruto. Made this one a few years ago. XD
Keywords: Balthier & Ashe; Fly away with me.
Final Fantasy XII.
Keywords: Balthier; Oh FUCK yeah!
Final Fantasy XII.
Keywords: Temari; Summertime.
Keywords: Kira & Rei; This is love.
Keywords: Chitose; Talking without making a sound.
Fatal Frame II. Lyric: "Dark" by Shinhwa
Keywords: Duo; So that's how it is eh?
Gundam Wing.
Keywords: Ed & Armony; Eternally.
Fullmetal Alchemist & the Broken Angel.
Keywords: P-Head; Sexyback.
Silent Hill 2. Lyric: Do you have to ask?
Keywords: Kusabi; L'oreal.
Fatal Frame II. Another old one, but it still makes me laugh. :D
Keywords: Miku; Don't leave me in the cold.
Fatal Frame III. Keyword lyric: "Masquerade" by HYDE
Keywords: Roy & Riza; Kiss.
Fullmetal Alchemist.
Keywords: Ryoko; I'm SO going to kill you.
Tenchi Muyo!
Keywords: Washu; Oh noes!
Tenchi Muyo!
Keywords: Ryoko; Bahaha!
Tenchi Muyo!
Keywords: Se7en; When you hear Se7en turn it up.
Keywords: Kusabi; Heart.
Fatal Frame II. This is why I'd get voted off the island.
Keywords: Ajikan; After Dark.
Album cover.
Keywords: Zack; FUCK YEAH SEAKING!
Final Fantasy VII. by iconcidal @ lj
Keywords: Light; Dick Dastardly? Yes.
Death Note/Whacky Races. by dayfall @ lj
Keywords: Yami; Generic awesome pose!
Keywords: Yugi; I will run with the wind.
Yu-Gi-Oh!. Keyword lyric: "Hiway (Ride With Me)" by Shinhwa
Keywords: Yami; And now I'm searching.
Yu-Gi-Oh!. Keyword lyric: "After Love" by Clazziquai Project
Keywords: Yami; I'm gonna kick your ass.
Keywords: Joey; BROOKLYN RAGE!
Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged is simply faaaabulous.
Keywords: Yami; Confident.
Keywords: Yami; Memories.
Keywords: Matsuda; The pretty prince of parties.
Death Note. When Matsuda gets drunk... (Keyword lyric: "The Prince of Parties" by Flight of the Conchords)
Keywords: Seto; Blue eyes.
Keywords: Seto; Cards.
Yu-Gi-Oh!. "Who hasn't had dream sex with Kaiba?" ...-YGO Abridged
Keywords: Seto; Stare.
Keywords: Seto; DUEL DISK SYSTEM™.
Keywords: Matsuda; Give me a drop of optimism.
Death Note. Keyword lyric: "Funny Dream" by Rie fu.
Keywords: Sora; Just raise your head and smile.
Kingdom Hearts. Keyword lyric: "Smile" by Rie fu.
Keywords: Matsuda; Happily!
Death Note. by fandaban @ lj
Keywords: Matsuda; No love for me~.
Death Note. by fandaban @ lj
Keywords: Matsuda; Is it safe?
Death Note. by fandaban @ lj
Keywords: Matsuda; Geniuses!
Death Note. by fandaban @ lj
Keywords: Mag & Linear; Insanely cute.
Keywords: Mag; Protector.
Keywords: Mag & Linear; Rescue.
Keywords: Mag; Booyah.
Keywords: Linear; Wishing.
Keywords: Yuruka; Mysterious.
Evolution 2.
Keywords: Linear; Wishing on the moon.
Keywords: Yami; On top of the world.
Yu-Gi-Oh!. Icon lyric: "One of a Kind" by Placebo.
Keywords: Lust; Your desire.
Fullmetal Alchemist. Icon lyric: "In My Dream" by Fly to the Sky feat. H.O.T
Keywords: Sora; BLUSH!
Kingdom Hearts.
Keywords: Roze; Worried.
Fullmetal Alchemist.
Keywords: Ryoko; Why would you...
Tenchi Muyo!
Keywords: Sakura.H; Stronger than you thought.
Keywords: Sakura.K; Celebration.
Cardcaptor Sakura.
Keywords: Hrithik; Cool.
Keywords: Hyesung; Heart.
Keywords: Ed; Alright.
Fullmetal Alchemist. Icon lyric: "Everything Is Alright" by Motion City Soundtrack.
Keywords: Yuna; Wings.
Final Fantasy X. Icon lyric: "Pink Spider" by hide.
Keywords: Miku; Cursed.
Fatal Frame.
Keywords: Leon; Ami me gusta tu cuerpo.
Resident Evil 4. "I want your body" in Spanish. lmao. :D
Keywords: Ed; No peace of mind.
Fullmetal Alchemist.
Keywords: Kumi; I am only thinking of one thing.
Lyric: "Moon Crying" by Koda Kumi.
Keywords: Kumi; I am still loving you.
Lyric: "Moon Crying" by Koda Kumi.
Keywords: Kumi; I'll shatter like glass.
Lyric: "Ai no Uta" by Koda Kumi.
Keywords: Kumi; Trickery.
Keywords: Akeboshi; Meet Along the Way.
Album cover.
Keywords: Akeboshi; Piano-playing cat.
Album cover.
Keywords: Ajikan; Blue Train.
Album cover.
Keywords: Ajikan; World Apart.
Album cover.
Keywords: K; Beyond the Sea.
Album cover.
Keywords: Yami; Extremely bored.
Keywords: Yami; Happy Pharaoh is happy!
Keywords: Kairi; Hmph!
Kingdom Hearts.
Keywords: Sora; Sigh.
Kingdom Hearts.
Keywords: Sora; !!
Kingdom Hearts.
Keywords: Ajikan; Siren.
Album cover.
Keywords: Ajikan; Fanclub.
Album cover.
Keywords: Ajikan; Aru Machi no Gunjou.
Album cover.
Keywords: Ajikan; Feedback File.
Album cover.
Keywords: Ajikan; Houkai Amplifier.
Album cover.
Keywords: Ajikan; Imada Minu Asu ni.
Album cover.
Keywords: Ajikan; Korogaru Iwa Kimi ni Asa ga Furu
Album cover.
Keywords: Ajikan; Kimi no Machi Made.
Album cover.
Keywords: Ajikan; Kimi to iu Hana.
Album cover.
Keywords: Ajikan; Kimitsunagi Five M.
Album cover.
Keywords: Ajikan; World World World.
Album cover.
Keywords: Ajikan; Loop&Loop.
Album cover.
Keywords: Ajikan; Mirai no Kakera.
Album cover.
Keywords: Ajikan; Entrance.
Actually, this is the same cover as "Mirai no Kakera". I just didn't wanna use the keyword twice... Entrance is a b-side
Keywords: Ajikan; Rewrite.
Album cover.
Keywords: Soushi; REVELATION PUNCH.
Absolute Boyfriend.
Keywords: Riiko; Angel.
Absolute Boyfriend.
Keywords: Hatsune & Kirie; Kiss.
You're My Girlfriend.
Keywords: Hatsune & Kirie; Holding hands.
You're My Girlfriend.
Keywords: Kira; Your heart lives... it lives in me
MARS. Lyric: "Fortunate" by As One.
Keywords: Kira & Rei; WE WIN!!
Keywords: Kira; There's the sun in our hearts.
MARS. Lyric: "Bokura No Kokoro Ni Wa Taiyou Ga Aru" by Shinhwa
Keywords: Kira; Smile for your love.
MARS. Lyric: "Why Must I" by Shinhwa
Keywords: Kira & Rei; Just make me fly.
MARS. Lyric: "Color Your Soul" by Clazziquai Project
Keywords: Piccolo; OH LAWD.
Keywords: G&F; Waltz.
NGE. This picture is terrifying.
Keywords: Sachiel; Drink.
Keywords: Misato; Take care of yourself.
Keywords: Misato; Alright!!
Keywords: Asuka; Elementary dear Watson!
Keywords: Shinji; Spending time in preparation.
Keywords: Asuka; Crime of innocence.
Keywords: Rei; Crystalline night sky.
Keywords: Shinji; When I find peace of mind.
Keywords: Shinji; No way!
Keywords: Teppei; Hey you there.
Keywords: Teppei; You always look cheerful.
Keywords: Teppei; Please?
Keywords: Teppei; Smile.
Keywords: Teppei; Happy dream.
Keywords: Teppei; A-OK!
Keywords: Teppei; Grin.
Keywords: Teppei; It still doesn't seem real.
Keywords: Teppei; Hitman.
Keywords: WaT; Boku no daisuki na usagi-chan! :D
Keywords: Teppei; Cheerful.
Keywords: Teppei; Headphones.
Keywords: Teppei; Camera.
Keywords: Teppei; Lost in thought.
...and shirtless.
Keywords: Teppei; Kakurenbo.
Says "hide-and-seek" in Japanese :3
Keywords: Teppei; Hello down there!
Keywords: Teppei; Kimi wo mitsuketa!
Says "I found you!" in Japanese.
Keywords: Henry; Ax you a question.
Silent Hill 4/Married to the Sea. Edited by me. :3
Keywords: Henry; Well this can't be good...
Keywords: Minato; My heart draws a dream.
Keywords: Minato; HARAMBE!
Keywords: Minato; Under my skin.
Keywords: Minato; Not just a footnote.
Keywords: Aigis; Why don't you smile for me?
Keywords: Junpei; Determination.
Keywords: Mitsuru; Oh baby you're a classic.
Keywords: Yukari; Whenever I think about you.
Keywords: Akihiko; Dashing.
Keywords: Minato; Your neverending dream.
Keywords: Junpei; WHINE COMPLAIN.
Keywords: Junpei; Awwwwwww yeah.
Keywords: Junpei; WHAT IN THE HELL.
Keywords: Mitsuru; Don't you know?
Keywords: Matsuda; I need an adult!
Made by [info]kiokushitaka! :D
Keywords: Teppei; Looking to the sky.
Keywords: Teppei; In the mirror.
Keywords: Teppei; Flowers.
Keywords: Teppei; Thoughtful.
Keywords: Teppei; Supercute.
Keywords: Teppei; L☆C Smile.
Keywords: Link; The hero.
Keywords: Link; Ahead on our journey.
Keywords: Ema; Scientifically!
Keywords: Text; Negative shit.
by employer@lj
Keywords: Yunho; Camera ♥.
by kokoroxkiseki@lj
Keywords: Jaejoong; I'M A LION HEY.
by kokoroxkiseki@lj
Keywords: Junsu; I've got your picture now.
by kokoroxkiseki@lj
Keywords: Junsu; Magician.
by _syunikiss_@lj
Keywords: Yoochun; GAG!
by kikimin@lj
Keywords: Yunho; HEY GURL.
by kikimin@lj
Keywords: Yunho; Epic speech time!
by kikimin@lj
Keywords: Yunho; I've got you.
by prastikkubeibi@lj
Keywords: Junsu; Om nom nom nom.
by sweetlush@lj
Keywords: Jaejoong; I'M POUTING.
by underdespell@lj
Keywords: Namie; Peace!
by sweetlush@lj
Keywords: Changmin; Heart!
by polaroidsho_ts@lj
Keywords: G-Dragon; Goddamn fierce!
Keywords: Yunho; Music of the mind.
Keywords: Yunho; Bang bang.
Keywords: Yunho; Happy.
Keywords: Yunho; I wanna get me some of that.
Keyword lyric: "Get Me Some" by DBSK
Keywords: Yunho; Too cool for you.
Keywords: Yunho; Smile.
Keywords: Yunho; Hat.
Keywords: Yunho; Srsly?
by contrabandlove@lj
Keywords: TOP; Bling bling like L.E.D.
by jongwan@lj
Keywords: Jungmin; BRB SILENT HILL.
Keywords: Wentz; Cherry blossoms.
Keywords: Teppei; Thinking of you.
Keywords: Teppei; It's the smile that gets you. ♥
Keywords: Teppei; Do your best!
Keywords: Teppei; Relaxing.
Keywords: Teppei; Look into my eyes.
Keywords: Teppei; Mr. Bond.
Keywords: Teppei; I love this blanket.
Keywords: Wentz; Thursday = Sauthday.
Keywords: Teppei; So adorable.
Keywords: WaT; Perfection.
Keywords: Teppei; Watchu talkin' 'bout?!
Keywords: Zac; Death note.
made by ehs_wildcats@lj
Keywords: Seungri; Glasses.
Keywords: Jaejoong; I wonder.
Keywords: Jonghyun; Stare.
Keywords: Jonghyun; I want to go back.
Keywords: Seungri; C'mon girl with me.
Keywords: Jonghyun; Hrm...
Keywords: Jonghyun; IDK.
Keywords: Jonghyun; Oh no you didn't!
Keywords: Jonghyun; Slappin' da bass.
Keywords: Jonghyun; Sing your heart out.
Keywords: Jonghyun; Just being cute~ :D
Keywords: Jonghyun; Oh hey.
Keywords: TOP; Omo!
Keywords: TOP; Oh jeez...
Keywords: TOP; LIKE A BOSS.
Keywords: Kibum; Headphones.
Keywords: Kyuhyun; Ohhhh yeahhh.
Keywords: Kyuhyun; Mehehe.
Keywords: Heechul; Wants... very wants.
Keywords: Kibum; Jizzed in my pants.
Keywords: Kibum; Heart.
♥ ♥ ♥
Keywords: Kibum; :D
Keywords: Kibum; Can't hear you over my AWESOME.
Keywords: Kibum; Detective.
Keywords: Kibum; Soccer.
Keywords: Kibum; Can you hear me now? Good.
Keywords: Kibum; Omg shoes.
Keywords: Kibum; Sexyyyyyy.
made by donghayyy@lj
Keywords: Kyuhyun; Uh...
Keywords: Sungmin; Cute with glasses.
Keywords: Sungmin; Cute with glasses... again.
Keywords: Sungmin; Sing.
Keywords: Leeteuk; Handsome.
Keywords: Kyuhyun; GONNA SMACK A BITCH.
Keywords: Kyuhyun; Guitar.
Keywords: Kyuhyun; OMG NO WAY.
Keywords: Geng; Ugh. Just... ugh.
Keywords: Geng; I see what you did there.
Keywords: Siwon; You better believeeeeeeee.
Keywords: Sungmin; Badass.
Keywords: Heechul; Oh girl you didn't.
Keywords: Yoochun; KEEP WATCHING.
Keywords: KIDS.
Keywords: Dongwoon.

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