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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]morag. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: totally unimpressed
all icons © [info]ludivine and chaoschick @ GJ
Keywords: alluring?
Keywords: and this concerns me how?
Keywords: angry reply
Keywords: annoyed glare
Keywords: are you serious?
Keywords: bad hair day much?
Keywords: bed on the beach
Keywords: big smile
Keywords: chin up determined
Keywords: complaining much?
Keywords: crossed arms
Keywords: crying
Keywords: daydreaming
Keywords: disbelieving smile
Keywords: eating apple
Keywords: finger to lips
Keywords: eating
Keywords: el oh el
Keywords: even more pouting
Keywords: feeling down
Keywords: from across the room
Keywords: giddy
Keywords: giggle
Keywords: glare
Keywords: grin
Keywords: hey you
Keywords: holding earring
Keywords: holding hair up
Keywords: huffy
Keywords: i know something you don't know
Keywords: i really don't know what's going on in t
Keywords: i still think you're stupid
Keywords: i think...
Keywords: i'm thinking about it
Keywords: idk but she looks pretty
Keywords: kissy face
Keywords: know it all
Keywords: laughing
Keywords: looking down pensive
Keywords: looking over sunglasses
Keywords: make up
Keywords: morag finds you insulting
Keywords: morag is always right
Keywords: morag is tired now
Keywords: morag thinks you talk too much
Keywords: morag thinks you're stupid
Keywords: morag's feeling okay for once
Keywords: not amused with sunglasses
Keywords: not impressed
Keywords: o face
Keywords: ooh
Keywords: over the shoulder
Keywords: pensive
Keywords: pout
Keywords: pouty beach
Keywords: pouty huff
Keywords: realising
Keywords: receiving compliments? morag's pleased
Keywords: red hair wide smile
Keywords: sad
Keywords: she looks kinda shocked
Keywords: shock!horror morag's actually happy
Keywords: showing real interest
Keywords: shut up and leave me alone
Keywords: sideglance glare
Keywords: sidelong glance
Keywords: sleepy eyes
Keywords: slightly interested
Keywords: smile grey dress
Keywords: smile sideways
Keywords: smile touching face
Keywords: smile
Keywords: snarky remark
Keywords: so disappointed
Keywords: srs face number 3?
Keywords: stress
Keywords: sunglasses
Keywords: suspicious
Keywords: talking
Keywords: teasing smile
Keywords: the writing on the wall
Keywords: there there morag. don't cry
Keywords: this is morag being consoled
Keywords: this r srs face
Keywords: tucking hair back upset
Keywords: tucking hair behind ear
Keywords: upset laying down
Keywords: upset looking down
Keywords: upset
Keywords: well uh I think...
Keywords: what do you mean 'no'?
Keywords: whatever
Keywords: yeah mmkay
Keywords: yeah right
Keywords: zomg boy!
Keywords: but it honestly wasn't me
Keywords: dazzled~
Keywords: for the love of god stfu
Keywords: hm it depends
Keywords: how much are you willing to pay?
Keywords: i'm much more cooler than you
Keywords: intense stare~
Keywords: leave me alone i'm busy
Keywords: mellow morag... lol what?
Keywords: morag is about to cry
Keywords: morag is amused
Keywords: morag's on to you
Keywords: o hai~
Keywords: ohai messy hair
Keywords: omg you're so hilarious
Keywords: please to be shutting up kthanks
Keywords: probably plotting your death
Keywords: reasoning
Keywords: she smiles while she thinks you're lame
Keywords: such a gossip
Keywords: suuure
Keywords: who d'you think you're kidding?
Keywords: she really couldn't care less
Keywords: looking to the side expectant
Keywords: side tired small smile
Keywords: what is the meaning of this >:[
Keywords: pursed lips biting back retort
Keywords: glaring to the side
Keywords: you cannot be serious
Keywords: smile to the side
Keywords: so smug~
Keywords: pursed lips
Keywords: eyebrow raise retort
Keywords: paying attention only not rly
Keywords: i wish you'd drop dead already...
Keywords: do you ever shut up?
Keywords: why yes i'm fabulous
Keywords: condescending
Keywords: pleasant~ hah
Keywords: small smile amused
Keywords: lurk lurk
Keywords: what is that over there?
Keywords: i'm running out of patience here
Keywords: i'm great i know
Keywords: i have no idea tbh
Keywords: omg wtf bbq
Keywords: neutral? eh..
Keywords: lol she looks scary :[
Keywords: nothing else to say go away
Keywords: this is mischievous!morag~
Keywords: ooc; gtfo plz
[info]city_wall at lj

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