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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]macbeth. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: allow me to think.
Keywords: pouting just a little.
Keywords: ugh.
Keywords: erm.
Keywords: and who was right?
Keywords: i like this.
Keywords: i have something to add.
Keywords: this is devastating.
Keywords: no. just no.
Keywords: you see?
Keywords: i don't believe you.
Keywords: ah. awkward.
Keywords: you're sure that's a good idea?
Keywords: the one with the answers.
Keywords: yes. i'm game.
Keywords: having pleasant conversation.
Keywords: keeping an eye on things.
Keywords: i sincerely doubt that.
Keywords: you're on my bad side.
Keywords: are you serious?
Keywords: er. what?
Keywords: i could get used to this.
Keywords: and if i said no?
Keywords: excuse me?
Keywords: i'll need to think.
Keywords: quite pleased!
Keywords: not happy. not unhappy.
Keywords: don't do that again.
Keywords: hmm.
Keywords: heey.
Keywords: not now‚ please.
Keywords: i am often right.
Keywords: that is incorrect.
Keywords: um.
Keywords: oh.
Keywords: i didn't ask for this either.
Keywords: i could see that working.
Keywords: i'd rather not speak now.
Keywords: and it didn't work.
Keywords: allow me to demonstrate.
Keywords: do you believe that?
Keywords: it was not my fault.
Keywords: i rather like you.
Keywords: and macbeth said...
Keywords: you're a bit off.
Keywords: ahh. i see.
Keywords: come again?
Keywords: haha. hahaha.
Keywords: contentment.
Keywords: that's not how it goes.
Keywords: are you sure?
Keywords: i think not!
Keywords: oh?
Keywords: please.
Keywords: come on.
Keywords: that was funny.
Keywords: i'm happy to be here.
Keywords: what now?
Keywords: fall on your own sword.
Keywords: what do you want?
Keywords: huh.
Keywords: is that so?
Keywords: oh‚ i get it now.
Keywords: i told you so.
Keywords: amazing. just amazing.
Keywords: a private joke.
Keywords: i'll go along this time.
Keywords: umm. no.
Keywords: that's excellent!
Keywords: what?
Keywords: i'm open to new things.
Keywords: i know you know i know.
Keywords: you there!
Keywords: is that even sanitary?
Keywords: i'm quite innocent.
Keywords: the answer is no.
Keywords: but it's so simple.
Keywords: i'm not budging.
Keywords: heh.
Keywords: something's not right.
Keywords: not sure how i feel.
Keywords: quiet.
Keywords: i see...
Keywords: good lord‚ man.
Keywords: the bard would not approve.
Keywords: you see...
Keywords: please try again.
Keywords: how fascinating.
Keywords: go on. i'm listening.
Keywords: so the priest says...
Keywords: yes. suure.
Keywords: why thank you.
Keywords: this is upsetting.
Keywords: your fly is open.
Keywords: of coouurse.
Keywords: well‚ no.
Keywords: perhaps not?
Keywords: you're wrong.
Keywords: it's quite simple...
Keywords: hmm?
Keywords: i am offended.
Keywords: a very studious person.
Keywords: honesty.
Keywords: i'm not pleased.
Keywords: i'll think about it.
Keywords: shakespeare jokes are funny.

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